Angelix Princess Cut Engagement Ring

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Angelix Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Price: $969.00
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Price: $969.00
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With its timeless elegance, it’s no wonder this is one of our most popular engagement ring styles. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative center stone is the focal point, and the raised shoulders and slim accented band draw the eye back to the center stone. Even the chevron-inspired engraving on the profile suggests radiance. This light and airy design will never go out of style.

  • Center stone is available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • Complete the look with the matching Angelix band.
  • Stones shown on the model’s hand are for reference only. Actual carat weight availability may vary.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • Shown in 14k gold; call customer service for an upgrade to 18k, palladium, or platinum.
  • Product Model: LRENSA0203XPC
, 8/27/2019

Not impressed... poor customer service.

Still waiting on my ring. So far not impressed with the fact that I was told to ensure an adult would be home today to sign for the ring. I made sure to have the day off. The date was emailed me to me over two weeks ago and I called the company to confirm. I wait all day, just to get an email today saying it was just shipped! There’s a 99% chance I’ll be sending it back and expecting a full refund.

***We apologize for the confusion but your confirmation email states lists your Estimated delivery date as Wednesday August 28. If the order is missed in delivery you may pick it up at your local post office. I have searched our records and do not see a call from your phone number provided in your order, nonetheless we apologize for any confusion. ***
, 8/23/2018

Very disappointed.

Beautiful at first but soon became cloudy and very scratched. I thought these diamonds were not supposed to scratched and were supposed to be shinny. Will not be buying the matching band due to this.

***I'm sorry to hear you experienced this. Please reach out to our Customer Care department if you would like your piece inspected.***
, 4/11/2018

Everything I ever wanted!

Received this as a ten year anniversary upgrade... I’ve been eyeing this ring for years and it lived up to all my expectations. The 1.24 carat is absolutely STUNNING and flawless! The petite band really makes the center stone stand out and look even more huge! I will never ever replace or upgrade this set. It is everything I’ve ever wanted. Classy and elegant.
, 1/16/2018

Disappointed, does not last

Overall disappointed! I loved this ring when my husband first bought it as my engagement ring, but it doesn't last. It has a film that makes the diamond look cloudy and the diamond has scratches all over it. Also, a small diamond fell out of the band. Does not last longer than a couple years! Not worth the money.

***Hello, I'm sorry to hear your stones did not hold up. Our expectation is that your stones should last you forever. We would be happy to inspect your ring and replace the stone for you under the lifetime guarantee. If you would like to send it in, please send us an email at -Jessica Nelson, Customer Service Manager***
, 12/17/2017

If you're skeptical and looking for a sign this is it!

My honey proposed to me with this in a 1.01 carat and I'm in love! I have tiny fingers, my ring size is a 4.5. So the size was perfect on my hand! The sparkle and overall look is beautiful. Far exceeded my expectations of what I wanted in my engagement ring.
, 12/17/2017

Definitely ordering from here again

Beautiful ring! Exceeded expectations in every way!
, 12/1/2017

She loves it!

I bought this ring along with the wedding band to propose to my now wife. I was very impressed with the quality and flawlessness of the stone.

My wife was (and still is) very happy with her ring. I have recommended many of my friends to Diamond Nexus.
, 11/7/2017

I get so many compliments!!!

I love my ring. I'm not a jewelry person but this one is great. I work in the medical field and I have yet to tear any gloves with it.
, 10/30/2017

You will LOVE this ring!

I have had my ring since 2012 and I love it as much as I did when my now husband proposed to me with it. It is elegant, classy and brilliant. I have had to replace the stone a couple times due to scuffing on my part. But overall this ring will make your special someone so happy!!! Great buy!!!!
, 9/4/2017

Gorgeous Ring

Purchased the Angelix Princess Cut Engagement ring in 1.24 cts. Fiancee loves it - she can't stop talking about it and staring at it. She's gotten numerous compliments on it. Brilliant, shiny, gorgeous, classy ring. Definitely recommend.
, 6/19/2017

Incredible ring

Let me start with the customer service at DN. I have been continually impressed by the folks at DN. I have had conversations with four different employees throughout this process, and I have found each one helpful, patient, and kind. The ring is absolutely stunning. The photos here simply do not do it justice as it looks significantly better in person. My fiance loves it and her friends who have rings that cost 15x-20x more are jealous! If you are interested in buying ethical jewelry (which should be everyone), DN is the way to go. The beautiful, ethical product is incredible and the people at DN are the icing on the cake. (I am not a DN employee, just a customer who was blown away with my experience).
, 6/1/2017

Love my 2 Carat that didn't break the bank!!

My boyfriend wanted to propose and wanted to make sure I got the ring that he thought I deserved. Being young 20-somethings we did not have a lot of money with bills and a toddler to pay for. Diamond Nexus gave us the option to buy a beautiful, affordable, yet real, diamond ring. No one can tell the difference, between mined and man made when they are in awe that we could afford something so beautiful. I would definitely recommend to a friend. Thank you Diamond Nexus.
, 3/6/2017

I would recommend Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus did at first send me a damaged ring but Michelle the customer service manager really went above and beyond my expectations to have the ring fixed. First she next day aired both packages to their facility to have the ring fixed and then back to me! Second she expedited the repair of the ring and had it done with in 4 days which includes shipping days so I had it back in less then a week. Third also to my surprise put it in all new packaging with new jewelry boxes and everything. (the first sales rep. told me it would come back in a black bag with no new packaging) I am really satisfied with how she took care of my situation and definitely made sure I was completely happy with the ring I purchased for my fiance! For the price I would recommend diamond nexus to anyone looking for a less expensive then a real diamond engagement ring, the ring I purchased (Angelix 2 carat princess cut) also came in Palladium which is nice since it does not require re dipping and hardly cost more then the gold version.
, 1/18/2017

Love it! Highly Recommend!

I can see how some of the reviews said it is for a smaller hand. I have small hands and I love it. It is so beautiful and sparkles great. It is a great looking ring and not to much bing. Again if her have bigger hands maybe not for you. I was so happy when I received it. My husband did a great job.
, 1/11/2017


I ordered the 2.01 carat, white gold band Angelix Princess Cut Engagement Ring and my fiance loves it! She has gotten nonstop compliments. Such a beautiful piece.
, 11/28/2016

Perfect ring

The ring is absolutely beautiful. I did have to call twice to switch shipping details because it is not apparent on the website about the 7-12 day delay on the jewelers wait time. My first experience was not nice, but the following two were with a very nice man. Too bad the first woman wasn't pleasant. I was disappointed in her customer service, but that doesn't mean the ring isn't absolutely perfect. I am afraid that my future mother in law will take the ring to get appraised and be told it isn't a real diamond. I just cannot support conflict or mined diamonds.
, 9/19/2016

Bad customer service experience

I purchased my DN on sale. The ring itself is beautiful so far (haven't had enough wear time to truly judge).

My complaint is with policies on shipping not being "in your face" when ordering. I live in a border town in Canada and had I noticed their shipping policies I would have gotten the ring shipped to the border city instead of to my home town. I got hit for another $70 in customs fees.

I believe that there should be something at the checkout when you are purchasing a product that indicates that you will be responsible for any duties or customs.
, 4/21/2016

This ring would probably look great with a smaller stone.

The Stone and Ring

To be honest, the stone (on this ring) wasn't convincing, (2 carets/Princess cut). I've seen this ring online thousands of time and just knew when I pulled it out of the box, I would melt. However, when I opened the ring box, it had a tiny blue light shining on the ring (FREAKIN COOL); yet, I didn't have that “WOW” effect I anxiously wanted. I tried wearing it outside, in my car, and even around to see if it warms up to me, but it didn’t. I was a bit disappointed about the stone not having the brilliants as I expected.

I’m a petti woman and thought this ring would be a match, but it wasn’t. The ring was extremely thin, I was affair it would break or bend. As a behavior analysis, working with children with problematic behavior due to autism, I often play with them, running after them, carrying them back to place, and working/playing on the floor. Another reason for why I’ve returned (to exchange), was while I’m sitting on the floor (working with children), putting my weight on my hands when getting up from the floor, I would probably worry more about the ring getting ruin then me losing my balance.

I gave this ring a 2 start: 1 star for customer services, Mike Yarbroug was amazingly helpful in the exchange process; and 1 start for DN, for honoring the 30 return/exchange policy, with no hesitation! My exchange is a Cherish and since it has a wider band, I won’t worry much about ruining the band, but am hoping I will have the effect on the stone as I do daily when watching the DN’s online video. I anticipate receiving the Cherish possibly Saturday, April, 23.
, 1/9/2016


I am sitting here with my proposal plans for tonight RUINED because DN dropped the ball big time. I ordered this ring about 11 days ago from DN. I recognized at that time that my desired delivery date for the ring, Saturday 1/9/16, was a day or two under their minimum requirement, so I spoke with an online chat agent about it, I asked specifically about it being delivered on Saturday 1/9/16, he put me "on hold" and spoke to someone, and returned and told me it would be fine—if I paid $30 extra for overnight shipping—which I was glad to do. The rep then took my payment info. (no problem), for both the ring and the expedited shipping. All good. I got an email from DN yesterday afternoon notifying me the ring had been shipped (great!) with a UPS tracking # (even better). Problem is, when I tracked it, UPS had no record of the package. So I emailed DN around 4PM Central time—no response. So I checked with UPS again this morning. Oh, the package was shipped and got to my city—but DN did not specify Saturday delivery. So while the package sits about 5 minutes from my house, I can't get it today because it has not been processed by UPS (and they won't do so now—so I have to go to a UPS facility on Monday to get it). I have emailed DN twice this morning. No response of course. It's Saturday. I'm screwed. Expensive dinner plans ruined, surprise now spoiled, GF disappointed, big hassle on Monday, thank you DN, thank you.
, 9/17/2015


I was woken up to this gorgeous ring about two hours ago. My first thought was.. God please no.. (I do not support diamond purchasing for the obvious reasons) I thought it was beautiful but refused, then my fiancé showed me this is where he got my ring and I just could not believe my eyes! This ring is breath taking my gorgeous for not being a mined diamond.. I just can't stop staring at it, smiling and being thankful that he knew me well enough. I can not explain how beautiful this ring is..
, 3/15/2015


I received this ring with the matching band. It is absolutely stunning. I have small hands and the thin band looks very delicate but perfect.
, 2/10/2015


My boyfriend proposed with this ring last week, and I couldn't be happier!!! It is sparkling, and you can't tell at all that it's not a mined diamond! I look at it all the time, and I can't stop smiling!! The box with the light shining on the ring was an awesome touch as well! Thank you Diamond Nexus!! <3
, 1/6/2015


The ring is beautiful BUT it is WAY smaller than it appears in the picture!! It is definitely for a small petite hand. I have a larger hand and the ring looks ridiculous on my hand. If you have a small hand this ring will look GREAT on you! I have been in contact with customer service and they are helping me with returning it for another more suitable for my hand! You can't go wrong buying from DN, they REALLY DO HONOR the 30 day, wear it like it trial period! Thanks DN for one of the few that does!
, 1/5/2015


My fiancé proposed to me last week with this GORGEOUS ring. Mine is Princess Cut, and I have gotten nothing but compliments. I love everything about it, from he accent stones to the gorgeous center stone. I can't stop staring at it!!!!
, 1/1/2015

She is still in awe.

This is a great ring. My now fiancée had said she had always liked the 1 carat princess cut, so I went all out and got the 2 carat one instead. Boy was she shocked. She couldn't stop looking at her hand and saying, "are you serious?!" for hours. Definitely haven't seen her happier. Suggest this ring to anyone.
, 10/20/2014

Extremely Happy!

My fiancé and I have been looking at the Angelix ring since we were freshmen in college, so you can imagine how excited I was to see it in the ring box when he proposed! It is simple yet stunning, and I am constantly being asked by my friends if they can look at it or try it on. We are EXTREMELY happy with Diamond Nexus- Thanks for a beautiful ring!
, 10/17/2014

not so happy

Just received the ring 2 weeks ago and proposed to my girl. It was an awesome ring! Looked nice and sparkled like crazy! However, just yesterday we noticed some sort of condensation on the center part of the center stone. Now my fiancé has to go without a ring for atleast a week while we send it back to get diagnosed n hopefully fixed so that it doesn't happen again.
The company is very helpful but just wish we didn't have to deal with problems in the first place.

Diamond Nexus Replies: Hello, my name is Cassie Weger, and I am the Public Relations Coordinator with Diamond Nexus. I am very sorry there was an issue with your stone- as that is not typical of our products to do. I am glad that you were able to take advantage of our Lifetime Stone Guarantee. If there is anything more we can do for you, I encourage you to contact Michelle Edwards, our Customer Experience Manager at with your order number. Again, I am very sorry and hope this gets resolved soon. To help preserve the highest quality of your ring, we highly recommend that you do not wear your ring while doing yard work, house work, heavy lifting, or when using any sort of chemical (including hand lotion). When you do see clouding, most of the time it is dirt or dust getting stuck in the setting. Usually a good jewelry cleaner and baby toothbrush will take care of that in no time. I hope this helps!
, 10/17/2014

engagement ring-angelix

nice ring, but disappointed that the ring was so thin. almost afraid that it will break with normal wear.

Diamond Nexus Replies: Hello Ann, my name is Cassie Weger, and I am the Public Relations Coordinator with Diamond Nexus. I am very sorry our products did not live up to your expectations. I can ensure you that while our bands are beautiful, they are also made to last forever. It would take a very strong impact to cause damage. To best protect and preserve your ring, take it off when you're doing any housework, yard work, heavy lifting, or when working with any chemicals. Also, if you choose to add a wedding band down the road, have them soldered together. This will create extra reinforced strength. Hope this helps!
, 10/17/2014

She loved it! (.99 carat Princess cut)

She has nothing but great things to say about the ring. Her family, friends, everyone that sees it comments on how much they love it! It sparkles like you wouldn't believe...a similar ring from conventional means (which she nor I supports the diamond trade) would be over $2,000.

Also to mention, nothing but great service from Diamond Nexus, particularly "Andy" who does the chat sessions. Answered tons of questions for me.

Thanks again DN!
, 10/17/2014

Engagement and matching band

When my boyfriend proposed to me on June 28, it was the perfect ring since all my friends and families loved it. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Everyday I enjoy looking at it. I love the details on both of these rings.
, 10/17/2014

Great ring!

I got this ring as a surprise engagement ring around Christmas! And it is gorgeous so many people including strangers compliment my diamond and I love love love it! Plus, you would never be able to guess that it isn't the real deal :)
, 10/17/2014


I have had the 1 carat for over a year now. It is just as beautiful as it was the day I received it. I get a ton of compliments on it. My only complaint is that it seems to need to be cleaned a lot. The color starts to look a little cloudy after a few days.

Diamond Nexus responds: Thank you for your purchase of the Angelix engagement ring. We are happy to know how pleased you are with the ring! We do recommend regular cleaning of jewelry and removing it before handwashing, cleaning and lotion or soap use to prevent the ring from becoming built up with product that would cause cloudiness or discoloration. Here is a helpful link to learn more about jewelry care: Please let us know if you have any other concerns or questions by emailing us here at Thank you again for your purchase and for taking the time to write a review of the ring.
, 10/17/2014

I had the center stone ...

I had the center stone changed out for an emerald cut diamond - Diamond Nexus Labs did an amazing job!! The ring is beautiful and I am constantly playing with it in the light-so shiny and sparkly!!
Every time I misplace my ring I am so relieved we went this route rather than purchasing a "real" diamond.
The packaging it came in was fun and the chocolate was yummy. We are thrilled with our purchase and will be return customers.
, 10/17/2014

Ordered this ring for ...

Ordered this ring for myself, and was amazed at how beautiful and elegant it was when I received it. I will be order again from Diamond Nexus.
, 3/18/2014

Wrong Size

Just got this ring in the mail and excitedly opened it to find out it was the wrong size. I ordered a 5 and it arrive with a size 7! I'm wearing it as I type this even as it's spinning all over my finger. I'm sad to have to send it back to resize after I waited a month for it, but I am hoping that DN will honor their mistake and help me get the right size soon!

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry that you have experienced an order issue with your ring being the wrong size. We are more than happy to get this corrected right away. Please contact us here at 1-800-509-4990 and one of our customer service representatives can assist you.
, 3/3/2014

For smaller fimgers

I had been leaning toward a 3ct solitaire but saw the Angelix & thought it was beautiful. Ordered it in size 9 & when it came it was very pretty in box. Put it on my finger & wasn't that thrilled with it at first. Love the ring band but didn't think it looked that good on my hand. Started to send back for the solitaire but when it went back in the box I loved it all over again. Decided to wear it a while but didn't see the sparkle that it had in box. After wearing it a couple of weeks & getting used to the band moving away from the ring got many, many compliments on how beautiful & sparkly the ring was. Have decided to keep it & may order the Gweneth, as it comes with a larger center & looks something like the Angelix.
, 2/11/2014

Almost 3 yrs

I got this ring as my engagement ring almost 3 yrs ago and I LOVE it! So does everybody else!! It sparkles like you would not believe!! It is so delicate and elegant. You will get many a compliment!! I cant stress enough how lovely it is!! Thx DN.
, 1/31/2014


I worked SO HARD to convince my fiance to save money and utilize Diamond Nexus for my ring and I couldn't be happier that he finally gave in to me. This ring stands-up amazingly next to real diamonds and I would have to tell people it wasn't real (although I won't). NO ONE CAN TELL! I only receive comments about how beautiful it is and how my fiance "must have spent a fortune." I'm very satisfied with our purchase.

He ordered the 1.09 carat princess cut. It's a whole lot larger than I expected. It shines beautifully. The top of the stone does get cloudy from time to time, but once cleaned (even as easy as washing my hands with it on) it sparkles wonderfully.

Thank you, Diamond Nexus, for saving us money and providing me with a beautiful piece of jewelry.
, 11/21/2013

Not Happy !

Hi, I order the Angelix ring, princess cut and I was very disappointed, first took over a month to get it since I order it, nobody mention when I place the order that they have to create the stone and then wait for shipment. I was very excited and the stone it's so small barely look like a .99 ct, the certificate said the same but the jewelry guy told me its a .75 ct
Overall not a good job.

Diamond Nexus responds: We want to thank you for taking the time to post a review of the Angelix ring. First, we want to clarify that all jewelry has production times and though the stones are already created, the jewelry itself needs to be cast per order. Most rings take about 8-10 business days to produce before shipment. We would be happy to assist you in confirming what size stone your ring has in it, and this would be determined by measuring the stone since our stones are a bit more dense than mined diamonds. Please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at and she would be more than happy to assist you!
, 5/30/2013

The Angelix ring is AWSOME!!

I just received an Angelix ring, 2 carat stone in platinum. The ring is just perfect. I have real Tiffany diamond jewelry and this ring looks better than the others.
Thanks Diamond Nexus. You have a new customer forever!!
PD. I do NOT work for them.
, 5/20/2013


This ring is incredible. My friends are jealous, no one has any idea it's not real, and i can't stop looking at. SO HAPPY we found DN!
, 5/3/2013

Absolutely beautiful. I love my Angelic set.

I chose the Angelic ring because of its delicate and feminine look. The centre stone looks amazing and the smaller stones on each side is just enough to make this ring stand out. Not too overwhelming. I have the matching band and it looks absolutely awesome.
, 4/21/2013

So far its perfect

My now fiancé and I have been looking for rings for a while and kept getting overwhelmed by the prices of mined diamonds in the styles that we liked. A friend recommended Diamond Nexus as an alternative. I was skeptical at first but when I read the reviews, did the research, and viewed the quality I was happily surprised. We decided to purchase the Anjelix ring and modified it with a 1.24ct Radiant center stone. I didn’t want a gaudy looking ring on my small hands… it wouldn’t look real. It is beautiful, shiny, and the petite band adds an almost vintage feel to the ring that I was looking for. I have only had the ring for a while but so far I am very happy with our purchase and the price was unbelievable for the quality. We did not purchase the matching band based on the review, we will probably have DNL make a matching eternity band to avoid the problems other reviewers found, but I think there are a variety of matching possibilities.

, 4/9/2013

A happy bride 2b

When we started looking at rings and I was crushed to find out what we could actually afford, even if we spent more, I was not even close to what I wanted. I found DN and was shocked to find this fabulous ring in our price range, I am one happy bride 2b :)
, 4/5/2013


I bought this ring a year and half ago and at first I loved it but I often have to clean it. I consistently have to keep cleaning it so it does not look cloudy like CZ. I have followed instructions and bought endless cleaning products but it just doesn't shine like what I thought it would. I hardly wear it because of it.

Diamond Nexus Response: We are very sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your Angelix. Diamond Nexus stands behind their guarantees, and if you aren't happy with the stones performance, we would be more than happy to have our jewelers replace the stones themselves. We aren't sure what exact cleaning products that you're using, but brushing underneath the stone with a soft toothbrush can help to remove build up and will help the stone maintain it's sparkle. Please feel free to call 1-800-509-4990 and speak with any of our Customer Service Reps about having your Angelix sent in for repair. We look forward to hearing from you.
, 2/16/2013

You get what you pay for and terrible customer service

Very disappointed so far. A small ascent stone fell out about six months after receiving the ring for which my wife is very careful with. Spoke to someone (did not get their name at the time) who said to send them the ring and wedding band to be looked at and fixed and there would be no cost. Diamond Nexus received the rings on 1/31/2013 and called back a week and half later to check in, nothing had been done. Their form states it will take between 7-10 business days which they were clearly not going to meet and after my conversation with Blake ext 138, they are trying to charge me. The charge is very minimal, so it is not the amount, but the principal that matters. I also did not appreciate how he laughed as he transferred me to a manager when I asked. I left Brianne smith (Manager) a message and have called back repeatedly without talking with her. The one time she finally called back, I was on the other line on a business call and could not talk with her. I called back afterwards and again never heard back. Terrible customer service and hope you do not have an issue because they will not help you in a timely manner or honor their upfront commitments. If you want a synthetic diamond use another company.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are happy to work with you to amend this situation and we are very sorry for any frustrations you have gone through. We are having our Social Media Coordinator, Jennifer London contact you to offer assistance with the ring repairs. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.
, 2/10/2013

A beautiful ring!

I love this ring! My fiance purchased this ring in November 2012 and I could not be happier with his choice. Instead of the 2 carat ring, he ordered a 1 carat in the store. I actually prefer the 1 carat vs. the 2 carat. Truthfully, it seemed that the 2 carat almost looked like costume jewelry as opposed to an engagement ring. The profile is kind of high on the ring with took some getting used to. My only (minor) complaint is that my very long hair gets stuck in the ring at times. But that is the silliest of complaints. The ring is beautiful and y fiance and I get compliments all the time. The quality looks better than actual diamonds we had viewed at several different jewelers. I clean it often to make it sparkle as brightly as possible. The design is classic and should not go out of style. I did not like the band that went with it and actually found a different band elsewhere to go with the ring.
, 11/14/2012

Love this ring!

My husband picked this ring out for me and I am absolutely in love with it! I am constantly getting compliments 1 year later about how beautiful my ring is! The only issue that I have had with it is the metal prongs that hold the ring have become "tarnished" looking. It is the very inside part and I only noticed it because I am seriously OCD about keeping my ring clean and sparkling, I think it can be fixed but it requires sending my ring out for who knows how long, so I just haven't brought myself to do it.. however, other than that this is the most beautiful ring I've ever put on my finger!

Diamond Nexus responds: Thank you for your purchase of the lovely Angelix ring and for choosing Diamond Nexus as your jeweler. We just want to let you know that with White Gold rings, occasionally they will need to be re-rhodium plated as all white gold rings are actually yellow gold with rhodium plating over them, You can simply send the ring back for the repair at your earliest convenience.
, 8/16/2012


My BF now Fiancee, propose to me a week ago & I love my ring. Its sparkles like its a $30,000 mined diamond. I know a lot about diamonds & Im very happy that I have this ring that doesn't compromise the beauty of a real one. I am proud to wear it bec its not a blood diamond & its environmental friendly. Very affordable!!!!!!!!!

Its perfect. I can't stop looking at it!!!!!

I love diamond but the price is ridiculous! I don't want my now fiancée to buy a blood diamond, so I search the Internet & I found DN. I just love all the products but I need to chose something that fits his budget. I'm so happy with my choice & happy that I found the right man & the perfect ring.......

I love my ring...
, 3/6/2012

thanks for our rings

bought my beautiful rings from diamondnexus and they are just perfect received them in time and wrapped beautifully just want to thank the staff for there help and for making our day so special thanks again.
, 1/21/2012


i lovvvvvvvvvvve my ring its everything the picture shows and more sparklys with every moment service 2nd to none thanks xxxxx
, 11/19/2011


This ring is perfect! A delicate, feminine band and a classic, uplifted center stone. I got this ring as a replacement for my .75 carat natural diamond engagement ring that I lost. No comparison, this is a thousand times more beautiful. I got this in AUgust of 2011 and it's been perfect. Fit right out of the box, zero quality problems. Also we bought this ring by calling in and the sales person, who's name was Rachel, was terrific. Very helpful and nice. No pressure tactics.
, 6/29/2011

After loosing my first ...

After loosing my first wedding rings a week before my 20th Anniversary I was devastated. I knew we could not replace the sentimental value of our original set. I began looking at different options as my husband I decided that we should go totally different with the new rings. i found DNL and knew it was exactly the way to go. It took me 6 weeks to decide which ring to order and I certainly made the right choice! This is simply stunning, delicate, and pure. The diamond is gorgeous and suits me to a "T". Thank you for responsible and smart diamond creation that is gorgeous! Only DNL from now on for my jewelery needs. The packaging was exquisite. I feel like a princess. Thank you DNL for turning a sad situation into a new memory!
, 7/31/2009

This is a stunning...

This is a stunning ring!
, 7/21/2009

I purchased this as an ...

I purchased this as an engagement ring for my wife. She still gets plenty of compliments about it. The ring is in great shape almost 2 years later. People are always asking her where I purchased it.
, 7/20/2009

This is a simple yet ...

This is a simple yet stunning ring! I get so many compliments on it! It is very delicate but packs a punch. I love this ring because it has an elegance that is timeless. Any girls would be lucky to have this ring on their finger!!!!!!!
, 1/2/2009

I love it Its so ...

I love it Its so Beautiful.. So many people have complemented me say how beautiful this ring is.
, 9/24/2008

This is a beautiful ring ...

This is a beautiful ring and I am very pleased with my purchase. Shipping was fast and the presentation was gorgeous. Overall very satisfied and will definitely shop with Diamond Nexus Labs again!
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Shipping & Returns

Ship Rate

This is a Rapid ship item. Your piece is produced to your specifications when you order it and will take five (5) business days to create. Your choice of shipping method will determine when you receive your product.

Free Shipping
All orders over $100 USD are shipped free with signature required. Contact Customer Care for information on expedited shipping options. APO/FPO orders always ship free.

International Shipping
We ship to international destinations via UPS. Customers outside of the U.S. will pay for shipping, duties, taxes, customs fees and other charges or fees that are incurred by importing products into the country of destination.

30-Day Free Returns
See It, Wear It, Love it and if you’re not 100% satisfied with your Diamond Nexus jewelry, send it back, no hassles.

Lifetime Stone Guarantee
A Diamond Nexus stone will last forever and never chip, scratch or discolor. We ensure this by guaranteeing them for life. Learn more.

We offer one complimentary resizing within one year of purchase date for our standard ring styles sizes 4-10. Includes free round trip shipping within the U.S. & Canada. Please note that while our eternity rings cannot be resized, they may be exchanged within one year for any standard size; an additional charge may apply for a larger size exchange and a credit will be offered for a smaller size exchange. All of our rings are offered, or may be resized to, non-standard sizes for an additional fee.
*Excludes clearance items.

Conflict-Free and Eco-Friendly Guarantee
With stones made in the USA, consciously-sourced or recycled materials, and craftsman located in Milwaukee, WI, you can always feel great about wearing our jewelry.

You should be able to get the ring or fine jewelry that you really want. That’s why we offer two great options for financing your purchase.
Affirm Financing
This option includes a quick and simple process to see if you’re approved, and several options for paying over time. Affirm is flexible and allows you to see exactly how much you’ll pay each month. Learn more.
PayPal Credit ®
If you are a regular PayPal user and plan on paying off the loan within six months, this is an excellent option. You can apply for purchase protection, and you won’t accumulate interest for six months. Learn more.
Progressive Leasing
Progressive Leasing is a No Credit Needed lease purchase program. They offer multiple payment options and a 90-day early purchase plan to save you money. Learn more.
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