Moissanite vs Diamond Nexus

Moissanite: One of the most beautiful gems in the world

Moissanite is an exquisitely beautiful gemstone, and can be a good choice for an engagement ring. First, it's nearly as hard as diamond and will last a lifetime. Second, it has much more fire and brilliance than a diamond, which makes it an eye-catching stone that will light up a room. At about $300 a carat, it will save you thousands from an earth-mined diamond.

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Moissanite, however, does not look much like a diamond.

Moissanite is a beautiful stone in it's own right, but most people want a diamond engagement ring, and moissanite does not look much like a diamond. It has nearly double the fire and brilliance of a diamond, which is what makes them beautiful, but it also makes them easy to tell apart from a diamond side by side. This is especially evident in sunlight. They are so sparkly that people in the jewelry business call them "disco balls". This is just one of several differences compared to diamond.

What are some good alternatives?

It all depends on what your goal is. You are probably looking for a beautiful diamond engagement ring but are trying to avoid the high cost. Or, perhaps you are interested in a ring that doesn't have the ethical and environmental concerns of a mined diamond.

One great alternative to moissanite is the Contemporary Nexus Diamond™, which perfectly replicates the appearance of a diamond but costs about 80% less. These patented gems are also completely eco-friendly and conflict-free.

Nexus Diamond Ring

The Nexus Diamond™

All the beauty, a fraction of the cost.

Our Nexus Diamonds are genetically modified to be nearly identical optically, physically, but not chemically to mined diamonds. So, they look exactly like diamonds, even a jeweler can't tell them apart visually, they will wear the same and are warranted for a lifetime, but the chemistry is different from a mined diamond.

The big advantage is cost. You can have a larger, better stone and a more attractive setting and still save many thousands of dollars.

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True Diamond Ring

True Grown Diamond™

100 percent visually, physically, chemically diamonds.

Grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds that are man made. They are exactly the same in all ways to earth-mined diamonds, but as they are grown in clean laboratory conditions, they are completely eco-friendly and conflict free. They are better for the earth, it's people, and maybe best of all, your wallet, as they cost about 40% less than comparable mined diamonds.

We offer our grown diamonds in engagement rings and as loose stones through our sister company, 1215 Diamonds.

Note, if you see a setting you like on Diamond Nexus, but want it set with a True Grown Diamond, just call our Customer Care Team, they will be happy to help!
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If you want to go with moissanite, buy from a premier source.

Charles and Colvard™ are the creators and sole U.S. manufacturers of moissanite. There is great information about moissanite on their site.

The premier retailer of moissanite jewelry online is They have a large selection of high quality moissanite engagement rings and other fine jewelry. They are a highly reputable company and do a great job.

If you prefer a pure carbon lab grown diamond, shop preset rings and loose diamonds from 12FIFTEEN Diamonds.


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