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Sneaky Ways to Find Her Ring Size

She says yes! You slide the ring onto her finger…and it stops at her knuckle. Or it slides right off again. There’s no quicker way to dampen the excitement of a brand new engagement than with a ring that doesn’t fit. But finding out her ring size without spoiling the surprise can be tricky at best. These are tips from our expert customer service team, who have coached countless people through pre-proposal jitters to find just the right fit.

Ask a Friend

Getting your future fiancée’s friend or sister in on plan can add to the excitement and special story that you’ll tell for years to come. Ways a friend can help without arousing suspicion:

•Ask for her ring size directly, if it fits naturally in conversation

•If her friend is already married, she can let your future fiancée try on her ring

•Take her shopping and look at fashion rings to gauge her ring size

Sleuth in Her Jewelry Box

If your significant other wears rings, her existing jewelry is a great place to start. Bring one of her rings to a jeweler to find out the size of that ring. Try to choose a ring that she wears on her right hand ring finger.

Measure Her Finger in Secret

Only try this one if you’re confident in your sneaking skills. While she is sleeping, take a piece of string and gently wrap it around her left hand ring finger. Cut or mark the string to the length of the circumference of her finger. Do this at your own risk!

Ask Her

If you’re preparing to propose, odds are good that you’ve already discussed marriage with your partner. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for the two of you to visit a jeweler to look at rings. You can find her size and get a sense of her style so you’re ready when it comes time to make your purchase.

And when the moment comes to pop the question, take a deep breath. Remember the moment as clearly as you can. If the ring isn’t a perfect fit, remember that we’ll resize it once for free. Stress, gone.

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