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What Does It Mean to Wear An Engagement Ring On Right Hand?

Table of Contents

  • Meaning of Rings on the Right Hand
  • Cocktail Rings
  • Ring Stack
  • Meaning Of Rings On The Right Hand For Men


If you’ve ever seen someone wearing a ring on their right hand, you may be curious as to what this wedding ring hand position means. Like many fashion trends, the wedding ring on right hand depends on personal preference. While some may wear it as a sign of fortune, others might wear it as a sign of their commitment.

To determine the right ring finger symbolism or decide whether to wear one or not, you’ll also need to know the meaning behind different types of rings. Once you understand each of those aspects, you’ll be a pro at spotting the meaning behind one. Keep reading as we explain the ins and outs of wearing an engagement ring on your right hand and its meaning.

Simulated diamond right hand rings

Meaning of Rings on the Right Hand

Right hand rings can carry a multitude of meanings, and it often depends on the type of right hand ring being worn—although cultural differences also play a large part in the derivative meaning. To begin, let’s look at the different types of right hand rings and the meaning behind each.

Birthstone Ring

As a popular gifting ring, birthstone rings are commonly worn on the right hand or even as a pendant on a necklace chain and are not to be confused with engagement rings. Instead of a large center stone, birthstone rings may feature smaller gemstone accents that match the wearer’s birthstone, or a dainty center gemstone to differentiate from wedding rings. They can be worn as a personal nod to your fashion, or as a promise ring that symbolizes a committed relationship or large milestone. The meaning behind a birthstone ring depends on the type and color of the stone. While emeralds symbolize growth and longevity, opals symbolize love and passion. It can be fun to research the meaning behind your particular birth month and choose a ring to bring symbolism with you wherever you go or to gift to a loved one.

Eternity Ring

As one of the most versatile ring styles, eternity rings—sometimes confused with infinity rings—can be worn for numerous reasons. While many wear it for a wedding ring, others wear it for everyday style as a right hand ring. Since they feature an abundance of sparkle, they are loved by those with glam-slam fashion. Along with their diverse purpose, eternity rings are also steeped in wedding tradition and symbolism. Their continuous line of stones around the band symbolizes eternal love and commitment, which is why they are so popular when finishing off the perfect wedding jewelry set to represent a new marriage. But they can also be worn to symbolize something specific in your personal life and worn for that reason. Whether someone is gifting one to you or you feel like giving it to yourself, an eternity ring can be worn on either the right hand as a statement piece or the left hand as a wedding ring.

Three Stone Ring

Similar to the multipurpose function of eternity bands, three stone rings are also commonly seen as both a right hand and left hand ring. Whether they feature all colorless stones, colored stones, or a mixture of both, they can make a stunning and eclectic right hand ring. More modern styles—and those that are more suited for right hand ring styles—feature smaller side stones, almost comparable to accent stone size. This creates a sleek look that can be easily differentiated from a three stone engagement ring.

Three stone gemstone engagement ring

Cocktail Rings

Although they can look fairly similar in style to birthstone rings, cocktail rings may feature colorless or colored stones for a playful look. They are worn usually for personal style tastes and to finish off a stunning look. Styles such as cluster rings or settings with dainty side stones are great for wearing as a right hand cocktail ring and they are different from engagement ring style but still feature an abundance of sparkle. Some also choose to wear a cocktail ring a sign of status, making the purchase a relatively expensive one. Although, choosing a simulated diamond right hand ring can allow you to choose the look you want without spending a fortune.

Ring Stack

With this style, a person typically stacks multiple rings on the same finger. Similar to the wedding band trend that is growing in popularity, creating a right hand ring stack can be a fun and dazzling style to portray. The best part about this look with multiple rings is that each stack is unique to your personal style. Whether you mix metal types, separate your stack by finger or mix sparkle with metalwork, your look is up to you. While stacked right hand rings most commonly have a more relaxed vibe, they can also be styled to pair with sleek, black-tie outfits. It’s your decision how you want to design this look and the finished outcome.

Solitaire engagement rings

Meaning Of Rings On The Right Hand For Men

Just as females enjoy flaunting their love with a stunning diamond engagement ring, men enjoy this engagement ring tradition just as much. The difference between the two is that men often choose a wedding band that doubles as their engagement ring, so they most commonly only flaunt one ring before and after the wedding ceremony. The meaning behind men’s and women’s rings differ slightly, too. While engagement ring styles are usually easily spotted and known to be a pre-wedding symbol, it’s different for men. Men’s wedding ring on a left ring finger, symbolizes that they are already married. So, without a different style of ring, how do men symbolize their engagement? By wearing their wedding ring on right hand! This differentiates it from meaning they are already married while giving them a way to flaunt their love with a symbolic ring. While the reason people wear engagement rings differs from couple to couple, it’s usually for both the purpose of enjoyment and letting others know they are in a committed relationship.

Men's right hand ring

Symbolism of Engagement Ring On Right Hand

The question of where to wear your engagement ring isn’t bound by rigid rules. It’s a deeply personal choice that can vary from person to person. Your circumstances and the symbolism you wish to convey play a significant role in this decision.

For some, wearing an engagement ring on the right hand signifies a unique commitment. It’s a way to express love and devotion even before marriage takes place. It’s a statement that says, “I’m committed, and I want the world to know it.” In this context, the opinion of others matters little. What truly matters is that the placement of the ring feels right to you, that it carries a special meaning within your relationship.

Perhaps your decision to wear the ring on your right hand is about style and individuality. A right-hand ring can be a fashionable accessory, a statement piece that complements your personal style. It’s a choice that reflects your confidence and uniqueness, setting you apart as you embrace your own sense of beauty and flair.

Whatever the reason behind it, whether it’s a symbol of pre-marital commitment, a style statement, or a blend of both, remember this: Your engagement ring is a reflection of your journey and the love it represents. Embrace the freedom to wear it on your right hand if that’s what feels right for you. After all, love is about individuality, and your adornment should echo your unique style and sentiment. So, wear it with pride and let it shine in a way that resonates with your heart.

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