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What Is an Eternity Ring: Meaning, History and FAQs

What Is an Eternity Ring: Meaning, History and FAQs
What Is an Eternity Ring: Meaning, History and FAQs

Symbolism, flashy style, and versatility are just some of the unique features of an eternity ring. From a diamond eternity band to a lab-created diamond simulant anniversary gift, an eternity ring is the perfect choice for any special occasion. Not to mention their glam style will elevate your everyday look. 

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring or wedding anniversary gift, a diamond simulant eternity ring might just be your answer. Before you decide on the ring style, learn more about the meaning, history and frequently asked questions about eternity rings to ensure they’re the right option for your unique situation.

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What Is an Eternity Ring?

Simply put, an eternity ring is a ring that is set with diamonds, gemstones, or diamond simulants around the entire shank in a continuous line. Since an eternity ring features a never-ending line of stones, it’s said to symbolize your eternal love. This is why this particular piece of fine jewelry is frequently worn as a wedding band. 

An eternity ring is also referred to as an infinity ring and is a stunning adornment for those looking for a  flashy wedding ring or a right-hand ring. Plus, its versatility provides endless options for metal types—such as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold—and diamond shapes—such as round brilliant cut, emerald cut, and princess cut. All of which will look captivating on your left hand or any hand. 

Eternity Ring Meaning

Eternity rings are steeped in symbolism and meaning which is what makes them such a unique and captivating style. The continuous line of stones along the shank symbolize the everlasting love you share with your partner. Hence the name eternity ring.
Though frequently worn as a wedding band, when given as an anniversary gift, an eternity ring can symbolize the number of years of marriage or perhaps another important milestone in your marriage such as the birth of your first child. This is what makes an eternity ring the perfect everyday reminder of what means the most to the wearer.

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What Is the History of Eternity Rings?

Eternity rings can be traced back 4,000 years ago to the ancient Egyptians who wore them as a token of eternal love. Contrary to the abundant sparkle modern-day eternity rings feature, the first eternity rings were crafted from materials such as braided reeds, carved bone, and metal. They looked quite different from today’s ring, though they didn’t lack any less sentiment. 

While the look of eternity rings has certainly changed, the meaning behind them has not. They have always and will always be the perfect adornment to symbolize the bond of two people and the never-ending love you share. 

How to Wear an Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is commonly worn on the left-hand ring finger as a wedding band, but can also be worn as a right-hand ring or even a promise ring. Due to its versatility, the options are endless. 

How you wear an eternity ring is a personal preference and one that will depend, in part, based on the stone you choose. When designed with gemstones, an eternity ring can be the perfect birthstone adornment that you wear as a right-hand ring. When designed with diamond simulants, an eternity ring can be the perfect addition to your wedding ring stack. 

If you want to learn more about birthstone eternity rings, check out our previous blogs, January’s birthstone and February’s birthstone. 

Apart from the stone choice, how you wear an eternity ring depends on the meaning it holds to the wearer. So wear your eternity ring on whatever finger feels right to you. 

What Is an Eternity Ring Given For?

An eternity ring is given for a variety of special occasions including an engagement, a wedding anniversary, and even the birth of a child. Each of these special occasions is represented by the continuous line of stones along with the band and the unique choices you make around carat weight and stone shape. 

When wondering what an eternity ring is given for, the answer lies in your unique situation. While there are some popular occasions when eternity rings are given, their beauty makes them a great opinion for just about any reason. 

No matter what an eternity ring is given for, it’s important to care for it properly. Just as consumers wonder how to clean diamond earrings, scheduling regular maintenance for your ring will keep it sparkling for longer.

What Is the Difference Between an Eternity Ring and a Wedding Ring?

An eternity ring is a versatile ring that can be worn for just about any occasion. While an eternity ring is a type of wedding ring, the two terms differ slightly. 
A wedding ring is a broad term that includes ring styles such as eternity rings, stackable rings, wedding bands, and nesting bands. So while eternity rings can be worn as a wedding ring, they can also be worn as a right-hand ring or as an engagement ring. 

Eternity Ring Frequently Asked Questions

Consumers often have a lot of questions around eternity rings—and rightly so. While the versatility allows for a variety of choices, the decisions can sometimes seem overwhelming. 

We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions around eternity rings to give you a better understanding of whether it’s the right choice for you and your loved one.

Can Diamond Eternity Rings be Resized?

Due to the continuous line of stones that eternity rings feature, most eternity rings cannot be resized. This is dependent on where you purchase your ring from but is standard across the industry. This is because it’s difficult to add or remove metal without interfering with the stone setting. 

If you purchase an eternity ring from Diamond Nexus and for some reason, it doesn’t fit, you can exchange your ring within one year from the purchase date for the correct ring  size. Now that’s reassurance on your purchase.

What Finger Do You Wear an Eternity Ring On?

Eternity rings are most commonly worn on the left-hand ring finger as  eternity wedding bands or an engagement ring. While this is the most common case, there are many other occasions that someone might wear a gemstone eternity ring which will affect in which order you wear an engagement, wedding, and eternity ring. 

Eternity rings given for special occasions such as a birthday, the birth of a first child, or a promise to be wed are most commonly worn on any finger on the right hand. 

What Is the Best Setting For an Eternity Ring?

Some of the most popular eternity ring styles include a variety of different setting options. These setting styles include prong-set, channel set, bezel set, and pave setting. All of which feature unique visual design and durability. 

Other unique ring designs include different stone shapes—like Asscher and baguette cuts—and precious metal styles—like yellow and white gold. The design and setting style you choose is up to your personal preference and the preference of the wearer. This is similar to choosing jewelry and determining the best cut for diamond earrings. 
If you want to ensure your ring is one of a kind, consider custom jewelry design

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What Is a Half Eternity Ring?

While a traditional eternity ring is called a full eternity ring, a half eternity ring features stones on only half of the shank. Some consumers may buy a half eternity ring because of visual preference or affordability. Either way, both a half eternity ring and a full eternity ring offer a stunning design. 

Can You Wear an Eternity Band As an Engagement Ring?

While eternity bands are frequently worn as wedding bands, many brides adore the flashiness of eternity bands so much that they opt to wear one as an engagement ring. 

While they don’t feature the traditional center stone as most engagement rings, eternity rings are a great option for an engagement ring due to their abundance of sparkle. The decision to wear an eternity band as an engagement ring is a personal one that should be decided on based on visual style.

Should You Buy an Eternity Ring?

Just as any engagement or wedding jewelry purchase, buying an eternity ring is a personal preference and one that should be made depending on your particular situation. An eternity ring is a great option for those looking for a flashy adornment that also carries a unique meaning to the wearer. 

When deciding whether to buy an eternity ring, always consider the look and quality of the stone type. Since they feature many stones, lab created diamond simulants like the Nexus Diamond™ alternative can give you the look you want at a price that makes sense. 

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