Nexus Diamond™
Alternatives vs CZ
and Moissanite

Compare the Nexus Diamond™ alternative to other diamond alternatives.

Diamond alternatives, sometimes called ‘simulants,’ are excellent choices for those with big dreams and a realistic budget. But which diamond alternative is the best? Comparing the Nexus Diamond alternative to other simulants can help you decide which is right for you.

Nexus Diamond™ Alternative

Cubic Zirconia


Nearly as hard as a diamond, will cut glass, and will last forever.

Soft and porous, easy to chip and facets will wear down over time.


Coated in a proprietary formula that makes it impervious to contaminants and increases resistance to scratches.

No coating, will absorb contaminants that make it appear cloudy and dull.


Will last forever and can be handed down to future generations, just like a diamond.

Usually lasts a few months before becoming dull and dirty-looking.


Every stone is covered by a Lifetime Stone Guarantee, which states the Nexus Diamond alternative should not chip, crack or discolor.

No guarantee coverage.

The Nexus Diamond™ Alternative vs Moissanite

Both the Nexus Diamond alternative and moissanite are beautiful, heirloom quality alternatives to diamonds. Like the Nexus Diamond alternative, moissanite is nearly as hard as diamond and will last forever—however, it has different optical properties that cause it to look quite distinct.

Moissanite does not look much like a diamond.

Moissanite is a gorgeous stone, but if you are looking for a diamond or diamond alternative engagement ring, then it is important to know that moissanite rings have their own distinctive look. It has more fire and brilliance than a diamond, which makes them beautiful but much more sparkly. This can make them easy to tell apart from a diamond, especially in the sunlight. But if you love the brilliant sparkle, then moissanite could be a great choice for you.

If you choose moissanite for your engagement ring, buy from a premier source. Charles And Colvard™ are the creators and sole U.S. manufacturers of moissanite.

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