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A Complete Guide to Engagement Ring Resizing

Table of Contents

  • 3 Ways to Tell If Your Engagement Ring Needs Resizing
  • #1 Test The Fit
  • #2 Ask A Seasoned Jeweler
  • #3 Determine Your Ring Size


Whether you had a lavish surprise proposal or an intimate, hush-hush agreement, every impending marriage starts the same way: endlessly admiring that sparkly memento of devotion on your ring finger. But before it’s time to walk down the aisle, you’ll want to be certain your engagement ring fits perfectly. 

It’s fairly common for engagement rings to feel a little too loose or too tight, but a seasoned jeweler can usually resize it for you easily. From determining when you should get your ring resized to learning what happens to your precious piece in the jeweler’s workshop, this guide will cover everything you need to know about engagement ring resizing. 

3 Ways to Tell If Your Engagement Ring Needs Resizing

If you can’t stop staring at that gorgeous new gem on your finger, that’s all the more reason to ensure your engagement ring fits before you wear it proudly around town. Below, find 3 ways to determine whether yours has the best possible fit to keep it sparkling safely for years to come.

#1 Test The Fit

The best way to ascertain whether your ring fits your finger is by how it feels while you’re wearing it, and when you’re taking it off:

  • Signs a ring is too tight 

If you have to struggle to get the ring over your knuckle or it’s squeezing too tightly once you slide it into place, you’ll want to get your engagement ring sized up. Rings can be too tight even if they’re easy to put on, and can even cause swelling or discoloration of the finger if worn too tightly.

  • Signs a ring is too loose

If your ring spins around on your finger or glides easily over your knuckle when removed, it may be too loose. Most people wear their engagement ring daily, so it’s important to size down to prevent it from slipping off unnoticed.

When sized properly, your engagement ring should slide easily all the way up to your knuckle but exhibit some slight resistance when you’re removing it. If there is too much resistance or give when going on or off, don’t force it—instead, take it in for resizing either at the original point of purchase or with a trusted local jeweler. Just make sure you take note of the do’s and dont’s of when to take off engagement ring

#2 Ask A Seasoned Jeweler

Typically, quality professional jewelers offer generous warranty packages that encompass free or low-cost cleaning, inspection, and ring sizing. Ring fit is an essential preventative part of proper jewelry care, as an ill-fitting ring can do damage to both the jewelry and your finger.

Depending on where your ring was purchased, you may not have access to a comprehensive ring care plan. If you’re unable to get the engagement ring resized where you bought it, seek out a trusted jeweler to handle your resizing.

#3 Determine Your Ring Size

Ring size covers a wide range, between 3 and 13.5. The most common ring sizes are:

  • Women – Between 5 and 7 (15.6 to 17.3mm in diameter)
  • Men – Between 8 and 14 (18.2 to 22.6mm in diameter and up)

If you want to determine your ring size before investing in a lifetime purchase, there are methods for calculating it at home. However, the most certain way to discover your true ring size is by paying a visit to a local jeweler.

A note for committed couples: when your heart is set on a unique engagement ring made from specialty materials, it’s best to determine ring size before you invest to ensure your dream piece fits properly from the beginning. If you’re trying to find your partner’s ring size without them knowing, try enlisting friends or family for help or getting ahold of one of their well-fitting rings for a brief size check.

How to Keep Your Ring Secure In A Pinch

It’s best to take loose-feeling rings in for a sizing consultation, but there are times when size isn’t everything. Sometimes, wobbliness can result from the shape of your finger, or the nature of your ring’s stone setting. A hefty stone or a disparity between the circumference of your knuckles and fingers could also cause looseness (even if there isn’t a risk of the ring falling off).

If you don’t quite have that perfect fit and need temporary reinforcement, there are some tools you can use to keep your ring from sliding around:

  • Ring guards or ring enhancers
  • Silicone adjusters
  • Sizing beads
  • Spring inserts
  • Sizing bars
  • Choosing a custom wedding ring
  • Stacking bands that fit together

These can all be suitable solutions when you don’t want to alter the integrity of your ring. They can also work if you have temporary size changes to your finger from illness or weather. 

How Does A Jeweler Resize An Engagement Ring? 

So you’ve determined that your ring needs resizing. Your first step is to locate a trusted professional jeweler who will be able to make seamless size changes while ensuring your piece’s structural integrity and brilliance remains intact. 

Jewelers use different techniques to achieve a perfect fit, depending on whether you are sizing up or down:

  • Sizing up

When going up in size, the process usually involves hammering the metal band to thin and stretch it, so it fits correctly. This is a quicker and often cheaper option, as there are no major structural changes to the ring itself.

  • Sizing down 

If your engagement ring needs to be a bit snugger, the typical solution is to remove a small piece of the metal band and then solder it back together. When performed by an expert, you shouldn’t see any seams in the resized band. If you need to size down, be sure to keep any extra metal that was removed in case you need to have any other adjustments made in the future. 

How Much Of A Size Difference Can Be Fixed?

For professional jewelers, the general rule of thumb is that rings may be adjusted as many as two sizes up or down. Reducing ring size any further could disrupt the way a ring was designed to lay on the finger while stretching a band too far could make it too brittle and risk breakage. 

What Does It Cost To Resize An Engagement Ring?

If you aren’t covered through a warranty package, the price of ring sizing can vary. Low-end maintenance starts out at $20, but can reach as high as $285+ depending on the job. This cost depends on factors such as:

  • The stone setting
  • Metal type
  • Difficulty level of the requested adjustment
  • Whether you’re sizing up or down

Ideally, the jeweler you purchase your piece with will include complimentary resizing within at least the first year of purchase, as well as round-trip shipping if you’re not local to their area. 

What Types Of Rings Can’t Be Resized? 

In general, two types of specialty diamond alternative rings can’t be resized without compromising their construction: 

  • Eternity Bands 

Though incredibly beautiful, eternity bands should be purchased in the correct ring size because they typically are difficult or impossible to resize. If you like the look of an eternity band but want more flexibility with sizing, consider coveting a semi-eternity band. These feature the same shimmering strand of stones, with a plain band around the underside of the finger, which can be more easily adjusted. 

  • Specialty Materials

Certain band materials like wood, jade, and titanium, are virtually impossible to resize due to the way they are constructed. Additionally, some jewelers avoid resizing rose gold because it can be a difficult material to work with. If you’re planning on using specialty materials for your engagement or wedding band, it’s best to have them purchased or made to order in your correct ring size.

Bear in mind that men’s wedding bands are often made with strong, durable materials like titanium, tungsten and stainless steel, or feature details like wood inlays. If you’re unsure of your partner’s ring size (or your own), it may be best to select a wedding band or engagement ring whose material can be easier to resize if you need it later.

Can You Resize Heirloom Engagement Rings?

Many brides opt to honor their family legacy at their nuptials by wearing heirloom adornments like necklaces, earrings, or even vintage engagement rings. But is it safe to have an heirloom ring resized?

If you’re working with an expert jeweler, absolutely. Being gifted a relative’s prized jewels can be tremendously meaningful, and many pieces can be reimagined or rejuvenated to suit a modern wedding ensemble. Alternatively, if grandma’s engagement ring is the piece of your dreams but it belongs to your older cousin, you can work with a jeweler to create a custom jewelry piece that replicates the best features of the white gold engagement rings you love. 

At Diamond Nexus, we can alter an existing piece from our collection to fit your vintage tastes. Or, work with our sister company Forever Artisans to craft your ideal engagement ring complete with a sparkling, perfectly cut Nexus Diamond™ alternative. 

Diamond Nexus: Your Trusted Source For The Perfect Engagement Ring 

Even the most perfect unions can require practical considerations like ring resizing, but you should never have to second-guess the quality of your stone. 

Our incredible selection of engagement rings are set with diamond alternatives and guaranteed to stay gorgeous for a lifetime. Once you’ve selected your dream piece, we help you take care of your engagement ring with a full year of service, including complimentary cleaning, inspection, and resizing. 

Whether you’re drawn to a vintage Emerald cut your grandmother would admire or a modern and flawless Cushion cut, commemorate your eternity together with Diamond Nexus.


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