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  • Clearance Wedding Bands

  • Our fine clearance jewelry is beautiful, elegant, and timeless, just like our original selection but at a fraction of the cost. Buying different jewelry types doesn’t have to cost an extreme amount of money. That’s why we offer a wide selection of stunning fashion jewelry. Our clearance collection features quality pieces from everyday necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to engagement rings.

    If you’re specifically looking for cheap engagement rings that provide the same amount of sparkle and shine as diamonds, browse our diamond ring alternatives—set with the Nexus Diamond™ alternative—our patented lab created diamond simulant that perfectly imitates the look and wear of a real diamond at the fraction of the cost.

    Whether you’re looking for a unique oval shape, emerald cut, a sparkling halo or a classic solitaire made with traditional 18k yellow gold, 14k rose gold or 14k white gold metal, we promise you’ll be able to find the perfect wedding band. Save money on every style, shape, size, and setting with our discounted and affordable diamond alternative engagement rings and wedding bands. 

    Diamond Nexus makes buying a diamond alternative fine jewelry online easy. You’ll feel like you have a jewelry store in your living room as you shop from the comfort of your own home. Filter through every setting, metal, and cut to find the perfect piece for your jewelry collection ring.

    Need help? Our expert customer service team is happy to help you find the perfect fashion jewelry piece online with Diamond Nexus.

    The Difference With Our Nexus Diamond™ Alternatives

    Purchase fine clearance jewelry without breaking the bank with our inexpensive engagement rings. Our jewelry & ring clearance sale never sacrifices quality or brilliance. In fact, our discount engagement rings offer all the same sparkle, clarity, and stunning details that you know and love from our full-priced selection. With so many affordable options to choose from, you’ll have no issues in finding the perfect ring.

    You have enough to worry about before getting on one knee and popping the question. Don’t overpay for a wedding ring when you can find a beautiful, high-quality piece of lab grown diamond/ diamond alternative jewelry right within your budget. Shop our collection of clearance engagement rings & wedding rings today to find the perfect band or diamond engagement ring for your future bride-to-be.

    Whether you are searching for a princess cut stone shape, diamond ring, diamond earrings, diamond stud earrings, fashionable fine jewelry pieces, gold necklaces, colored gemstone, or even custom jewelry, we got you covered. For a completed look, shop all our clearance rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, eternity rings, and more right on our Diamond Nexus website. Enjoy free shipping, free returns, and a Lifetime Stone Guarantee.

    Affordable Men’s Wedding Bands

    When seeking cost-effective alternatives, grooms will find that there are numerous affordable men’s wedding bands on the market that provide both style and durability. Alternative metals like stainless steel, tungsten, and titanium are popular choices for men’s wedding bands, as they not only present a sleek and modern appearance but also hold up well to everyday wear and tear.

    In addition to the variety of materials available, you can also find affordable men’s wedding bands in a range of designs, from classic to contemporary. Consider options such as engraved patterns, two-tone bands, or unique edge treatments to add a personal touch to your wedding ring. With so many styles and finishes to choose from, you’ll be able to discover an affordable men’s wedding band that perfectly reflects your personality and celebrates the love you share with your partner.

    Moreover, by choosing an affordable wedding band, you can allocate more of your wedding budget to other meaningful aspects of your big day, such as the venue, the honeymoon, or even your future home together. By prioritizing what matters most to you and your partner, you can create lasting memories and invest in your life together, all while still wearing a stylish and meaningful wedding band.

    Affordable Women’s Wedding Bands

    Brides on a budget will be delighted to find an array of clearance women’s wedding bands that combine affordability with style and quality. Consider bands crafted from alternative metals, such as sterling silver, stainless steel, or gold-plated options, which provide a sophisticated appearance without stretching your finances.

    As you explore our collection of wedding bands, you’ll find an extensive range of styles, from simple and classic designs to more elaborate and intricate creations. If you don’t see something that fits your style, check back often! We add new clearance products weekly.

    In addition to the savings you’ll enjoy by choosing from clearance wedding bands, you can also take pride in making an environmentally conscious decision. Many of the affordable options available make use of recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones, contributing to a more sustainable future.

    Embrace the opportunity to express your love and commitment with a stunning yet affordable wedding band that truly reflects the depth of your bond. With a wealth of clearance women’s wedding bands to choose from, you can find the perfect piece that captures the essence of your love story without compromising on quality or style.

    Affordable Wedding Bands For His and Hers

    For couples seeking to express their love and commitment without straining their wallets, clearance his and hers wedding bands present a fantastic opportunity to find stylish and coordinated sets at a fraction of the original price. These matching bands symbolize the unity and harmony of your relationship, and by opting for clearance bands, you have the chance to find a style that works for you—at a fraction of the cost.

    Exploring clearance wedding bands allows you to discover a wide range of designs, crafted from alternative metals like titanium, stainless steel, and sterling silver. These materials provide durability, style, and affordability, ensuring that your his and hers bands are not only visually appealing but also built to last. 

    Clearance his and hers wedding band sets cater to diverse tastes and preferences, from minimalist and understated designs to more intricate and ornate creations. As you browse the selection of affordable wedding band sets, you’ll find pieces that are tailored to suit both partners’ individual styles while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

    By shopping his and hers wedding bands in our clearance section, you’ll enjoy substantial savings without compromising on quality, design, or sentiment. The affordable options available ensure that you can celebrate your love and commitment with beautiful, matching wedding bands that perfectly symbolize your unique bond. Take advantage of clearance offers to find the ideal set of his and hers wedding bands that embody your love story and commitment to each other while adhering to your budget.

    Affordable Wedding Bands Sets

    Clearance sales offer an excellent opportunity for couples to discover affordable wedding band sets without sacrificing quality or style. These sales often feature a wide selection of designs, ranging from classic and timeless to contemporary and fashion-forward. By browsing clearance wedding band sets, you can find the perfect pieces to represent your love and commitment, all while keeping your budget intact.

    One of the advantages of shopping for clearance wedding band sets is the opportunity to find both engagement rings and wedding bands at a reduced price. This not only simplifies the jewelry selection process but also ensures that the rings complement each other perfectly. With an array of materials and designs available, you can find a wedding band set that suits your taste and style, at a price that won’t break the bank.

    In addition to clearance sales, you may also consider exploring pre-owned or refurbished wedding band sets. These options can offer significant savings, as well as provide access to unique and vintage designs that may not be readily available in traditional retail settings. Pre-owned wedding band sets are often carefully inspected and restored to ensure they meet high-quality standards, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of the pieces with confidence.

    When shopping for clearance or pre-owned wedding band sets, it’s essential to keep an open mind and be flexible with your preferences. By doing so, you may find a hidden gem that perfectly symbolizes your love story and commitment to each other. Remember that the true value of your wedding bands lies not in the price tag but in the love and dedication they represent. With clearance and pre-owned wedding band sets, you can celebrate your special day with stunning jewelry that fits both your style and budget.

    Say You Love Someone With Affordable Wedding Bands

    Clearance wedding bands offer couples the chance to symbolize their love and commitment without stretching their budget. These affordable options often feature an extensive range of styles, from classic wedding bands to modern and unique. By taking advantage of clearance sales, you can find the perfect wedding bands that represent your love and suit your personal taste, all while enjoying substantial savings.

    When shopping for clearance wedding bands, it’s essential to remember that the true value of these symbolic pieces lies in the love they represent, rather than their price tag. By exploring various materials and designs, you can find affordable wedding bands that genuinely reflect your relationship’s uniqueness and the bond you share with your partner. From alternative metals to lab-grown gemstones, there are countless options to suit every preference and budget.

    As you embark on this exciting journey together, take the time to explore the numerous affordable wedding band options available in clearance sales. Remember that your wedding bands are a lasting symbol of your love and commitment, and their true worth comes from the feelings they evoke and the memories they create. With clearance wedding bands, you can celebrate your love and devotion without compromising on style or quality, ensuring that your special day is one you’ll cherish for years to come.

    Tips for Finding the Perfect Clearance Wedding Bands

    Start Early: It’s essential to begin your search for wedding bands well in advance of your wedding day. When focusing exclusively on clearance wedding bands, your options may be more limited. By starting your search early, you’ll have ample time to explore various styles and find the perfect ring at a discounted price. Additionally, you’ll have time to make any necessary adjustments, such as resizing or customizing the ring, without feeling rushed.

    Be Flexible: Embrace flexibility when shopping for clearance wedding bands, as this will increase your chances of discovering a stunning ring that fits your budget. Keep an open mind when browsing different styles, metals, and gemstones, as you might find a unique combination that suits your taste even better than your initial preferences. By being open to various options, you’ll have a wider selection to choose from and a greater likelihood of finding the ideal wedding band.

    Research Retailers: Take the time to research various jewelers, as not all of them offer clearance sales or discounts on wedding bands. Investigate different retailers to identify those that provide clearance wedding bands, and ensure that they carry styles you’re interested in; otherwise, you may not find your desired ring during a clearance sale. 

    Inspect the Rings: Prior to finalizing your purchase, pay close attention to the ring’s images and details to spot any potential flaws or imperfections. If you’re shopping in-store, examine the ring closely for any issues that could be deal breakers. By carefully inspecting the ring before buying, you’ll feel confident in your decision and avoid any potential disappointment or regret.

    Understand Return Policies: When shopping for clearance wedding bands, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the retailer’s return and exchange policies. Clearance items may have different terms and conditions compared to regular-priced items. Ensure you’re aware of these policies before finalizing your purchase to avoid any disappointment or issues down the line. By following these tips and being diligent in your search, you’ll increase your chances of finding the perfect clearance wedding bands that both you and your partner will cherish for years to come.

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