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14k Gold Jewelry

Explore the carefully crafted collection of 14k gold jewelry, tailored to elevate your style with enduring elegance.









Pendants & Necklaces

Pendants & Necklaces

Pendants & Necklaces

Pendants & Necklaces





Right Hand Rings

Right Hand Rings

Right Hand Rings

Right Hand Rings

14k Yellow Gold X
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  • 14K Gold Jewelry- A Sustainable and Timeless Choice

  • Choosing 14k gold jewelry isn’t just about luxury; it’s also a sustainable and timeless choice. The 14k gold standard ensures durability and longevity, making these pieces heirloom-quality treasures that can be passed down through generations. Moreover, opting for 14k gold means choosing a sustainable option, as gold mining processes have become increasingly eco-conscious, with many companies focusing on responsible sourcing practices to minimize environmental impact. In addition to their durability and sustainability, 14k gold jewelry pieces possess a timeless allure that transcends trends.

    Whether it’s a delicate necklace, a pair of elegant earrings, or a  custom gold ring, 14k gold jewelry exudes sophistication and refinement, making it suitable for any occasion, from everyday wear to special events. By investing in 14k gold jewelry, you’re not only adding a touch of luxury to your wardrobe but also making a sustainable choice that will stand the test of time.

    14k Gold Collection From Diamond Nexus

    The 14k Gold Collection at Diamond Nexus offers a wide range of luxurious and sophisticated jewelry pieces crafted from high-quality 14k gold. Our 14k gold jewelry is available in a variety of styles, from classic diamond solitaire engagement ring to intricate gold bracelets and 14K gold earrings. Each piece is carefully crafted by skilled artisans who pay close attention to detail, ensuring that every item meets our high standards. With a focus on quality, craftsmanship, and customer service, the 14k Gold Collection at Diamond Nexus is the perfect destination for anyone looking to elevate their style with a touch of luxury and sophistication. Have a look on some of these Gold Jewelry Collection:

    • 14k gold earrings: Earrings made of 14k gold, available in various styles and designs.
    • 14k gold chain & necklaces: A chain, pendant made of 14k gold, often worn as a necklace or bracelet. Necklaces, pendants, and chains are timeless accessories that add elegance and style to any outfit.
    • 14k gold ring: A ring made of 14k gold, often featuring a gemstone or other design elements.
    • 14k gold bracelet: A 14k gold bracelet available in various styles and designs.

    Discover Your Ideal Selection of  Yellow Gold Accessories

    Discovering your ideal selection of yellow gold accessories is a matter of personal style and preference. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or an everyday staple, there’s a wide variety of yellow gold accessories to choose from. From elegant yellow gold engegement rings, necklaces and bracelets to bold earrings, you’re sure to find the perfect piece that complements your individual look. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect yellow gold accessories to enhance your wardrobe and express your personal style.

    Learn more about Gold that you should know

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can you wear 14k gold all the time?

    A: Yes, 14k gold is a durable and long-lasting metal that can be worn every day. It is resistant to corrosion and scratches, making it a great choice for daily wear. However, it’s important to note that 14k gold is not indestructible and may still be damaged or worn down over time, especially if exposed to harsh chemicals or heavy wear and tear.

    Q. What is the 14k gold price per gram?

    A: The price of 14k gold per gram varies based on market conditions, but as of March 2023, it’s around $32.50 USD per gram. Keep in mind that prices can fluctuate and may differ depending on location, seller, and specific item. It’s always a good idea to research and compare prices before making a purchase.

    Q: How much is 14k gold worth?

    A: The value of 14k gold depends on various factors, including the current market price of gold, the weight and purity of the gold, and the design and craftsmanship of the jewelry piece. As of March 2023, the market price of 14k gold is around $42 per gram. However, the value of a 14k gold jewelry piece can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on its size, complexity, and other factors.

    Q: What are the facts about 14k gold?

    A: 14k gold is a type of gold alloy that consists of 58.3% gold and 41.7% other metals, such as silver, copper, and zinc. It is known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and long-lasting shine. 14k gold is also available in different colors, such as yellow, white, and rose gold. Additionally, 14k gold is hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

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