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Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift Ideas

A bridal party holding bouquets admiring the bride.

They are the friends, relatives, coworkers, or schoolmates that have stood by you for years, and now they’re destined to stand with you at the altar: your bridesmaids. One of the most meaningful gestures one woman can offer to another, asking these special women to be your bridesmaids is an experience they’ll never forget. You’ll rely on them in helping you coordinate your big day, arranging flowers, checking things off a to-do list, helping smooth out any bumps in the proverbial road: they deserve a gift that’s filled with both gratitude and sparkle.

Bridesmaid jewelry gift ideas are as vast and varied as the iconic bridesmaid dress. Like the dresses, they’re also available in all shapes and sizes and are easily customizable to the personality and tastes of each recipient. Need to know where to start with your wedding party jewelry ideas? Here are some tips to guide you on your love-filled journey for the perfect presents.

Matching Bridesmaids Gifts

Letting each bridesmaid know how important they are can be a little challenging, particularly with larger wedding parties. A single thoughtful and beautiful piece of diamond jewelry for each woman is a traditional route, particularly when the item(s) can be worn with their wedding ensemble. There are a few different jewelry options you can choose from as well:

    • Earrings: Cut stone studs are a classic, elegant look that pairs well with hairstyles ranging from up-dos to ornate braids. Presenting your wedding retinue with pairs of solitaires will take the pressure off of them to find the perfect pair of earrings for the big day, and will ensure your entire bridal party matches for pictures. Best of all, a minimalist pair of gem earrings have a great deal of “wearability,” ensuring that they’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of them in the years following your wedding day.

Leto Pear Cut Drop Earrings from Diamond Nexus.

    • Necklaces: A simple stone-set pendant necklace is a great choice for bridal party gifts, or as an alternative present for bridesmaids that haven’t had their ears pierced yet. This thoughtful “swap” will ensure that girls too young to have piercings or adults that have elected not to have them will still feel that they’re a cherished part of the group. Pay attention to the length of the chain to ensure that your selected necklaces fall at the right place on the neck to avoid accidentally “hiding” a pretty pendant inside the neckline of a dress. Gifting a necklace for your girlfriend to thank her for being one of your go-to gals will be a sweet memory and beautiful addition to her jewelry collection.

East-West Marquise Necklace from Diamond Nexus.

    • Bracelets: If the neckline of your bridesmaids’ dresses isn’t conducive to showing off a pendant, a simulated diamond bracelet may be a better bridesmaid gift idea. Square-cut or high neck dresses usually incorporate ornate lace or embroidered panels that won’t work well with a necklace chain or the setting hooks on a cut stone pendant. Instead, consider simple slender chain-style bracelets or tennis bracelets for your bridesmaids – they’ll add a beautiful touch of glamor to the bouquets they’ll be carrying.

A bridesmaid wearing a Diamond Nexus bracelet stack.

  • Rings: While the ring you’ll be wearing on your wedding day is the undisputed spotlight of the event, small right-hand rings for your bridesmaids can be a thoughtful inclusion. Keep existing wedding and engagement rings in mind and select a style that is slender and easy to “stack” for the best comfort and fit. If you’d like to surprise your bridesmaids, ask them for all of their measurements – dress, shoe, and ring size – when you first ask them to be in your wedding party. By the time the bridal shower or wedding day arrives, they’ll likely forget they offered this information and will be delighted to discover the reason it was requested.

Ideas For Bridesmaid Gift Presentation

Assorted Diamond Nexus bridal party gifts.

While much of your wedding planning circles around what you’ll be wearing, doing, and saying on your special day, asking the platonic “big question” of your closest friends is an exciting time. It’s a way to make them smile and get them as excited about the event as you already are. Have fun with it – it’s a memory you’ll cherish like your vows as your friendship grows after a walk down the aisle.

    • Don’t be afraid to get excited or even giddy about selecting, packaging, and giving your bridesmaids’ gifts: this is an exciting time in the wedding planning process. This happiness and connection with your best girlfriends will infuse you with energy and optimism for any planning challenges that lay ahead.
    • Helpful Tip: If your pre-wedding gathering will have other women in attendance that are not slated to be bridesmaids, consider asking your intended wedding party quietly and privately at the event to prevent hurt feelings.
    • The Bridal Tea: Holding a traditional tea party has become a popular way to celebrate pre-wedding bridal showers: it gives the bride and her bridesmaids-to-be a chance to enjoy dressing up and relaxing in one another’s company. Tuck your bridesmaids’ jewelry gift boxes or silk bags into teacups and present them with a neatly-written “Will You?” question card at the start of the event. They can try on their new sparkling accessories while enjoying tea and snacks, as well as your company.
    • The Spa Day: There’s never a reason not to indulge in a massage and spa day, but pre-wedding planning stress is an excellent excuse to head to the salon with a group of friends. If massages are on the menu, slip the gift box with your bridesmaid jewelry gift on top of the massage table for them to find as they enter the room. If it’s a mani/pedi sort of day, be sure to hand them the present before their nails are wet!
    • The Girls’ Day In: Spending time with your best friends doesn’t necessarily need to be a big event, either – you’ll always have the wedding for that. Invite your potential bridesmaids over for a day of sipping wine, watching Netflix, and chatting about your upcoming wedding under the guise of getting their opinions on dress and flower choices – then surprise them with their bridesmaids’ gifts when they arrive for a day of low-key fun.
    • The Weekend Trip: If you and your friends are heading out for one last hurrah (hello Vegas!), be sure to pack your bridesmaids gifts in your carry-on to make sure you have quick access to them. Give them their boxes back at the hotel room in order to make use of the in-room safe: this will keep their sparkling new gems secure while you enjoy a night or two out on the town together.
  • Some brides prefer to give their bridesmaids gifts the day of the wedding as well: both options are completely valid. If giving your gifts the day of the wedding, be sure to give your bridesmaids something to place their existing worn jewelry in for safekeeping: a presentation box, jewelry box, or jewelry roll is an excellent choice for a companion gift. For added flair, consider having these items personalized with your bridesmaids’ initials to help keep them organized.

Your Maid Of Honor

A bride and two bridesmaids holding hands before the ceremony.

The maid of honor is a crucial member of your bridal party. Not only is she unofficially (or perhaps even officially) responsible for keeping your bachelorette weekend running smoothly, she’s also your right-hand woman on the big day itself. While it’s an honor to be selected for the position, it’s undeniably a lot of responsibility as well. Show her how much you appreciate her hard work and attention to detail with a special gift, just for her:

    • Wedding jewelry should not be reserved for the bride. A “MOH” bridal jewelry gift can be in addition to her bridesmaids’ gift. This is actually fairly common and is considered an extra little “thank you” for all she does in addition to her bridesmaid duties.
    • Customization is traditional for this gift to make it unique. Even if your bridesmaids’ jewelry presents skip the engraving, it’s a good idea to include some form of customization on the box or jewelry item itself. If engraving isn’t feasible, a heartfelt handwritten note and a special photograph of the two of you together makes a thoughtful inclusion.
    • Personal style should be taken into account. While elegant jewelry pieces like the classic solitaire will look beautiful on your entire bridal party, a maid or matron of honor is typically a close friend or relative. Use this “insider knowledge” to pick a ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet that uses cut stones in a favorite color, or a favorite style.
  • This special gift should be given in private. The bond between a bride and her maid or matron of honor is special, and generally reflects the close, personal relationship between these two women. Rather than the spotlight that bridesmaid gifts attract, make this a more intimate moment by offering your gift just before the ceremony or at a private lunch with just the two of you. After the gifting, however, she’s free to show it off proudly.

Jewelry For Other Bridal Party Members

Emerald Cut Stud Earrings from Diamond Nexus.

Bridesmaids’ gift ideas do not necessarily have to be an island by themselves in your wedding planning: be sure to talk with your spouse about his groomsmen’s gifts at the same time. By crossing this line item on your wedding to-do list off together, it’s that much less stressful to deal with as the big day approaches. Some grooms are also unsure of the groomsmen-gift protocols and could benefit from a gentle reminder from their spouse-to-be.

If you are using a flower girl for your nuptials, purchasing a special piece of jewelry for her will help make the experience extra-special for her. A simple stone-set pendant is an excellent choice and gives her a piece of fine jewelry that can be stored and worn as she grows older. If you elect to present this sort of gift, be sure to hand it to her parent for safekeeping when it isn’t being worn: this will prevent it from being misplaced.

If the bride is marrying into a family that will add a sister or sisters to her family tree, it’s also appropriate to offer jewelry gifts to these women in a show of solidarity prior to the wedding. It’s a beautiful way to say “I’m glad we’ll be related, and I can’t wait for our relationship as sisters-in-law to evolve.” Each time they wear their new jewelry, they’ll remember your warmth and the wonderful celebration of your marriage.

Buying Bridesmaids’ Jewelry Gifts

A piece of Diamond Nexus jewelry among an assorted bridal gift.

Wedding planning involves booking the venue, the officiant, the caterer, florist, and other familiar services, but it’s the “little things” forgotten that lead to the most stress as deadlines approach. Don’t forget about these jewelry gift ideas for bridesmaids and let those gifts escape your notice until the last moment: remember, you’ll need time to shop for the right jewelry and for any custom touches like engraving or monogrammed jewelry rolls and cases. Taking care of this task as you begin your wedding planning will also help you pencil in your bridal party, which makes planning dresses, hair, and makeup that much easier as time goes on.

If a bridesmaid is unable to make it to your wedding, the etiquette for engraved or personalized jewelry would be to present it anyway: she is a friend for a reason, even if she can’t attend. If only the case or box is personalized, however, it’s permissible to make a “swap” and gift the jewelry to whichever bridesmaid will be taking her place in your retinue.

Your wedding party jewelry ideas should reflect your wedding: the colors, cuts, and settings of your stones will serve as a reminder of your wedding theme and your bridesmaids’ experience. Select jewelry that makes you smile and it’s sure to provoke the same affection and warmth in your gift recipients. Your wedding will become an occasion where they’ll be as happy to say “I Do” to your invitation as you will be to say to your future spouse at the altar.

If you’d like to learn more about the different ways you can gift fine jewelry, check out our anniversary jewelry ideas or list of jewelry gifts for men!

*Diamond Nexus strives to provide valuable information, while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a patented lab grown stone that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a mined diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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