What She Really Wants

No idea where to start on your engagement ring search? No worries, we’ve surveyed thousands of women to pick out exactly what they want in an engagement ring! You’ll want to customize this to fit your special someone but this is a great place to start building your dream ring.


Ring Anatomy

A. Center Stone: Princess Cut

Princess cut stones are by far the most popular option, with over 45% preferring this cut. Another option is round cut which 30% of women prefer. Unless you hear otherwise, check out one of these two cuts.

B. Budget: Doesn't Matter!

Over half of women don't care at all how much their loved one spends and another quarter just want them to spend what they can afford. Don't break the bank for a ring; she'll love you no matter what!

C. Carat Size: 1-2 Carats

Bigger isn't always better, no matter what men think! The women we surveyed wanted a center stone that was large but also not too big. One to two carats is the sweet spot here.

D. Style: Solitaire

A staple in the engagement ring industry, the solitaire style is still preferred by over a third of women. If she's not sure what she wants then you can't go wrong with this simple style.

E. Head: High Profile

A high profile head means that the stone sits above the band, allowing the most light possible into the center stone. Unless your spouse works with their hands a lot, let that center stone shine!

F. Metal Type: White Gold

Over 85% of women want an engagement ring that features a white metal, which also includes Platinum and Palladium. Unless your special someone wears a lot of yellow gold, go with a white metal.

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