Diamond Nexus Diamond™ Alternatives vs Diamonds

There is no reason to buy a diamond from the earth

The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is technology’s answer to diamonds created beneath the surface of the earth. It is the world’s first heirloom quality diamond simulant. And it is stunning. When compared side by side with a diamond, Nexus Diamond alternatives are in every way the better choice.

The Nexus Diamond™ Alternative

Mined Diamonds


Created in a lab

Pulled from the earth

Chemical Composition

Patented formula, not a crystallized carbon structure

Crystallized carbon structure


Heirloom quality

Heirloom quality


D color, completely clear

Graded on a scale from clear (D) to yellow


Internally flawless, rated IF

Inclusions from the earth appear as spots or flaws


Ideal Cut for maximum fire

Range of quality depending on the source


Up to 80% less than mined diamonds

Price increases exponentially for larger carats and high quality

Environmental Cost

Better for the environment because they are not mined

Strip mining and chemical runoff destroys habitats

Human Cost


Working conditions can be horrific, akin to slave labor


Lifetime Stone Guarantee ensures your stone should not chip, crack or discolor

Not guaranteed

Want to see the comparison between pure carbon diamonds, cubic zirconia and other alternatives?

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