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Anniversary Jewelry Ideas That Will Dazzle

Looking for the perfect anniversary gift to put a sparkle in her eye? Our collection of stunning anniversary jewelry gift ideas are sure to surprise the woman in your life. No matter how many years you’re celebrating—whether it’s your first or fiftieth—you’re sure to find something with our top anniversary jewelry ideas for her.

Anniversaries have a special place in our hearts. For every year you’ve been together, another year of love and partnership has blossomed. They can be as exciting as your first year dating or as honorary as your fiftieth year married. Each one is just as important as the last and should be celebrated with as much love as the first. To nail your anniversary gift, look for a piece of affordable simulated diamond jewelry to put a sparkle in her eye.

Laurel Necklace and Twisted Rope Hoop Earrings from Diamond Nexus.

About Anniversary Jewelry

One of the best anniversary gifts you can give is the gift of sparkle. Not only is it something she can adorn herself with every day, but it’s also an everlasting gift. Jewelry is the perfect thing to gift for such a special occasion because it holds so much meaning. It’s also a foolproof choice if you really want to amaze the special someone in your life. Whether it’s something she’s been eyeing for months or a total surprise, the right gift can bring a huge smile to her face. From a pair of precious earrings to a dazzling bracelet, something so small can have a big impact when given as a sentimental gift.

Anniversary gifts are important in a relationship because they have the ability to show how much you care and cherish your partner. They can also symbolize how long you have been together. Add a new piece of jewelry to her set each anniversary, or wait for a special anniversary year to dazzle her. A gift of jewelry can become an heirloom piece handed down for generations, or worn every day to keep memories close to your heart. No matter what the reason is, anniversary jewelry is a safe and stunning gift.

Top Anniversary Gifts

Although there is no right or wrong gift that comes from the heart, there are some that are sure to really wow her. Simulated diamond jewelry- such as jewelry set with Nexus Diamond™ alternatives- features the same quality and brilliance as diamond jewelry, but costs up to 80% less than mined. So you can get the perfect piece of jewelry she deserves without going over your budget. Learn the top anniversary jewelry gifts to make sure you nail the celebration.


A yellow and white gold bracelet featuring Nexus Diamond alternatives.

  • Simulated Diamond Bracelets: Bracelets are an excellent gift for an anniversary because they are such a prized adornment. While traditional diamond bracelets can be extremely costly because of their many stones, purchasing one that features simulated diamonds- like Nexus Diamond™ alternatives- can bring the cost down while still featuring stunning sparkle and clarity.

  • The right style bracelet will depend on her day-to-day look. If she tends to keep her jewelry simple, you may want to choose a dainty bracelet, like our Simply Bound Round Cut Bracelet. While it still shows an abundance of sparkle, it’s also simple enough to wear every day. Although, if her style is more daring, you may want to pick out a more dazzling design like our Always Bound Round Cut Bracelet. This way she can either incorporate it into her glamorous daily looks or save it for special occasions.
  • Assorted Diamond Nexus earrings in white, yellow and rose gold.

  • Simulated Diamond Earrings: One of the most iconic and traditional anniversary gifts you can choose is a pair of earrings. They’re something she can wear every day that will remind her of your relationship. Studs are often one of the easier jewelry pieces to pick out as they are so simple. Choose a classic shape like Round Brilliant or a more modern shape like Trillion, then decide which setting is right for her. Basket settings are the classic choice, but unique settings like martini can add extra details and fit more closely to the ear which prevents drooping. You’ll also need to decide which carat weight matches her style. Is she all about the dazzle? Try 1.5 carats and above. Is she more modest with her jewelry? Try under 1 carat to keep it simple. You can’t go wrong with a pair of simulated lab grown diamond earrings.
  • Assorted Diamond Nexus necklaces in white and yellow gold.

  • Simulated Diamond Necklaces: The perfect necklace should be a show-stopper- whether that means one stunning stone at center stage or an assortment of sparkling accent stones- that can be worn for multiple occasions. Something as simple as our Marseille Emerald Necklace can be the perfect mix of sleek and simple or something as bold as our halo Naples Necklace can be an attention grabber. Both can be worn for a big night out or a casual day in. A necklace is a great anniversary gift because it shows how much you care without needing to know the words to express it. Plus, no matter her style, she’s sure to light up when she sees a simulated diamond necklace.
  • A Diamond Nexus engagement ring and wedding band in mixed metals.

  • Simulated Diamond Right Hand Rings: If your significant other enjoys wearing fashion rings on the daily, then adding a new one to her collection is an excellent anniversary gift. There are a multitude of anniversary ring ideas. Give her one that features a little dazzle so she can wear it alone if she likes, or choose a few right hand rings to start a trendy stack for her. We recommend pairing simple dainty bands next to those that feature accent stones. That way her adornments can be eye-catching but not overwhelming with sparkle.
  • Diamond Nexus wedding rings in mixed metals.

  • Simulated Diamond Eternity Bands: An eternity band is a band that features accents around the entire shank. They signify never-ending love and are a perfect gift for an anniversary. They can be added to a wedding set to enhance the sparkle of her engagement ring, worn alone as a right hand ring, or paired with other rings to create a trendy ring stack. Eternity bands are the most glamorous style of ring out there, which makes them such a statement adornment.

Anniversary Gifts by Year

Assorted minimalistic Diamond Nexus jewelry pieces.

No matter how long you have been together as a couple, each anniversary is just as important as the next. While a one year anniversary is new and exciting, a fiftieth anniversary is utterly remarkable. Each year brings new obstacles and overcoming them should be celebrated. Although every anniversary should be spent together with love and laughter, there are some anniversary milestones that shouldn’t go unnoticed. See some of the most stunning gifts we recommend for all of the most important wedding anniversaries.


  • 1 Year Anniversary Gifts: The first year together is full of excitement and new memories. You don’t need anything too dazzling to commemorate with, which is why gold jewelry is a great gift. Whether it’s a simple band or pair of earrings, she is sure to light up when she sees such a stunning piece of fine jewelry. To decide which gold type is right for her, think about her wardrobe style. White gold pairs well with classic, refined looks, while yellow and rose gold pair well with vintage looks.

  • 3 Year Anniversary Gifts: Your first few years as a couple are remarkable, which is why your gift should be, too. Pearls are lovely for a third-year anniversary gift. They are unique because they come from the sea and are considered sophisticated and stylish when used in jewelry. Polished pearl earrings or an accented pearl bracelet are the perfect pieces to celebrate your love.

  • 5 Year Anniversary Gifts: Sapphire is the traditional fifth-anniversary gift, which makes lab created sapphire earrings, necklaces, and right hand rings the perfect choice. Lab sapphires feature the same captivating hue as their mined counterparts but have no color variation. This means every stone will turn out the perfect blue hue to create the jewelry piece of her dreams.

  • 10 Year Anniversary Gifts: A tenth anniversary deserves something truly captivating. While diamonds are lovely for anniversary gifts, they’re also very expensive. Although, traditional diamonds are not your only choice. Purchasing fine jewelry that features simulated diamonds instead can keep the cost down without compromising quality. So you can give her the stunning gift she deserves, at a price that makes sense. If you go for a classic gift- like a pair of simulated diamond earrings or a necklace- choose a unique center stone and setting to add extra flair. For example, a filigree setting- which features floral metalwork- will catch her eye up close and will be the perfect dainty addition to any jewelry piece.

  • 25 Year Anniversary Gifts: A gift of rubies is a romantic gesture and perfect for such an important occasion. Choose a lab ruby cocktail ring or drop earrings to really wow her. We recommend picking a unique stone shape like Oval or Pear for an even bolder statement piece and to allow the ruby to really stand out. Although, if you’re looking for a simpler style, a pair of lab ruby stud earrings or a delicate pendant will be the perfect mix of bold hue and dainty style.

  • 50 Year Anniversary Gifts: Emeralds are said to perpetuate growth and longevity, which is exactly what a fiftieth anniversary should symbolize. Beyond its unique meaning, emerald jewelry is captivating and a true eye-catcher. Anything from a simple necklace or studs can be transformed into a wardrobe focal point. Fifty years together takes a tremendous amount of love and devotion, which is why it’s so important to celebrate it with a thoughtful gift.

Simulated diamond necklace and earrings.

Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

The most sentimental jewelry gifts for your wife are those that relate back to your relationship. The necklace that she was admiring or the additional band she’s been wanting to add to her wedding set, can be a key piece to the perfect gift. Although, even a gift that is a total surprise can become an excellent gift. No matter which style you decide on, Diamond Nexus jewelry is both an affordable and beautiful anniversary gift.

If you see something on our site you like but want to make some changes- Whether it’s as small as a color change or as big as a complete custom design- just give us a call. Since all of our pieces are handcrafted, we can adjust most designs to meet your specifications. Creating a beautiful piece that is customized for your significant other will make it that much more thoughtful and heartwarming.

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*Diamond Nexus strives to provide valuable information, while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a patented lab grown stone that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a mined diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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