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The Do’s and Don’ts of When to Take Off Your Engagement Ring

You’re in love, planning a wedding, and wearing an engagement ring that’s so beautiful you never want to take it off. But are there instances when you should remove your ring?

While it’s not bad luck, you don’t ever have to take off your engagement ring (and you might never want to). But taking precautions during certain activities can save you time and trouble when it comes to cleaning and care. 

Keep reading for our recommendations on when to take off engagement ring and when to leave them on—so your symbol of everlasting love stays beautiful for life.

Engagement Ring Care: Leave It On Or Take It Off? 

While our stones are guaranteed to stay gorgeous for a lifetime, it’s a good idea to avoid situations that could potentially harm your engagement ring. But in the moment, it can be a puzzle to figure out what those situations are.

To guide you through it, we’ve listed a few common times when you might want to set your beautiful diamond ring aside.

#1 In The Shower

While water isn’t technically a problem for wedding jewelry, you’ll want to consider how all the soap and shampoo will affect the ring and stones. And since soap is extra slippery, there’s potential for your vintage-inspired engagement ring to slip off your finger. 

That said, don’t rush to put your ring on right when you get out of the shower—lotions, moisturizers, and makeup could all have a negative effect on your engagement ring’s appearance. Wait until you’re fully primped for the day before slipping your solitaire back on. 

#2 When Cleaning the House

Cleaning and chemicals are a big no-no when it comes to wearing your engagement ring. Chemicals can cause tarnishing, cloudiness, and other unpleasant reactions. 

If you must keep the ring on, wear rubber gloves that will protect your hands and your fine jewelry from chemicals while you deep-clean your tub or scrub wall tiles with bleach.

#3 While Swimming

Just like showering, water isn’t bad for your engagement ring on its own, but certain other factors might make you consider removing your ring before swimming. 

Think about all the sand you shake out of your beach bag at the end of a fun-filled day of sun and surf and then picture all that sand stuck in the tiny crevices of your intricately-detailed three-stone engagement ring. It’s a good idea to keep your gorgeous ring off the beach. 

If you’re headed to the pool instead, remember that most pools and hot tubs are chlorinated. While your body may not notice the harsh chemicals, you’ll want to keep your jewelry far away from chlorine abrasives.

#4 When Working Out

If you’re doing heavy hand activities like weight lifting or bowflex, think about leaving your ring at home to avoid undue wear and tear or even safety hazards for yourself. When in doubt, take it off. Sweat could also cause problems with your ring staying in place. You don’t want your most important piece of jewelry to slide off mid-squat due to slippery fingers. 

#5 While You Sleep

Sleeping with your engagement ring on is entirely up to you and your preferences, and many brides leave their white gold engagement rings and wedding bands on throughout the night with no issues. However, we all know some of those ultra-glam rings can have more intricate designs. If you’re concerned about scratching yourself or someone else in your sleep, it’s probably best to take it off. 

If you decide to sleep with your fingers undressed, keep a ring dish or jewelry box on your bedside table. This way when you wake up in the morning, it will always be in the same spot, and putting it on first thing will soon be second nature. 

#6 On Vacation

Vacation and travel are gray areas when it comes to diamond ring removal. Think about the kinds of activities you’ll be participating in: if there’s lots of sand, swimming, and sweat on the agenda, you may want to leave your engagement or wedding ring behind. 

If you’re headed to the home of a friend or family member, however, you’ll probably be okay wearing the engagement or wedding ring. Remember that taking it on and off frequently (especially in a foreign place like a hotel) can also increase the risk of misplacement, loss, and theft. 

Where Should You Put Your Ring During the Wedding?

The big day has arrived, but you’ve got a big question: where do you put your engagement ring during the wedding? 

While there’s no right or wrong when it comes to how and when you wear your ring, there are three main options that most brides consider:

  • Leave the ring on – The simplest option is to leave the diamond alternative engagement ring right where it is. During the wedding ceremony, your wedding band can be slipped into its permanent place on your ring finger, and the bridal set is easily swapped to place the wedding band closest to your heart once the ceremony is over. 
  • Move the ring to your right hand – Another option is to move your engagement ring to the right hand when you’re giving your vows, leaving your ring finger free and clear and returning it to your left-hand ring finger when the ceremony is over. 
  • Don’t wear it at all – You can always leave your engagement ring at home so your wedding band stays front and center for the festivities. If you go this route, make sure to leave your engagement ring in a trusted, secure location. 

Whatever you choose to do with your engagement ring on your wedding day, combining your wedding band and engagement ring can up the sparkle and the sentimentality even more once you’re married. 

Diamond Nexus: Your Bridal Jewelry Source

Whether you’re leaving it on or taking it off, taking care of your engagement ring is a must for looks and longevity. Keep your flawless Nexus Diamond™ alternative pristine for years to come by being cautious of when and how you wear it. 

At Diamond Nexus, we make pairing your gorgeous engagement ring with a stunning wedding band easy. Whether you prefer a simple white gold band or an ornate channel set eternity band, our heirloom quality jewelry is the perfect way to commemorate your love. 


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