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Gorgeous styles set with lab diamonds, moissanite, or Nexus Diamond™ alternatives. It’s your choice. Choose what you love.

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  • Affordable Engagement Rings

  • If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring to symbolize your love to your special someone, you have come to the right jeweler. From precious metal white gold rings to yellow gold engagement rings to rose gold engagement rings in various stone settings, we offer beautiful man made stone options for engagement rings in every ring style, stone shape, setting, ring size and carat weight.

    Whether you prefer simple or ornate rings, the more popular ring styles or unique ones, we have a lab created diamond engagement ring or diamond simulant stone to meet your personal style. Choose from our wide selection of hundreds of stunning affordable, and beautiful engagement rings for your unique style, whether you’re looking for a solitaire engagement ring, a ring with a halo around the center diamond, or a unique vintage ring.

    Engagement Ring Collection

    Our man made engagement ring collection is full of unique engagement ring options ranging from emerald cut engagement rings to round rings, to princess cut engagement rings, to radiant rings, halo, cushion cut engagement rings, and so on – the list goes on. No matter what, find a fancy lab diamond ring that suits your style and personality.

    The perfect engagement ring doesn’t need to be expensive. That’s why we created Diamond Nexus, with lab created diamond simulants and real man made diamonds that don’t make you choose between beauty and price. Find her a perfect diamond engagement ring that is elegant, classic and that sparkles just like she does. Every lab-created diamond simulant is designed to be the highest cut, clarity and color.

    Find her a “diamond” ring that replicates the engagement ring of her dreams with our wide selection of women’s engagement rings including some of our most popular solitaire engagement ring styles and three stone engagement rings. Don’t compromise brilliance for price when searching for a diamond engagement ring.

    Every one of our affordable engagement rings sparkle with either a stunning Nexus Diamond™ alternative, moissanite stone, or real lab diamond. Choose what matters most to you. 

    Why Choose Diamond Nexus?

    With an affordable engagement ring from Diamond Nexus, you can save money and have money left over to spend on that perfect proposal, wedding, or honeymoon. That’s why man made diamonds, moissanite, and Nexus Diamond™ alternatives are a great choice if you’re looking to say “I do” with a high quality and affordable diamond ring design.

    Already found the perfect affordable engagement ring from Diamond Nexus, a fine jewelry company specializing in man made stones? Find a matching wedding ring to pair with that stunning engagement ring and complete your perfect ring set.

    We have ornate bands and also simple wedding rings and wedding bands, too. She will love how a wedding band looks next to her perfect ring. You can also find beautiful, compliment grabbing wedding jewelry for your big day—such as diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, promise rings, eternity rings, and more. If you’re searching for our on sale products, check out our clearance engagement rings today!

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