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Engagement Rings

Gorgeous styles set with lab diamonds, moissanite, or Nexus Diamond™ alternatives. It’s your choice. Choose what you love.

Accent Engagement Rings

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  • Accent Engagement Rings

  • An accented engagement ring with extra stones on the sides is the perfect ring for anyone looking for a ring with extra sparkle. Accented engagement rings are a dazzling option for her. This style of engagement ring comes in a range of designs from simple emerald cut engagement rings with accent stones to bold round cut engagement rings with plenty of brilliant stones to go around. We offer a variety of ring styles for the chance to make a more custom style ring just for her personal style. Accented rings look beautiful with any shape of stone setting like halo or princess cut engagement rings. Each design is as brilliant as the last. Whether the band is gold or sterling silver, she will love the uniqueness of this ring style. An accented ring can also be worn as a stacking ring or a piece of jewelry on any finger, not just as an engagement ring. At Diamond Nexus, we have a brilliant collection of accented engagement rings to find her the perfect ring.

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