Round Brilliant Cut Certified Series

Round Brilliant Cut Certified Series

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Price: $525.00
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The Round Brilliant cut is by far the most popular and most researched stone shape available today. For almost 100 years, diamond cutters have been using advanced theories of light behavior and precise mathematical calculations to optimize the fire and brilliance of the Round Brilliant cut. Due to the refractive qualities of the curve of the stone, the Round Brilliant is known as the brightest, most sparkling design there is. A testament to our cutters, all of our Round Brilliant cut diamond simulants display the coveted "Hearts and Arrows" effect.

  • Available in a range of carat weights. See menu above.
  • What is a Certified Series Stone?
  • Stones shown on the model’s hand are for reference only. Actual carat weight availability may vary.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each.  Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • If you would like to have our jewelers set a Nexus Diamond in a setting that you already have, please contact Customer Service.
  • If another jeweler sets your stone, be sure that it is cool set for best results. In the event that another jeweler sets your stone, the Lifetime Stone Guarantee will be void.
  • Products Model: USLSSS0001X
, 1/8/2019

Great Product

Ordered a 1.67 ct stone. Amazing quality! My finance receives compliments left and right about the quality and beauty!! I am very appreciative of the diamond. Highly recommended.
, 8/30/2018

Great product

Beautiful and shiny it’s so amazing!!
, 6/10/2018


It was a gorgeous stone. My fiance and I absolutely loved it. it was just a bit too big for her small hand. The fire and sparkling brilliance was gorgeous
, 5/18/2018


I could not believe how beautiful my 2 ct stone was when I opened it! It felt like a real stone, not plastic or fake at all. My fiancé's friend is a jewelry designed so we took it to him to look at and he was so impressed and shocked at the quality! That made me feel even better about my purchase. I will be highly recommending Diamond Nexus to all my friends! Thank you for creating such an amazing product at an affordable price! I wish you all the best!
, 12/15/2017

Still thrilled after 5 years!!!

5 years later and it is still as gorgeous as the day I got it. I have a 1 carat that I have sitting in a halo styled ring. No one knows it's not a mined diamond and I get compliments on it all the time still. Jewelers can't tell either until they do the test. So thrilled and happy.
, 9/29/2017

Just like new ... no one knows it not a "real" diamond

My husband purchased the 2.11 ct Round Brilliant Signature loose diamond to replace my 1ct "real" diamond. I had Nexus place the new diamond on my original ring. Customer Service was amazing! I have had to send my ring back once because my chipped, but they replaced it and it looks good as new, bonus point - my ring is always polished and cleaned in the process.
, 9/18/2017

Poor warranty issues

I purchased the stone ( just under 2 carats) awhile back. Had it set into my ring by a very reliable jeweler. The stone lasted about six months and there is now a visible crack going horizontally through the stone. Which means it looks cloudy as heck! Called customer service (a long time ago). Honestly did not know I would void a warranty, because hey... Why buy a loose stone to hold onto? If course you're going to set it???
So I'm back tonight looking for a replacement and thought hey, not going to go through this again and pay for another.
Bottom line, stone looks great until you've had it awhile!

***I am so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your stone. If you are still looking to have your stone replaced we do offer full service jewelry services and can set a stone for you in our facility. Please reach out to customer service for more information on our Gemstone Setting services.***
, 3/21/2017

They couldn't tell!

I love this "diamond". I have a .66 carat signature round cut and it is amazing! I took it to get it placed in my ring and they told my boyfriend it was the best diamond they've (Kay Jewelers) seen. They told him it had probably cost a fortune! He played along until he finally said it wasn't technically a real diamond. They were blown away! It shines and is amazing! I wanted an ethical diamond....How can you symbolize love with a conflict diamond?! This is the perfect alternative!
, 2/21/2017

Amazing stone and amazing compnay.

I purchased a 2.43 carat stone to replace my wife's 1.24 carat stone. The Diamond Nexus stone is amazing and adds so much fire and sparkle. We would never purchase a mined stone because of the human rights abuse associated with their production. Diamond Nexus is hands down the best gemstone any couple could have. I recommend Diamond Nexus to anyone who asks.
, 1/12/2017

100% Satisfation!

THis Diamond was truly Brilliant. Not only did it look the part, but it gave the response you would want in giving it.
, 11/25/2016

Converted and never looking back

My sister in law, who works in sales at a jewelry store, saw my stone, asked what it cost, and is now thinking about trading her mined diamond for a diamond nexus one. My husband bought the 1 carat size to have it set in an engagement setting we found in a store. I've been wearing the ring night and day for a year now and the stone is still perfect. I can honestly say that my only regret is not buying the entire ring from diamond nexus. This company is wonderful to work with and I can't wait to own more of their jewelry!
, 9/14/2016

Exceeded My Expetations

I purchased the 2.4 carat brilliant cut loose stone. Absolutely breath taking. My jeweler put it side by side with a 2 carat color E and the only difference was my Diamond Nexus was a D in color which is colorless. I did all my research, even my jeweler said I'm gonna have to get me one of these. Saved myself $12,000! Thank you for giving the option to not have to sacrifice quality for price! I am a fan and will buy all my jewelry from Diamond Nexus!
, 7/26/2016

LOVE it, Please read if you're hesitant, we were too!

My boyfriend and I did a TON of research when looking for engagement rings, and went with a Diamond Nexus loose stone to try it out. We didn't want to pay for a real stone, but we were willing to if we didn't like the Diamond Nexus.
WE LOVE IT! I could not be happier with the stone- we had it set locally for a custom setting, and you cannot tell the difference. Even the jeweler complimented our stone, knowing it was a Diamond Nexus. I don't know why diamond substitutes get a bad reputation, but buying a Diamond Nexus saved us THOUSANDS that we now get to put towards a house! I get so many compliments on my ring (solitaire, 1.75 carat), and I don't feel deceptive. Rather, I feel smart for having saved so much money, rather than shelling out thousands for a marketing slogan (seriously, look up why diamonds are as expensive as they are. It's ridiculous)
If you're considering buying a Diamond Nexus but feel conflicted because of rumors or internet reviews of fake diamonds, DON'T HESITATE. Seriously the best decision we ever made.
, 4/30/2016

Buy nexus diamond don't buy "blood diamonds"

I had a "real" 3ct. Diamond set in a thick 14k setting costing 20,000.00 After 10 yrs decided to sell my stone. I got 20,000. 00 for my stone alone and had a diamond nexus set into my original gold setting. It is absolutely STUNNING and I get so many compliments even more than my real diamond. I love love love my ring and I love love love my bank acct.
, 4/13/2016

Exceeded all expectations!

I was a bit nervous suggesting a loose stone from Diamond Nexus because there are not many reviews and I had not seen this in person. All of my concerns were put to rest when my fiance proposed! He purchased the 1.49ct and had it set into a platinum band with halo stones and it is GORGEOUS. Everyone that has seen it has given so many compliments and I can't stop looking at it. I've had strangers come up to me to ask if they can see it. I wish I could attach a photo but trust me, this stone is stunning. Hopefully the stone will last a very long time!
, 3/4/2016

Happy again

The stone sparkles and is beautiful. We have purchased 4 stones in the past and wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
, 2/3/2015

1.03 Round Cut Signature Series

I received the the stone very well packaged and extremely fast. Im all the way in Japan and It came in less than 10 days. The package was extremely nice and all the paperwork was included. The Store looks amazing and the amount of fire and brilliance is just beautiful. I hope this stone last for many years to come, thank you Diamond Nexus for all your help.
, 10/23/2014

Very nice stone and inexpensive

My wife wanted a 2 CT diamond for our 15 year wedding anniversary. She has always been materialistic. I could not afford the $10K it would cost for a mined diamond so I bought a 2 CT signature stone from DN and had it set by my jeweler into her ring. It is absolutely beautiful. And it all worked out very well. I later found out she was cheating on me and I divorced her. I am so happy I pawned a fake stone off on her instead of going into debt for a mince diamond, and the quality is so good she doesn't even know she got a fake.
, 10/9/2014

Just better all around

I wanted a Tacori ring for my bride but didnt want to spend the rediculous $20,000. We designed a ring with NDS, the custom folks at diamond nexus and we put a 2 carat Signature Series in it. The ring complete with stone was UNDER $3000! And it looks better than the Tacori one. The stone has amazing sparkle and fire. We've have had it cleaned at a local jeweler and they didn't know it was not a "real" diamond. They were surprised when we told them. We have had the ring for two and a half years and have had no problem of any kind with the stone. We just keep it clean and it's perfect! So glad we saved $17000!

Diamond Nexus Replies: Hi Markus in Seattle! We are so please to hear you love your NDS ring! The Nexus Design Studio really can work wonders. We would love to see pictures of your gorgeous ring!
, 8/25/2014



Hello, my name is Cassie Weger, and I am the Public Relations Coordinator with Diamond Nexus. I am very sorry for the issue that is occurring with your ring. We will uphold our lifetime warranty, no questions asked, to ensure your stone will look brand new. Most other jewelry companies do require you to send in your stone every 3 months or so in order to keep your warranty valid. We suggest you do not wear your ring while cleaning, heavy lifting, or when using any type of chemical. I do truly apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and I encourage you to reach out to Michelle Edwards, our Customer Experience Coordinator, at Let her know your order numbers, and she will be able to work with you to find an agreeable solution. Thank you!
, 11/21/2013

So Happy!

The mined diamond that was in my wedding ring fell out and I lost it. With mortgage payments, car payments and everything else, we could not afford the money to replace it. A friend told me about Diamond Nexus and I could not be happier! I need not have worried about the quality of the diamond - it is GORGEOUS! Nicer than the original, and you could start a fire with this thing. Packaging is lovely. I can't rave enough about the quality of this stone! Will definitely buy more jewelry from you!
, 11/15/2013

Already Scratched :(

My Fiance' surprised me with this big huge 1.49 nexus diamond when he proposed that had been set into a bezel band that he had bought else where and I was absolutely in love.
No one knew it was not a 'diamond' and I couldn't be more happy with the size and the way it looks UNTIL I SAW THE HUGE SCRATCHES! So heartbreaking.
I have no idea how it just got that huge scratch with all the little scratches too. I am deeply saddened by this and can't believe I've only had it 3 months :(
I am not crazy rough, or flinging the top of my hand around. So I am at a loss for words. This was beautiful and now I am embarrassed I'm wearing a scratched 'diamond' that everyone else thought was real.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry for your frustrations but would like to mention that if a jeweler other than Diamond Nexus jewelers had set the stone, that does actually void the warranty on the stone. There is a chance that the jeweler working with the stone had actually damaged it but as we cannot be for sure, this is why it does void the warranty. We would however be happy to assist you and figure out a positive solution so that you have a beautiful ring that you are proud to wear. We would like for you to email our customer experience coordinator at and she would be happy to assist you.
, 6/9/2013

Amazing alternative...

My boyfriend and I kind of went backward in the way of buying a house before getting married. However, by making that decision it made for a struggle to try and save for the type of ring I have always wanted.
About a year ago I found the perfect setting at a local jeweler, it held a 2ct center. Knowing we could never afford to put a 2ct diamond in the center I thought about searching for an alternative that would be just as good as the real thing. Years before my girlfriend had mentioned Diamond Nexus to me but I never did my research, so decided it was time to check it out. After reading review after review on the Internet and different websites it seemed to be 50/50 or 60/40 on the good and the bad, NOT helping in my decision process. I finally read a blog review that gave me confidence, a gentlemen who swore by DN and raved about what he had purchased and promised the best to readers. So...I told my boyfriend to buy a 1.75 (2ct just seemed too rediculous) Round Brilliant cut signature serious to put in my setting.
A few months later and I am engaged!! The ring looks so beautiful and amazing. My fiancé told me that the jeweler was impressed and thought it was the very best alternative! I am so excited that I went for it and it looks amazing, just what I always wanted! We talked about putting a real diamond in someday but I really don't see the point now. Very happy!!
If you are on the fence and unsure like I was, just do it, you won't be let down!!!!
, 5/26/2013


The product was a great alternative to a real diamond. Extremely satisfied with the diamond I received. Would definitely recommend the diamond nexus to everyone
, 5/12/2013

certified stone......

The stone is ok. Clear but has little fire. I keep it for a week and decided to return it.
, 5/3/2013

loose 3 carat round brilliant

This was exactly what I wanted.The jeweler that put the stone into the tiffany setting,said it was an attractive stone,and that if if scratches on the table of the stone,that he would polish it.But this stone is beautiful,and is now flanked by 2 emerald cut sapphires.The stone has such brilliance,that in subdued lighting,it is brilliant,and very impressive.
, 4/26/2013

Loose stone

Not happy with my stone I bought the round .76 it's big and doesn't shine at all. I wanted to return it for a smaller stone but when I called they told me I couldn't return it because I had my Jeweler set it in my engagement ring. It voids there warranty so heads up if you don't like the stone when you receive it don't have it set. Return it. I wasn't happy with customer service they told me sorry your stuck wirh it now.. Not happy at all..

Diamond Nexus Response: Rose-we are very sorry to hear that your unhappy with your Diamond Nexus stone. Unfortunately, when work is done by other jewelers and not our own, it does void the warranty and is not able to be returned. We are very sorry for any confusion, but do hope that you reconsider and give us a second chance on a future purchase.
, 3/21/2013


This stone was amazing. The jeweler that set it said we over paid and he could have done a CZ for 50 bucks. When I went to pick it up he said nice stone and the woman there said nice ring. I replaced a CZ that was only one year old and had gotten foggy looking. This stone looks so much better than the other one did when it was new.

Diamond Nexus Response: Vicki, we are so happy that you love your stone and we're sure it looks beautiful in your setting! The jeweler that set the stone should have cold set it like a ruby, because our stones do not take direct heat in the same ways that a naturally mined stone does. When possible, we always encourage customers to have our jewelers set the stones to keep all of the guarantees intact.
, 12/5/2012

I will offer Nexus stones to my customers!

In my experience, mined diamonds don't retain their value as the diamond jewelers claim they do. So, I see no need any longer to fall for that reasoning when purchasing a diamond -- nor will I perpetuate that myth to my customers. I was skeptical at first but I decided to try a Nexus diamond and test it out myself and I have to say... it is simply beautiful! It refracts the light so well, and flashes beautiful color under light -- especially sunlight. It's a round cut and is 1.75 carats. After wearing this Nexus stone, I can confidently recommend these stones to my customers. Learning about the diamond mining industry problems has further increased my desire to buy only Nexus diamonds. Also, beautiful large mined diamonds are really unaffordable for the average working couple -- and most buyers still end up going into debt for a stone that is smaller than what they wanted because they really can't afford the larger stone. As a jewelry artist, I love large stones but cannot justify the cost to obtain them. My Nexus diamond is high quality and I didn't notice any difference when setting it. It's hard and durable. I don't see any cloudiness developing in this stone and I wear it all the time. To me this is not a cheap alternative to a diamond -- I prefer it OVER a diamond. It's a gorgeous stone that I'm delighted to wear!
, 12/1/2012

Too Perfect :)

My husband ordered a 1.49 Signature series to set into my engagement ring. We just got it back from the jeweler who knew it wasn't a mined diamond but commented on the high quality. We asked how she knew it wasn't a mined diamond and her response was it was "too perfect". She said she has seen a lot of high quality Masonite simulants that are more then double the price we paid and ours was by far much better quality. We looked at her loose stones for a side by side comparison and she didn't have a single mined diamond in stock that looked as beautiful as our stone and they were all over 8 grand. Needless to say, we are very satisfied customers and love our "too perfect" Diamond Nexus. :)
, 10/19/2012

Wonderful purchase

I didn't want a blood diamond so when I researched the options, I told my husband to purchase a nexus diamond. I have a simple setting and the 1.28 stone. I have had it for two years now and it looks as good as the day he bought it. Nobody can tell the difference and I get compliments all the time.
, 8/20/2012

Couldn't be happier!

At first I was skeptical, we thought about using this stone for my center piece in a custom made setting with natural diamonds, and replacing it when we had the money. However after seeing it all together I couldn't be happier and could never justify spending what would be over $20k+ on a natural diamond to replace the beautiful one I have. I get compliments constantly! I opted for the ~2.5carrat equivalent. The order arrived in a timely fashion in a nice case with lots of info on the stone. If you're most concerned with getting a WOW stone without draining your life savings I highly recommend this company. No one can tell it is not a natural diamond. SO HAPPY!
, 4/20/2012

I refuse to buy real diamonds

I fought in Sierra Leone and Angola as an adviser during the UNITA and RUF insurgencies in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I saw the absolute brutality and devastation conflict diamonds brought to the people. I refuse to buy any diamond mined from the earth, because, no matter where they have come from there was and still is repression of the indigenous people who actually dig for the diamonds. Are you proud that a person spends 12 hrs a day in a mud pit looking for diamonds and paid 50 cents a day? Diamond cartels are slavers, plain and simple. And, child labor is rampant in this industry. I lived it and if you purchase a real earth diamond you will live it to, because now you know the truth.
, 3/30/2012

Simply Beautiful

I love Diamond Nexus. I dislike how some of the company's rivals try to attack by posting on the site under the reviews, it is immature. I have educated myself with what is being offered by Diamond Nexus, and I am very pleased. I love this company and it purpose, to sell beautiful elegant jewelry without killing your wallet. I have nothing but great things to say about this company. I look forward to doing more business with them.

Jessica D.
, 3/16/2012

Nice but not what they advertise

Forget what the sales copy says about these stones. Your jeweler will know it's a fake in about 5 seconds. If you can get past that, and put it in a nice setting, hopefully no one will know. But having looked into CZ stones you can get the same quality for less than half what these guys charge. I emailed them after my jeweler saw the stone and told one from Nexus ever responded.

From Diamond Nexus Customer Care:

Dear customer, this review was posted anonymously so we cant reach out to you personally. We are sorry if you are unhappy with your purchase and encourage you to call our Customer Care line if you have had trouble reaching us by email. We are always available to help.

A couple things about your stone - as we make abundantly clear, Diamond Nexus stones are not diamonds, but they are not common CZ's either. Although CZ's look similar to diamond. they are are soft and porous and will degrade over time. A high quality CZ may look like a diamond for a time, but will ultimately get foggy and discolored as it absorbs things in it's environment.

A Diamond Nexus has almost identical optical properties to mined diamond and is harder than a CZ and is non-porous. With proper care it will keep it's beauty forever. The way a jeweler can usually tell it from a natural diamond is that it's an absolutely perfect stone, colorless and flawless. This quality of diamond is almost never found in jewelry. Simply put, a Diamond Nexus is almost identical to a mined diamond optically (how it looks) and physically (how it will wear) but it is different chemically. We love diamonds and think they are beautiful. Our mission is simply to offer people a choice if they wish to spend thousands of dollars on chemistry or not.

There is a lot more info on our stones in the Learning Center and About our Jewelry sections of the site.
, 1/22/2012


Dont buy the Diamond Nexus Labs stones not good.
, 1/4/2012

Better than an Earth Minded Diamond

The stone looks wonderful on my ring setting! My husband and I were very (extremely) skeptical at first, but after we received the ring we compared it against an earth minded diamond of similar quality, and there were no differences.
, 10/26/2011


I could not be more pleased with my purchase. Everyone comments on how beautiful the diamond is and I could not have asked for better customer service.
, 10/24/2011

Loose Signature Series

My wife wanted to change from a pear shaped diamond to one of the Nexus stones in a round shape. The quality is incredible, the service, and communication, with the company, also, are amazing! I have made several purchases from Diamond Nexus and have always been 100% satisfied. My wife told me she gets compliments daily. I am a very picky shopper and couldn't be happier with our purchase!
, 10/24/2011


We love our stone! We wanted a mature engagement ring since we are second chances in our 40's and Diamond Nexus gave us that opportunity. The customer service answered all our questions (by email since I was overseas!) and the shipping and purchase were flawless - like our stone. Our jeweler was so entranced that we gave him the website. We have had raves and craves!


My hubby and I are second chances - remarrying after 18 and 25 years previous. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we did not have a lot of money to spend, but we wanted a grown up engagement ring. Diamond Nexus has given us this opportunity and we have gotten rave reviews on the beauty of our stone and our ring. We cannot thank you enough for being part of our special time!
, 10/23/2011

Beautiful stone that jewelers can't tell is lab made without their machines

So, my wife and I saw the movie Blood Diamond a few years ago, and this year, as a large anniversary came up, we decided to upgrade her diamond to something larger. We, however, were very uncomfortable getting a diamond that could related to the forced labor that happens in Africa. We considered doing a certified conflict-free diamond, but the prices were astoundingly high. So, we started researching lab-created diamonds. Diamond Nexus came up as the highest reviewed, and with good reason. Our loose stone came in a huge box with a beautiful leather display case presenting the stone. It was incredibly affordable (it actually cost more to have the stone mounted in her ring than to purchase the stone itself). I highly recommend Diamond Nexus stones to others, In the jewelry store where they mounted the stone, they had no idea it was not a genuine diamond from only looking at it. It took the use of special machine to show that it was not real. Very impressed.
, 10/21/2011

Love this!

I got the 1.24carat diamond and absolutely love it. It looks so good on my finger. Thank you for pretty and eco-friendly jewelry!
, 10/21/2011

very happy

Took my real diamond out of my wedding ring and had it made into a necklace. Got a little larger Nexus diamond and had it put into my wedding ring. Honestly you can't tell the difference. I'll never buy a real diamond again. Best part I don't have to pay for insurance or worry about losing it.
, 10/21/2011


The stone is absolutely perfect. My husband purchased a 2ct. band for me and I wanted a 2ct. center stone for it. When our jeweler told us it would be upwards of $20,000 for a 2ct. center stone I searched for alternatives. I am having the stone set next week into my gorgeous band. No-one would ever be able to tell the difference between this stone and the real deal. Will be purchasing again. Thank you for allowing me to have the stone size and look I desire without the huge pricetag or the conflict of a real diamond.
, 10/21/2011

Stunningly beautiful

These diamonds replaced the lower-quality diamonds on my three-stone ring. The setting was designed in the early 1900's and I love it, but the stones left alot to be desired. I had them replaced with these Diamond Nexus stones and my ring now has stones to match the lovely nature of the design. It's now a one-of-a-kind.
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