French Quarter Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

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French Quarter Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Price: $1,044.00
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Price: $1,044.00
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This elegant ring emulates the old-world charm of the New Orleans French Quarter, complete with ornate fine detail that feels light and whimsical. The Nexus Diamond™ Alternative is supported by subtle scrollwork and millgraine edging, with added sparkle from 14 Nexus Diamond accents.

  • Center stone pictured: 0.99 carat Asscher cut, 1.20tcw
  • Center stone is available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • Create your wedding set with the matching French Quarter band.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • Shown in 14k gold; call customer service for an upgrade to 18k, palladium, or platinum.
  • Product Model: LRENVT0013XAS
, 3/31/2018

Beautiful and unique!

She was blown away! It is beautiful and unique. The one thing she asked for was a "bloodless" diamond, so I was thrilled to find this site.
, 3/2/2018


Had this ring now for a long time still beautiful and is so awesome. Never had any problems with it or this company. Will and do buy again and again from them. I get a compliment every time I put it on. Shines like it should and WOW the on lookers.
, 4/2/2017

So Beautiful!

My husband bought me this for our ten year anniversary/vow renewal and i'm so happy with it. the stone still sparkles beautifully (you DO have to clean your rings, diamonds get dirty like everything else), and the unique design gets compliments wherever i go. We have a special place in our hearts for New Orleans and this ring is a beautiful tribute to our marriage.
, 10/17/2014

Love it! Love it! LOVE IT !!!

Before purchasing this ring we read the reviews, compared prices after finding an app that could show the difference in the 4 C's. I only wished there was a store where I could see them for myself. I will say if I could of seen this ring first there would of not been any hesitation what so ever in buying it. It is BEAUTIFUL ! We went with the one carat and it's perfect! A nice rock in a beautiful setting. I know what a quality diamond looks like. This is exactly what I have. :D
, 10/17/2014

The ring itself is lovely

The ring is very pretty and I have received many compliments, but my first order had to go back because it was too big, no problem they sized it down, (I went to a jeweler and used a sizer) but it was still too big. I had lost some weight so thought OK, sent it back again, had to put the balls in it because they said it couldn't be sized down again. Was uncomfortable and still spun around backwards. So ended up "Upgrading" (AKA, Paid another $600) to the SAME ring in the right size, again used a jewelers sizer and it's STILL too big. Now they want 100-160 $ to size the set AGAIN. It still spins around backwards and drives me crazy. Oh and lets not forget the shipping charges everytime I send it back. I give up.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are sorry to hear of your frustrations and would like to reach out and offer assistance. Please contact our customer experience coordinator, and provide her with your order information and we will check into this right away for you.
, 10/17/2014

Simply beautiful!

The details are every bit as gorgeous as the center stone. The feel of the ring is romantic and a little vintage. Everyone who sees the ring loves it every bit as much as we do. You will not be disappointed with this ring!
, 10/17/2014

Great quality, beautiful ring...

The design is great, is not too bulky and still you can appreciate all the small details. A little bit pricey but still one of the best options.
, 10/17/2014


Upon browsing my fiance and I thought this ring was beautiful. However, we believe that DNL has mislead us into thinking this was a lab created diamond. When in fact. It is just a fake CZ. Real diamonds sparkle shades of grey. The ring I received sparkles shiny rainbow which indicates it is just fake. I am very disappointed in this company. I called customer serviced and asked about returning the ring and was told that I could get an exchange and would have to buy something that was at least 50% more than what I purchased already. THIS SUCKS!! This company is a scam and I do not advise anyone to purchase anything from here. Honestly if you want CZ you can get them from other stores for a lot less! BEWARE!!!! -unsatisfied, disappointed bride to be.

Diamond Nexus Response:

We are sorry that you are unhappy with your Diamond Nexus purchase. This review was posted by an "anonymous" guest, so we have no way of reaching out to you personally. Diamond Nexus posts all reviews, good and bad, however, we want to set a couple of things straight.

We are not sure we understand what you mean when you say: "real diamonds sparkle shades of grey". Diamonds refract light into the colors of the light spectrum. Diamond Nexus gemstones refract light in precisely the same way. Diamond Nexus gemstones are visually indistinguishable from natural mined diamonds.

Copy and past this link into your browser to see a video of customers comparing a mined diamond to a lab-created Diamond Nexus:

Your review also claims that "I called customer serviced and asked about returning the ring and was told that I could get an exchange and would have to buy something that was at least 50% more than what I purchased already." This is simply not true. All Diamond Nexus products are fully returnable within 30 days of the time you receive your product, and up to 60 days during the Christmas season. There are no questions asked or hoops to jump through to return your product during this time. Customers are never told that they have to buy something additional. What you are referring to is our upgrade policy. At any time, even many years after your original purchase, you may trade your Diamond Nexus product in for a 100% credit towards a new purchase as long as the new purchase is at least of 50% greater value. We offer this policy so our customers can upgrade to a new product if they wish and can use the value of their existing product to help make it an easy transaction.

Again, we are sorry if you are unhappy with your purchase, and we wish we could help you directly, but as I wrote above, you posted this anonymously. Please feel free to call our Customer Care center at any time and ask for me directly.

Chris Jacobs
Customer Experience Manager.
, 10/17/2014

Oh so aMazinG!!!!!

OMG!!!!! this ring is beyond gorgeous! i have the 1.03c in white and rose gold and its absolutely beautiful! i was worried about it being too big but i didnt want this tiny little stone either. this is the perfect size. small enough to not get in the way...
, 1/25/2014

beautiful ring

This ring is gorgeous. The center stone is stunning. The detailing is elegant. I'm very pleased. Excellent craftsmanship.
, 1/20/2014


Listen. This ring is stunning. I did my research. I checked out regular diamonds. Asha. Cubic zirconia. Then I found DN and I'm sooooo glad I did. I completely understood this was a simulant and not a synthetic or CZ. I loved the style of the French qtr. so unique. And that's what I wanted. Never want to see my ring on another woman's finger. Wrinkles nose.

So I customized it further. Solid rose gold (no re-plating) heart center stone. 1.59 k Alternating pink and white diamonds along the band and matching band

The jewelry advisor I talked to on the phone, Erika, was thorough, an excellent listener, and very friendly. My ring arrived about three weeks later. Two weeks for the custom order, one week to ship. Had to sign for it. Excellent packaging. Beautiful presentation box.

And the ring...Holy smokes. The side stones dress up tha band without overpowering the center stone. The center stone was larger than I expected but doesn't look tacky at all. The stone is excellent, and I mean, excellent quality. Ever gone to Tiffany's or one of those high end jewelry stores and looked at their diamonds? Breathtaking. They shame the diamonds available at Jared's and zales. You want to cry because you can't afford them. Probably will never be able to afford them. Probably should never buy them if you ever want a clear conscious too.

My center stone looked like one of those diamonds. Enough said.
, 12/19/2013

Opened the box... Returned it the same day...

After doing extensive research including speaking with multiple representatives from Diamond Nexus I purchased this ring during the Black Friday sale this year. I waited anxiously until today when it finally came in the mail and after I opened the box for the first time I was immediately disappointed. I had purchased the ring to purpose to my Girlfriend this New Years Eve and it was nothing like I expected.

The ring itself looks a lot different from the picture. Specifically the band itself is a lot smaller/thinner than the images depict. This makes the diamond itself stand out a lot more making it look really big and tacky. The images make it seem like the butterfly accent is a lot larger than it actually is. The images are what made me choose a larger diamond which in the end made it look really tacky.

However this isn't even my biggest problem with the ring. After opening the box for the first time within seconds I noticed that the prongs that hold the diamond in place were completely uneven with each other. Mind you I am just a normal guy with no experience in rings, and if it only took me seconds to notice that the prongs were uneven after opening the box for the first time what kind of quality control does diamond nexus have?

It just really sucks getting a ring for my would be fiance and having to send it back the same day. Now I have to find another ring for her with less than 2 weeks left to New Years! Luckily the return process has been easy so far...

This is my first experience with Diamond Nexus so I only have this product to go off of. Overall, the diamond looked fine. Exactly what a normal diamond looks like in my opinion (just a normal guy). The customer service so far has been excellent they are highly knowledgeable and easily reached. But overall quality of this product French Quarter 2ct. was low and I was very disappointed.
, 10/24/2013

Still Waiting

I ordered this ring on around October 5th, 2013. I was so looking forward to it til I got a call about it several days. I was told that the ring got porosity and that they have to remake it again. I understand that aggressive mixing, improper pouring, moisture contamination and excessive exotherm can cause porosity in a casting. Waiting is the longest and hardest part. I'm still looking forward to it and I'm hoping that it's going to be very beautiful and that Diamond Nexus's reputation would be so worth it.
, 10/20/2013

<3 my rings!

When considering whether or not to purchase a ring from diamond nexus or not, it is a good idea to do research. You want to be happy with your decision and when it comes to wearing something as much as you will this, you want it perfect. If you want something that is high quality, unique, and won't wipe out a bank account, you are in the right place. If you went to a car dealership and were able to choose on purchasing a brand new car for $20,000 or $5,000, most people would logically pay less money for the car and use the remaining money for something else. That is what we did and starting off as newlyweds, you want to save money in as many ways possible.

How did I hear about Diamond Nexus? My husband's friends were talking about it when I complimented a ring myself. I'm glad that they told us where her ring was from because I am so happy to wear my ring and love it!

If you are worried about what other people think about whether it is considered "real" or not, you are not alone. I wondered that myself but as soon as I saw the rings for the first time, I could not believe how much better they looked in person and I loved the ring already just seeing it online. I have had so many compliments on my rings!

Do people know whether it is real or not? They don't by looking at it. If you tell them, then they will know. :) That choice is yours of course. The value of anything is only what someone is willing to pay for it. You can't put a value on true love so if you have found someone you love enough to spend your life with, let the ring be special as you want it to be and don't worry about how much money is spent on it. :)
, 5/24/2013

Stands the Test of Time

This was my engagement/wedding ring for the past 5 years and despite one tiny scratch on the very bottom of the band the ring is still in impeccable shape! Unlike some people have posted, I have yet to lose a stone or have any issues with the center stone. I adore this ring and it's beautiful design with unique butterfly detail. So why the "this was"? My husband and I could never afford to purchase wedding bands, resulting in us being constantly asked when our wedding is. Now that we can afford to do so (and after visiting a DN store) we've decided on a wedding band he loves and a new set for me that compliments his band better than this does (and has a less bulky and in my personal opinion, better band than the one created for this ring). Thank you, DN, for a beautiful ring that has garnered me thousands of compliments and has stood up to every day wear and tear better than any jewelry I've ever owned! I can't wait to receive my new set (purchased using your upgrade policy), I know it will make me just as happy as this one has!
, 4/23/2013

Sad that I can't replace it

My husband bought me this ring as an engagement ring. I loved it so much and all the wows that I received from it. My husband later order me the wedding band for our anniversary from Iraq.
Why sad? Because I recently lost the ring and came to the website to replace it. Unfortunately, the ring has triple in price and will not be able to replace it. It was beautiful while it last it.

Diamond Nexus Response: Gabriela-we are so sorry to hear that your French Quarter ring was lost. Since you originally purchased the ring, the rising cost of gold forced us to make the very difficult decision of raising some of our prices. We completely understand that this is frustrating for our customers and it truly is a decision we do no like having to make since our customers satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us as a company. We do however, always offer a 10% off military discount. Please feel free to call 1-800-509-4990 and speak with any of our customer service reps if this is a discount that you would like to take advantage of.
, 4/16/2013

Unbelievably Poor Quality Stone

I have had this ring for about a year and a half now and am absolutely kicking myself that I actually bought it. Yes, the ring was beautiful - AT FIRST. Then after a few months, I noticed some minor scratches on the surface of the stone. No big deal, I can live with that. Then as I hit the 9 month mark, I noticed huge chips out of the sides of this stone. Trust me, I have never taken a hammer to this ring, just normal wear and tear that any woman / mother would put her ring through. Now, as I am nearing the year and a half mark, this ring looks fake. The stone has completely lost it's luster and there are huge marks all over it. DO NOT BUY!! These stones are not "Diamond Simulants" as the marketing states. They definitely do no wear like diamonds, and I am sure they wouldn't cut glass. The stones do not even compare to CZ's. Please don't make the same mistake we did in wasting your money on this garbage.

Diamond Nexus Response: Lisa-we are very sorry to hear that you are frustrated with your Diamond Nexus piece. We will happily honor our guarantees on the stones and replace them for you. The performance of the stones are part of our lifetime guarantees, because we truly do stand behind our product. Sometimes, cleaning directly under the stone with jewelry cleaner and a soft toothbrush helps to restore the brilliance and sparkle. Lotions, hairspray, and other things your ring may come into contact with on a daily basis can often be the culprit. Please, feel free to call 1-800-509-4990 and speak with any one of our Customer Service Reps and they can walk you through the process of sending your ring in for repair. We look forward to hearing from you and to getting your ring looking brand new again!
, 3/16/2013


This ring is stunning, I picked out my own engagement ring but was over joyed at the quality and timelesness . It has a glamourous vintage look with a lot of sparkle!, I couldn't be more impressed
, 1/5/2013

5 years later

My husband bought this ring for me in the .99ct princess cut center stone 5 years ago. I am a busy mom of 3 under 5,a student and nurse. This ring has been through a ton of wear and tear. The only bad thing I can say is that just weeks after wearing it the center stone became loose. DN will repair it no problem but I would have to part with it for 6 weeks and I'm afraid the mail will lose it! I don't ever take this ring off. It's been through countless hand washings, showers, gloves, lotions, hand sanitizer..etc. through all this no stones have ever fallen off, not even the loose center stone. The sides of the center stone are cloudy now, but i bet it's just soap residue as the top of it is very clear and shines like the day I received it. I have taken it to Jared gallery to get cleaned and they wouldn't because of the loose stone but they couldn't even tell the diamond wasn't real. I'm very pleased with it, and DN has been very helpful, great customer service.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are so happy that you are loving your French Quarter engagement ring~ we want to thank you for your purchase and also want to let you know that we are sorry that the center stone on your ring is loose. Our repairs only take 7-10 business days to complete and shipping timeframes would depend on whether you want to choose standard or expedited shipping. Please email us here at and provide us with your order information. We would be happy to assist you in sending the ring back for the small repair. Thank you for taking the time to post a review on the ring. We do appreciate customer feedback.
, 10/26/2012

French Quarter Ring

My fiance bought me this ring for our engagement and I absolutely adore it. I get compliments on it all the time!! It holds up really well under wear and tear, and I've never had anyone question whether or not the ring was real. I definitely recommend this product. The only thing I would have to say is that one of the tiny stones on the side of the band fell out that I need to have replaced, but I wear it in such a way where no one notices. Again, I definitely recommend this ring.

Diamond Nexus responds: Thank you for your purchase from Diamond Nexus! We are so pleased that you have chosen us as your jeweler. We would be very happy to repair the missing stone from your ring. Please contact our customer service dept. at 1-800-509-4990 to set up the repair. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We put customer service as a top priority!
, 9/13/2012


I have had my ring for over 2 years and it still sparkles as beautifully as the day I took it from the box. No one has ever questioned whether it is a "real" diamond or not.. I get many compliments on how gorgeous this ring is. I make sure to clean it regularly as I would a regular diamond so it continues to sparkle like crazy. I have been completely satisfied. Thank you for a great product.
, 8/28/2012

love this ring

this is my engagement ring, my husband bought the set, it is so beautiful and sparkly. NO one can tell that its lab created and I have gotten numerous compliments. I made the consciuous desision after writing a ten page college essay about the horrific history of real diamonds to go with a different stone. But I decided I still wanted something sparkly and classic. Even though there are conflict free diamonds I am not convinced that this classification is 100% honest and ligitimate. This product is incredible and timeless and I have already put the bug in my husbands ear that our 5th year anniversary calls for "diamond" studs.
, 6/19/2012

Love it

My husband wasn't thrilled with me wanting a man made stone, until he looked at the website and did some research of his own.

I chose French Quarter because I wanted something classic and timeless. It is so beautiful on. The 6 prong setting and filigree makes people ask if it is a family piece passed down to me. The size of the stone is perfect, large enough but not to large to wear everyday. I know that years from now it's still gonna be in style and look good with anything.

I also love that when I look at my ring that it is all American made. Shopping for a diamond was upsetting. The stones and settings come from all over the world and I had a list of concerns that went along with that. I also hated how expensive they were. I was ready to have a simple band without any stone until I found Diamond Nexux Labs. I have a beautiful ring that was perfect for a couple that is budget conscience.

I've had my ring over a year and a half and love all the compliments I recive and the information I pass on that it is lab created and there are other options in this world when it comes to buying any jewelry. I make sure to tell anyone getting ready to get married that Diamond Nexus Labs is an awesome alternative.
, 6/19/2012


Seven years ago, I was looking at diamond jewelry and did quite a bit of homework on mined diamonds versus lab created stones. I didn’t like the idea of mined diamonds because my research revealed that most diamonds that the “average woman” would own have had imperfections drilled out of them, which causes the diamond to be weakened, and that true colorless and flawless diamonds were simply out of my price range. Also, many diamonds from chain jewelry stores have a pinpoint of blue paint on the bottom tip to make them appear more “white” than they actually are. Of course, this wears off over time, leaving a woman to wonder why her diamond does not shine like it did in the store. This, combined with the human atrocities that occur in some diamond-mining countries, turned me in the direction of lab created diamonds.
I did not want cheap CZ, and moissanite was out of the question, as it is just too yellow, and under close scrutiny does not resemble a diamond at all. Then I found Diamond Nexus Labs. I am very skeptical about ordering anything online, but the reviews were very good for this company. I placed an order, and received an absolutely gorgeous ring. People seriously gawked and stared at this beautiful stone. Besides the beauty and fine craftsmanship in this piece, the customer service I received from DNL was second to none.
Just before Christmas last year, my then-boyfriend (now fiancé!) started talking about getting me a ring. I told him about my experience with Diamond Nexus, and urged him to consider one of their rings. He picked the French Quarter himself, and gave me this gorgeous ring for Christmas. I could not be happier! The details in this ring are so perfect and beautiful. Diamond Nexus has once again hit a homerun with the quality and dazzling brilliance of their jewelry. Plus, I love the fact that Diamond Nexus is an American company, providing exquisite jewelry to even us working class girls. I can guarantee you that my ring is the envy of friends and co-workers. But most importantly, it is the ring that I wear and love so very much. Thank you Diamond Nexus Labs…You have a customer for life!
, 6/11/2012


Someone mentioned that you can tell its fake because it sparkles rainbow. This person obviously has never seen a real diamond! My mother's 20,000.00 engagement ring sparkles like that and so does every other diamond I see. The only reason this one may sparkle more is because of the cut as compared to an asscher cut. I have this ring and it is gorgeous! People are always complimenting it and staring at it! Diamond nexus is amazing and their warranty is something you can't beat.
, 6/1/2012

beautiful, but...

I got this ring a year ago and I get SO many compliments about how beautiful it is. I also have the matching wedding band. The stone is set pretty high and gets dirty quickly giving it a dull look. Thats why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I'm constantly needing to clean it. The wedding band takes away from the engagement ring a bit too.. Not sure why, but the ring looks better by itself.
, 5/1/2012

I love my ring!

I want to start by saying I love my ring. It is absolutely beautiful and I get compliments every single day on it! ...With that being said, I know it is not a real diamond and I think DNL is somewhat deceitful in the way they describe and sell their products. The fact is, it's cubic zirconia. Still, no one has ever told me it looks fake or questioned me on it.
Also, when I first got my ring it was a little big (which was our fault, not dnl) and a small black mark appeared on one of the prongs within 2 days. We sent it back in and they fixed the mark, but they didn't resize it which was frustrating. I'm just keeping it a tad big because between sending it in, waiting on them to make adjustments, and waiting for it to ship back, it takes a good month to get it back.
, 3/9/2012

breath taking

I love my ring. It is more petite than realized until I saw it on my hand. I had a two caret stone placed in it and for me; the stone over powered the beauty of the band. I down sized it to 1.6 and it complements the band much nicer. It's a personal opinion, but something to consider. Thank you for a most beautiful ring.
, 2/18/2012


I got the two tone, the rose gold on my ring is much less red than the picture shows. It is stunning, the .66 stone is a nice size for it, I am glad we didn't go any bigger. I was a little bit nervous that the center stone would look "fake", but it doesn't. It is beautiful and looks better than most natural diamond rings I tried on. I highly reccomend DIamond Nexus, They are amazing!
, 2/15/2012

This ring is so much more beautiful in person. Excellent service from DN!!

This review is a little longer than the others but worth every second to read. I promise! Cold hard truth. We were looking at engagement rings and it was very important to me to have a conflict free diamond & my fiancee loved that it wouldn't break the bank so Diamond Nexus was a must! I kept coming back to this ring as my favorite so we decided he would just get this one. The ring is insured forever as long as no other jeweler repairs anything on it so you don't have to purchase insurance as you would with any other ring. DN encourages you to wear your jewelry for 30 days and if you don't absolutely love it they WANT you to send it back. When he proposed I felt as though I were seeing this ring for the first time. The pictures DO NOT do this ring justice! It's 100 times more beautiful in person. When the ring came in it turned out to be about 3/4 a size too big for my finger. I called DN to have the ring sized. I work in a retail setting and I know how frustrating returns and exchanges can be. Completely hassle free exchange!! I was on the phone for less than 5 minutes including the amount of time I was on hold waiting for a representative. We got both the engagement ring and wedding band back in the correct size (6 days after my return arrived at DN) and it was like seeing it for the first time again! This is just an absolutely gorgeous ring (also a gorgeous pair with the band). I get compliments on this ring every day. A woman that noticed my ring was comparing her "certified" diamond to my diamond and she couldn't believe how much more beautiful mine was than hers. I went to a jeweler to size a ring my fiancee had purchased me for Christmas and showed this jeweler my DN engagement ring. This jeweler was just so impressed with the quality the cut and price of my DN ring. His exact words were "this stone is exquisite! It is an incredibly attractive stone, especially considering what your fiancee paid for it." His assistant even asked for the name of the website. People feel as though if it isn't a mined diamond it's "cheap" and I wish I could lie to them and just pretend it's a "normal" (mined) diamond but I can't because I can't keep my mouth shut about how incredible DN is. My fiancee was very pleased with DN as well. Plain and simple. The ring (and band) is just so beautiful and so perfect. As previously stated I work in retail and providing the best customer service possible is absolutely important to me. The customer service is beyond impressive and we are just so pleased with our DN experience. I love jewelry to the point where I have a large armoire that's overflowing with jewelry and I can honestly say that I will never buy jewelry anywhere else again. Thank you Diamond Nexus!
, 10/28/2011

She flipped out!

Gorgeous ring, she flipped and everyone that sees is is amazed.
"You done good" they tell me.
, 10/28/2011


I love, love, LOVE my ring!!! Can't wait for him to finally actually propose so I can WEAR it! Just lovely, very well made with a nice weight to it. SO Happy!!
, 10/21/2011

Beautiful ring!

My husband got me this ring and the matching band for Valentine's day, I absolutely love it! When the original ring came he thought the center stone was not big enough and we sent it back and upgraded to a 2 carat, can't complain about that! It's just gorgeous!
, 10/21/2011

Excellent Quality

This ring is just stunning! Everyday I look down at my hand and I have the same thought every time....WOW. I am so glad that my fiance then and now husband decided to purchase my ring at Diamond Nexus not only is it affordable but the craftsmanship is just amazing. The cost of the ring cannot be compared with its quality.

I love my ring. It is very sophisticated as a vintage style ring should be, elegant and exquisite like a rear piece of history that was saved to be worn by me.

I am definitely a new and lifelong customer for Diamond Nexus.
, 7/22/2009

My husband and I got ...

My husband and I got this set for my wedding set and we absolutely LOVE it. It is soo beautiful and everyone always comments on how gorgeous and brilliant it is. I wear it everyday and love it more and more. We wll definitely be buying more products from you.
, 7/21/2009

This ring is very ...

This ring is very beautiful! I bought this ring for my wife and she loved it! I will be purchasing the matching band very shortly. Highly recommended!
, 7/20/2009

this was my first ...

this was my first purchase from Nexus and I am quite please with the ring. It was on a great sale as well which was also a good incentive to try Nexus products out. The quality has passed my picky review, being well made and the stones well set, bright with lots of sparkle. I will definitely buy more items in the future. Looking forward to seeing new designs.
, 9/24/2008

I absolutely love this ...

I absolutely love this ring! The setting is very elegant, has an antique look about it and the stones are very brilliant. I have not seen one even similar to its design in any jewelry store and get complimented on it all the time. My only complaint was that it was impossible to find a matching band, but now diamond nexus has come through and made the perfect matching band. I ordered it today and am so excited!
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