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Cathy B

WON: A a pair of Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings in sterling silver, a pair of Round Cut Solitaire Earrings in white gold, a pair of Renee Earrings in white gold, and a beautiful Marseille Round Cut Necklace in white gold!

WINNING WORDS: “I love Diamond Nexus because with lab created simulants there is all the sparkle and none of the guilt. It’s all I ever wear.”

$2,420 value

Carrie W. from Aurora, CO

WON: A 1.49 carat Savannah Engagement Ring and a Savannah wedding band! Both in beautiful 14k white gold!

WINNING WORDS: “So excited to have won the drawing! I have literally had this ring in my cart for years, unable to justify the spend but my dreams came true today! This is my 2nd ring from you and I know I will be just as pleased with the exquisite beauty of my new style. Thank you Diamond Nexus!”

$2,530 value

Stella M. from Long Beach, CA

WON: A Cinderella Staircase engagement ring, a Cinderella Staircase wedding band, and a pair of 2.56 tcw Renee earrings! All in beautiful 14k rose gold!

WINNING WORDS: “I have purchased from Diamond Nexus and was very happy with my purchase! Good quality and great customer service. I chose you because of you’re great prices and quality of your jewelry! Will purchase again with Diamond Nexus.”

$2,359 value

Stacey M. from Arkansas

WON: A 2.34 tcw Rosaria Round Cut Engagement Ring in beautiful 14k yellow gold!

WINNING WORDS: “Diamond Nexus is a beautiful alternative to the diamond trade! Myself & other family members have fallen in love with the Diamond Nexus product. It is a relief for the environmentally conscious to have a beautiful alternative to purchasing mined diamonds that result in grave consequences for the environment and humanity. Thank you Diamond Nexus for creating beautiful jewelry that is a joy to wear! I am excited to receive my new addition!”

$2,300 value

Lynn T.

WON: A 3.00 tcw Sestina Round Cut Engagement Ring and a Clare Pendant! Both in beautiful 14k yellow gold!

Congrats again, Lynn!

$2,340 value

Lissa A. from Delaware

WON: A Sage Petite Accented Wedding Band, a 1.28 tcw Cushion Cut Basket Set Pendant, a Love Me Knot Necklace in sterling silver, a Sawyer Wedding Band, a 0.99 tcw Berlin Round Cut Halo Necklace in rose gold, and a 2.20 tcw Sage Three Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring!

WINNING WORDS: “Beautiful craftsmanship of the lab created diamond alternative jewelry at 3/4 the cost of a mined diamond is what made my decision to go with Diamond Nexus Jewelry easy. The different styles of the stones and jewelry settings are exquisite. Diamond Nexus offers a wide variety of jewelry for men and women, in different golds to choose from! I am in love with my set and will continue to support their business for my future needs!!”

$2,220 value

Lei P. from Utah

WON: A 1.74 carat Tapered Classic Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring, a Manhattan Petite Wedding Band, and a pair of Round Cut Stud Earrings (1.68 tcw). All in yellow gold!

WINNING WORDS: “I love the selection and variety. I’m even more pleased about the discounts. Excellent customer care and service! Loved the giveaway!”

$2,430 value

Pamela S. from Illinois

WON: A flora pear cut pendant, a pair of eve earrings, a 16 inch Singapore chain, a pair of canary round cut stud earrings, a Clare pendant, and a wheat chain. All in yellow gold!

WINNING WORDS: “I really love Diamond Nexus’ products. They are sustainable and beautifully designed. I have always wanted diamonds but did not feel they were affordable to me. That changed with this company. These diamond alternatives are beautiful and always set in great metals. I would recommend this company to everyone who loves to feel and look classy.”

$2,430 value

Barbara L.

WON: A 2.01 cts Diamond Diva Princess Cut ring in platinum, and two sterling silver Celtic Knot rings.

WINNING WORDS: “I love Diamond Nexus and their diamond alternatives because they give me an opportunity to have the look of gorgeous diamonds for a fraction of the price of mined diamonds! I may not have a million dollars to spend on diamonds, but I can sure look like it with diamond alternatives!”

$2,180 value

Rachel W. from Kansas City, MO

WON: A Ruby Emerald Cut 5.21 Cts, a Four-Pierce Heart Cut Filigree Set in white gold, a pair of Round Cut Stud Earrings in Ruby, a pair of Round Cut Stud Earrings in Sapphire, and a pair of Round Cut Stud Earrings in Emerald.

WINNING WORDS: “My first order from Diamond Nexus was in June of 2012. I’m a treehugger and was curious about the quality of lab created gems. I was not disappointed! Everything I’ve gotten from Diamond Nexus has been beautiful and I can have quality jewelry that doesn’t destroy nature or put people at risk. Winning the sweepstakes was just beyond spectacular! I had a great time choosing some things I’ve had my eye on and even got my daughter something for Christmas. Thank You Diamond Nexus! I’m your customer for life!”

$2,622 value

Susan P.

WON: The Sapphire Naples Round Cut Engagement Ring in white gold.

WINNING WORDS: “I have really been impressed with Diamond Nexus products as the ethics in avoiding conflict diamonds are really important to me. I prefer to support alternative methods of diamond crafting which avoid having to run mining operations in third world countries, which historically harm both the environment and exploit the workers in these poor areas. The fact is that lab-created or synthetic diamonds are much purer and free of flaws.”

$2,510 value

The Smith Family

WON: The East-West Accented Wedding Band, a pair of basket set Pear Cut Studs, the Infinite Grace Eternity Band, a Laurel Necklace in sterling silver, and a pair of Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings in sterling silver.

WINNING WORDS: “We bought our first DN jewelry almost 9 years ago, my wife’s engagement ring, been loyal to them ever since. The beautiful selection, great prices, and ethically responsible gems have made DN our jewelers. Thank you Diamond Nexus for all you do!”

$2,270 value

Angela S. from Rochelle, IL

WON: The Sage Three Stone Princess Cut Engagement RingSage Petite Accented Matching BandThree Stone Accented Princess Cut Engagement RingSolitaire Stackable Ring in sterling silver, and Jewelry Cleaner.

WINNING WORDS: “Diamond Nexus designs are beautiful, and there is something for everyone from plain and lowkey to big and luxurious.”

$2,060 value

Belinda R. from Brookhaven, GA

WON: The Sienna Bracelet in silver, the Messina Round Cut Engagement Ring in yellow gold and a pair of Lucky drop earrings.

WINNING WORDS: “I chose Diamond Nexus for their high-quality items, their good customer service, and their excellent prices that are accessible to all people. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative allows me as a customer to be able to acquire fine jewelry.”

$2,490 value

Ann H. from Ephrata, PA

WON: Queen Wedding Band in white gold, two White Comfort Satin Wedding Bands in tungsten and two pairs of Round Cut Studs, Tension Back, Basket Set.

WINNING WORDS: “Diamond Nexus was my first choice when looking for a diamond alternative for our engagement and wedding rings. I love science and to be able to have something so interesting that was created in a lab setting brings me joy. The quality and flawlessness of diamond simulants, the actual process, and the humanitarian impact are all appealing to our decision. Diamond Nexus has a wonderful variety of settings and stone cuts and the website is easy to navigate. The customer service representatives are fantastic. I will have cherished pieces that will last many lifetimes through a company that I am pleased with. I do have three daughters who may need engagement rings one day!”

$2,490 value

Jacklyn B. from Waco, TX

WON: Reese Wedding Band in yellow gold, a Pear Cut Basket Set Pendant and two pairs of Round Cut Studs, Tension Back, Basket Set.

WINNING WORDS: “I am extremely excited about the Nexus Diamond™ alternative. I have personally done quite a bit of research before moving forward with purchasing a diamond alternative vs a traditionally mined diamond. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is just as gorgeous and has the same brilliant sparkle that anyone would want from a mined diamond. I like that these stones are affordable for the average person without having to sacrifice quality. With Diamond Nexus you don’t have to break the bank to have your dream wedding set or that special piece that sparkles so perfectly. I will never go back to wasting money on traditionally mined diamonds again.”

$3,090 value

Cassie D. From Brownwood, TX

WON: Barcelona Cushion cut Engagement Ring in 14k white gold and a Grey Brushed Step Wedding Band in tungsten

WINNING WORDS: “I love their stones, that they’re lab created, and the gold is recycled. People don’t understand how bad mining is for our environment. The Diamond Nexus™ alternative is beautiful and looks just like a natural diamond and is made to last just the same.”

$2,520 value

Tami R. from Franklin, IN

WON: Prague Pear Cut Engagement Ring in yellow gold and Princess Cut Studs in Glacial Ice

WINNING WORDS: “I absolutely love Diamond Nexus’ unique design, the innovative craftsmanship is timeless and never goes out of style. I have been a customer since 2006 and keep coming back for more! And DN has the jewelry that makes me happy.”

$2,520 value

Cody T. from Humbolt, AZ

WON: Leto Pear Cut Canary Drop Earrings and Arezzo Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with a custom canary center stone.

WINNING WORDS: “I’ve bought many DN pieces because of the quality, I honestly think they’re a cut above mined diamonds. All of my pieces are very beautiful and have stood the test of time.”

$2,430 value

Virginia B. from Davenport, NY

WON: Cathedral Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring, Irene Princess Cut Engagement Ringand Round Cut Stud Earrings, Tension Back, Basket Set in
White Gold.

WINNING WORDS: “I love Diamond Nexus for its pretty jewelry and affordable prices. I can’t believe I won!”

$2,060 value

Wenshen Z. from Brooklyn, NY

WON: Naples Necklace and Tapered Classic Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14K white gold. And the Manhattan Bold Wedding Band in Platinum.

WINNING WORDS: “When I saw that I won the shopping spree in the morning I couldn’t believe it! My wife is going to be so happy when I surprise her!!”

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