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Jewelry Gift Ideas for Him

Table of Contents

  • What Kind Of Man Is He?
  • The Best Men’s Jewelry Gift Ideas
  • Can Men Wear Diamond Jewelry?
  • Make Your Gift A Set


While there is a rich and beautiful variety of fine jewelry for women, finding handsome accessories for their male counterparts can take a bit more determination. Jewelry gift ideas for him have historically started and stopped at watches, but modern designs have opened up a whole new world of possibilities, from unique metals to simulated diamond jewelry. If you’re on the hunt for a piece of fine jewelry fit for a king, here’s everything you’ll need to know in order to narrow down your options.

Man wearing a wedding band and luxury watch.

What Kind Of Man Is He?

Just as fine jewelry for women should be selected according to her tastes and preferences, men’s jewelry gift ideas need to incorporate the demands of their day-to-day life.

If he works in a physically-demanding field or around machinery, a traditional band-style ring may be more appropriate than a design with raised stones. This flat style will prevent finger and knuckle “stubbing” as he grasps levers or lifts boxes throughout the day. Alternatively, purchase a chain necklace at the same time as a ring. Threading the ring onto the necklace before work will allow him to keep the ring “on” while leaving his hands free.

If he works in an office job, particularly in a public-facing position, extremely ornate designs and settings may not be appropriate or desired for the everyday. Stick to simple, straightforward designs with a modern twist; this will make him look tidy and approachable without seeming flashy.

If he’s retired or works from home, virtually any option that fits comfortably will work well. Rings, bracelets, watches, and necklace chains are all excellent considerations, but be sure to keep his unique style in mind. A man who has a bold presence and the clothes to match will want accessories that are equally assertive; vice-versa if his closet is a little more tailored and neutral.

If he’s very active and frequently takes his jewelry off, be generous with sizing. As he exercises and his blood pressure rises, a ring that just barely fits “at rest” will become uncomfortably tight as the workout progresses. Avoid precious metals like silver, which will quickly tarnish with exposure to moisture and body oils. Also, consider adding an engraving or similar identifying mark in case the ring becomes lost or misplaced along a hiking trail or in a locker room.

If he often wears formal suits or business wear, a watch may be an appropriate gift, as would a ring. A bracelet might come across as too casual, as could a large or heavy necklace chain or pendant. Remember, men’s shirts and cuffs are often close to the skin, even if they aren’t professionally tailored, and some jewelry may look bulky or unsightly under or over shirtsleeves or a fitted neck.

The Best Men’s Jewelry Gift Ideas

There are five basic jewelry or jewelry-adjacent gifts that have proven to be the most popular, even in spite of trends and fashion. Rings, necklaces, bracelets/watches, cufflinks, and lapel/tie pins are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and precious metals for men of all ages. Below, a few things to keep in mind when considering stylish jewelry ideas for the man in your life:


  • Rings (Bands): Whether they’re plain or intricate, these pieces of jewelry have been important accessories since the beginning of recorded history. Signet rings, once used to add one’s personal mark to letter-sealing wax, were a must for men of power and distinction. Today, the right ring style emphasizes the hand and invites the eye: a classic smooth wedding band is the most recognizable, of course, but far from the only option. Stylish options inset with exotic materials like wood and tungsten carbide add a touch of contrast, while other bands feature finely-etched designs for lasting durability and a handsome finish. If you want to make this an even more special gift, consider some matching anniversary band ideas and surprise him when that next milestone year comes around.
  • Man wearing an accented wedding band.


  • Rings (Stones): The delightful counterpoint to the classic band ring, men’s bands made with loose stones give him a compelling edge to his look. Whether the design you select features a single stone or a dazzling row, each turn of his wrist emphasizes the deep facets and a beautiful play of light. Given the elevated style of this type of ring, it’s a perfect option for anniversary jewelry. Men’s rings typically rely on pavé-set designs that group several smaller stones together, either as a decorative frame at the edges or for the ring’s entire surface. In contrast to women’s styles, a flat face on the ring is far more common than raised stones or settings.

  • Necklaces: A chain-style necklace can be worn by men by itself, where a wide, bold link is typically favored. It can also be worn in conjunction with a pendant, often religious or personal in nature, where a slender rope-style chain would be more popular. These can be as visible or as subtle as his personal style allows, so a gift-giver in doubt should take style cues from necklaces the recipient frequently wears. Yellow gold is one of the most popular metals for jewelry ideas for him, but silver, platinum, titanium and palladium options also tend to be well-received, thanks to their ability to effortlessly match with most neutral-toned outfits.
  • A men's gold chain.


  • Bracelets (Chain): Women’s fine jewelry bracelets are offered in a wide variety of link styles and widths, but options for men tend to fall squarely in the “Identity Bracelet” category. Thick, figaro-style chain links, with or without an engraved “plate” in the center of the bracelets, comprise most men’s bracelet designs. Due to their precious metal weight and durability, these bracelets are highly prized and it isn’t uncommon for them to be passed down from father to son. If you’re selecting one for a special man in your life, just be sure to choose a style with a secure double-locking clasp to keep it firmly on his wrist.
  • A close-up of a men's luxury watch.


  • Bracelets (Watches): Watches are an unusual gift that can completely change in appearance depending on the face and band combination. In general, if your recipient is active and athletic, a metal, silicone, or rubber band and a water-resistant/waterproof watch face will make a perfect gift. Be sure to check that he isn’t already using a fitness wearable, such as a Fitbit, before purchasing his gift. If he is more likely to use his watch every day as an accessory to his outfit, opt for a smaller face and a genuine leather band for an elegant impression that won’t overwhelm his wrist.

  • Cufflinks: Other types of men’s jewelry can seamlessly go from formal to casual in most cases, but cufflinks are the notable exception. Used to close the cuffs of formal shirts, they’re most likely to be used with full business wear (e.g. a suit), formalwear, or while wearing a “French cuff” shirt with slacks. They make a perfect gift for special occasions that require them, such as prior to attending a wedding, to celebrate a promotion at the office, or to dress up before attending a formal event like a symphony concert. Cufflinks come in several closure varieties, including snap, knot, a toggle/bullet/bar style closure, and a pin-like design called a whale back.
  • A groom fastening his cufflinks.


  • Lapel / Tie Pins: Similar to cufflinks, these men’s jewelry accessories aren’t necessarily a daily addition to the wardrobe. Used to secure a traditional tie to the shirt to avoid wrinkling, flapping, and tangling, they resemble a bar that extends partway across the width of the tie. These are typically worn just below the sternum and are a common addition to formal business wear. These pins may be plain or engraved with designs, initials, or even special messages from the recipient on either side.

Can Men Wear Diamond Jewelry?

Diamond jewelry is considered the height of high-end fashion for women, but does the same distinguished perception carry over to men? The short answer is yes, it certainly does. Natural Diamonds have been set into men’s rings and jewelry for hundreds of years, both to display wealth and power to their fellow men and to attract the notice of deities for fruitful harvests and successful battles. Today, the aura of wealth and power is still intrinsically linked to the unmistakable glimmer of cut stones, making them a uniquely unisex treasure.

The key to giving diamond gifts for men lies in their durability and thoughtful design. Diamond Nexus has a range of masculine options set with diamond alternatives that will give him the prestige of sporting beautiful jewelry without the cost (both monetary and ethical) of mined diamonds. He’ll be able to show off larger, more exquisite gems set into his new favorite ring, and he’ll have you to thank for every compliment he receives.

Wearing faceted gems is actually a bold, modern move for your lucky gift recipient: in a sea of “sameness,” his elegant gem-set ring will stand out among a virtual sea of plain metal accents on friends and coworkers. Wearing stones, particularly in subtle ring design, elevates the rest of his outfit and makes him memorable – a useful benefit if he happens to be in a career position that relies on first impressions.

Couple wearing assorted fine jewelry.

Make Your Gift A Set

Your present will undoubtedly make a favorable impact all by itself, but why stop there? Combining your special gift of men’s jewelry with a few thoughtful accessories and unique touches will make his new jewelry sparkle even more brightly. Naturally, you’ll have to find the right fit for your budget and recipient, but here are a few ideas to get you started:


  • Touchdown: Let him know he’ll be debuting his sensational new jewelry at a game by tucking a pair of tickets under the box. You’ll feel like he scored the winning point when you see his reaction, and he’ll have something to enjoy both in the moment and in the future.

  • Looking Sharp: Book a salon appointment at a local upscale barbershop for a haircut and a shave. He’ll step out looking clean and fresh, and his new jewelry will only enhance the effect. This dynamic duo of a gift also works with a stop by the tailor or a high-end shoe store.

  • Satisfy the Senses: Whether you treat him to a gourmet dinner cooked at home or a favorite restaurant, slip him his new jewelry over appetizers and enjoy his gratitude all the way to dessert and beyond. If you tend to have different tastes in terms of menus, a massage also makes a fantastic prelude to presenting him with his new jewelry.

  • Up the Ante: If he enjoys a game of cards, arrange a poker night and purposely “lose” towards the end of the night. Offer his new jewelry piece as “collateral” with a smile – he’ll feel like a winner no matter what his chips look like at the moment.

  • Jet-setting: Plan a weekend away to relax and reconnect, and offer to pack something essential for him at the last minute – toiletries, socks, sunblock, etc. Place the presentation box with his new jewelry at the top of his bag and watch his surprise unfold when he unpacks at your destination.

Maintaining the Look

Hammered and sleek styles of men's wedding bands.

All stone-set jewelry pieces, regardless of the wearer’s gender, can pick up skin dirt and oils if worn frequently. In order to maintain their shine and the play of light within any stones or diamonds, he’ll need to clean them periodically. When giving your gift, be sure to enclose important paperwork on the new jewelry piece – including any guarantees or warranties – as well as a soft, jeweler-approved polishing cloth to make maintenance easy.

If your selected jewelry piece isn’t destined for any personalized engraving prior to being presented, be sure to encourage him to snap a picture, or take one yourself for him. This will help him catalog the new piece for insurance pieces, show it off on social media, and track it down if it’s ever misplaced. While his new ring (or other piece of jewelry) will hopefully never leave his person, it’s always a smart idea to keep a record of fine jewelry pieces in the home or while traveling.

A little shine, a little glimmer, and a strong, masculine design he’ll love: that’s the winning combination for men’s jewelry gift ideas. Whether he’s your best friend, your boyfriend, or your husband, let him know how much he means to you with a special gift and you might just receive one in return from him the next time a special event appears on the calendar.

If you are interested in the other different types of fine jewelry you can gift, check out our guides on bridesmaid jewelry gift ideas or the different types of jewelry for a wife!

*Diamond Nexus strives to provide valuable information, while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a patented lab grown stone that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a mined diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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