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What Does A Ring On The Right Ring Finger Mean: A Comprehensive Guide

What Does A Ring On The Right Ring Finger Mean: A Comprehensive Guide
What Does A Ring On The Right Ring Finger Mean: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents

  • Ring On Right Ring Finger Symbolism
  • Left Hand vs. Right Hand Ring Wearers
  • Wedding and Engagement Ring Placement
  • Meaning of Ring On Right Ring Finger for Men


Ring On Right Ring Finger Symbolism

For many, wearing any kind of ring often bears some sort of symbolism with it. While some might wear a ring (or rings) just for looks, more often it’s because the ring and the way you wear it holds a special meaning. However, just what kind of meaning can vary wildly, depending on where you’re from and the culture found there. Not only that, but how you were raised and your own personal point of view and belief systems may affect how you decide to wear rings. In this article, we’ll discuss right hand ring meaning, the history, and tips on wearing your rings.

Left Hand vs. Right Hand Ring Wearers

Not only does wearing rings often come attached with symbolism, but the hand you wear your rings on may also be symbolic. In some cultures, like the West, it is thought that the left hand is symbolic of character and beliefs. This is one of the main reasons women’s wedding rings and engagement rings are usually worn on the left hand. Additionally, for many, the right hand is more dominant, which means it makes sense to wear rings on the left hand because the right hand is used more frequently, upping the risks of damaging an expensive ring.

Of course, if you are left-handed, you might decide the opposite is better for you, and that’s perfectly fine. You might discover more people notice if you live in the West, simply because it is out of the norm, but that just means you have more opportunities to show off a ring! While symbolism and traditions are nice and can give something a deeper meaning, ultimately, you have to wear your rings on the hand and the fingers that feel most comfortable for you.

Other reasons people opt to wear rings on the right hand include:

  • To signal you’re in a gay or lesbian relationship
  • To declare economic independence as a woman
  • To show off a family heirloom

Wedding and Engagement Ring Placement

The answer boils down to your culture and beliefs, and where you come from. In the West, the left ring finger is the standard choice for wedding rings and women’s engagement rings to be worn, whereas in the East, many cultures prefer wearing their engagement ring on the right hand, and their wedding ring on the right hand. Some countries that feel the ring should be worn on the right hand are Germany, Russia, Poland, India, Columbia, and Greece. A promise ring is worn on either the left or right ring finger, while a Claddagh ring (an Irish traditional ring that shows marital status) is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outwards to show that the person is available.

For some, which hand a wedding band or engagement ring is worn on comes down to what’s most practical for their lifestyle. In other words, the engagement ring finger or wedding ring finger that you would like to choose is up to you.

Wearing a ring can be dangerous or uncomfortable if you work in a job where you use your hands a lot. That’s why there are now so many options available designed for comfort and not just aesthetics.

Interestingly, wedding bands weren’t all that common for men for a very long time. Since wearing rings often symbolized wealth and status, if you didn’t have any wealth and status, you didn’t wear any rings. You simply couldn’t afford them. Men in history also didn’t see the point in wearing a wedding band, but eventually, in the West at least, all that changed with WWII and men wearing wedding rings became much more popular.

Meaning of Ring On Right Ring Finger for Men

Wearing a wedding ring or engagement ring on the right ring finger is often done by men in certain cultures. Rings that are worn on the right ring finger are often associated with ideas of love and relationships, creativity, beauty, and romance. Sometimes men give their wives rings like eternity rings as a way to commence a certain milestone in the marriage, and wives often will wear it on the right ring finger as well.

Ring On Right Index Finger

The pointer finger of the right hand is often home to rings like membership or class rings. Rings are very noticeable on the index finger so it’s prime real estate for jewelry. Some believe that rings on the right pointer finger symbolize things like authority, leadership, and self-esteem. Men who wear rings on this finger are often confident and authoritative. In traditional Jewish ceremonies, the right index finger is actually where the men’s wedding band is worn.

Ring On Right Middle Finger

The middle finger isn’t the most popular finger to wear a ring, whether it’s on the right hand or the left. However, those who do are often either men or people who already wear multiple rings on one hand. Some believe the middle finger is associated with traits like beauty, self-analysis, and responsibility. We say that wearing a ring on your right middle finger is pretty much open to interpretation. It can mean whatever you say it means!

Ring On Right Pinky Finger

The pinky finger is a very popular finger to wear rings on for many people, although there are no associations to culture or religion. It has connotations of power, which may be why many crime lords opt to wear rings on their pinky fingers. Or at least that’s the perception many have. Haven’t you seen The Godfather? A signet ring is traditionally worn on the left pinky finger or on the non-dominant hand. However, Winston Churchill, who was left-handed, popularized wearing the signet ring on the right hand.

However, those with legitimate power also often favor pinky rings, so who are we to judge? Some believe it makes a very strong character and personality statement to wear a pinky ring on the pinky finger, and it tends to be very noticeable since it’s the last finger on your hand.

Others believe the pinky finger symbolizes intuition, quick intelligence, and communication, and even professional status. Some graduates receive rings as a symbol of graduation and will wear them on the pinky finger of the right hand since it’s usually the most dominant.

Ring On Right Thumb

Some believe rings worn on the thumb symbolize wealth, status, or power. Others believe they symbolize platonic friendship. Wearing a thumb ring on the right hand thumb may also symbolize self-assertion and/or ambitious hesitation. Rings on the thumb also make for great fashion statements if you’re the type to make one!

Ring Finger for Single Men

Single men can wear a ring (or rings) on any finger they want. However, if you wear it on a finger that is traditionally reserved for marriage or engagement, you might find people give you the side-eye when you say you’re not married.

Ring Wearing Tips for Men

If you’re a man who likes to wear rings, here are a few tips to keep in mind about men’s rings.

  • Balance Your Jewels
    Unless you’re only wearing one ring, then it doesn’t really matter. Otherwise, balance multiple rings between both hands so that one hand doesn’t sport five rings, while the other sports zero.
  • Keep Things Proportional
    Know your correct ring size. If you’re a guy with small hands, larger rings can just look clunky and like they don’t belong. We recommend wearing men’s rings that are the proper size and proportions for your hands and fingers.
  • Mix and Match
    Deliberately, of course. Once upon a time, mixing colors, styles, and metals might have been a huge no. Today, people like to push the envelope. You can wear a gold ring with a white gold watch or rings made of different metals. When mixing and matching are done well, the end result is stylish and unique.
  • Do You, No One Else
    Sometimes your lifestyle just isn’t suitable for a lot of jewelry. That’s okay. Look for subtle styles you can wear daily and pull out the fancy jewels for special occasions or to make a statement.

Experiment Before Buying

Not all rings will feel comfortable or look good on you. Experiment and find jewelry that you feel at ease while wearing. If your ring makes you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, look for one that’s more understated that you (and others) won’t notice as much.

The meaning of rings on each finger might vary, but one thing remains universal, and that’s that everyone has their own style. Check out Diamond Nexus to find a ring that matches your look!

*Here at Diamond Nexus, we strive to provide valuable information while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a patented lab created diamond simulate that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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