Nexus Diamond™

Nexus Diamond™

Today’s simulants are virtually identical to diamonds.

A “diamond simulant” is a stone that appears to be a diamond, but is something different. Diamond simulants have been available for years, but modern technology has only recently created stones that are the equal of diamonds.

The Nexus Diamond is the world’s first heirloom quality diamond simulant. It is superior to diamonds mined from the earth and all other simulants.

Indistinguishable from a diamond.

Even a jeweler with a loupe cannot tell the difference between a perfect diamond and a Nexus Diamond.

Perfect cut, color and clarity

Lab conditions allow us to create perfect stones. Completely colorless (D color), internally flawless (IF rated) and Ideal Cut for maximum brilliance.

Certified by the AIG (American International Gemologists)

Nexus Diamonds are graded the same as diamonds and you will receive all certifications with your purchase.

Same beauty, sane budget.

The average American engagement ring costs nearly $5,000. There’s no need for that. Nexus Diamonds cost about 80% less.

No sacrifices.

Because our stones are perfect and our jewelry made by hand in the U.S.A., there is no need to sacrifice on quality to achieve the look you want.

Guaranteed, forever.

Our Forever Guarantee warrants that the Nexus Diamond will never chip, discolor or crack.

Mind your stone. Know the differences between lab grown alternatives to mined diamonds, from CZ to pure carbon man made diamonds.

Putting on a Diamond Nexus ring

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Three diamond nexus wedding bands

Compare Nexus Diamonds to mined diamonds

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