Abigail Princess Cut Engagement Ring

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Abigail Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Price: $1,924.00
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Price: $1,924.00
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This bold, flashy ring draws all eyes. The Princess cut Nexus Diamond™ alternative is cradled within four substantial prongs that are seamlessly integrated into the cathedral shoulders. Two accented bands flank a plain metal band that flows beneath the center stone. Make it your own by choosing mixed metals to create the illusion of a stacked set. From the side, additional accents sparkle on the bridge. This ring is glamorous and substantial.

We are continually improving and updating our pieces to ensure our lifelong quality promise. As of March 2018, the Abigail ring design was updated to include sturdier stone settings and a raised center bridge. These changes make the ring even more durable and allow the two-tone settings to be seen more clearly from the sides.

  • Set with a Nexus Diamond™ alternative
  • Center stone pictured: 1.59 carat Princess cut Nexus Diamond Alternative
  • Complete the look with the matching Abigail band.
  • Stones shown on the model’s hand are for reference only. Actual carat weight availability may vary.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each.  Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • Shown in 14k gold; call customer service for an upgrade to 18k or platinum.
  • Product Model: LRENOR0107X
, 6/3/2019

This is truly a beautiful statement ring!

Just received my ring today, We purchased this ring in white gold with a yellow gold band. It has a center stone of 2.01 ct. If you want a spectacular ring, this is it. We think that it looks better in person than in the ad!! Ms. Behl helped me and answered my questions. I intend to ask for her in the future.
, 5/15/2019

This ring is timeless, What a beauty!

I have had the Abigail Princess cut diamond for 5 years and I love it as much as I did the day my husband gave it to me! One of its best features is not showing in the current pictures, when you look at the side of the ring you see the whole diamond down to the point! it a wonderful feature, it really shows off the stone.
, 8/10/2018

Small diamond fell out.

The band scratches easy. Small diamond fell out. $30.00, to replace this tiny, tiny stone.

***Hello, generally the charge you see if for the refinishing of the stone. While they are here for setting we restore the pieces as well.***
, 6/1/2018

The Abigail is Awesome

I bought this for my wife and she absolutely fell in love with it. Every time she goes into a store or out it catches the attention of someone and they have to stop and stare at it in awe. You guys have out done yourselves with this ring.
, 6/15/2017


Beautiful ring, so moderate and fashionable and elegant, good quality gold. I got mine few years ago and still looks so good I JUST LOVE IT ....Diamond stone is not real, but is beautiful....
, 11/23/2016

Beautiful, but concerned

Beautiful ring, love that the box had a light shining down on it. My husband gave it to me this morning, I drove to work and notice a side stone had fallen out. I contacted Diamond Nexus by live chat and was able to get a free shipping label and a form to mail in the ring. I'm a bit worried I will have to do this more often than I would like.

************ Diamond Nexus Reply *****************

We're happy to hear you love the ring and are very sorry that a stone has fallen out. That is not a normal thing to happen so when your ring arrives we'll have the jeweler's look the entire ring over to make sure every stone is secure. With that said, the Abigail ring does have a lot of small side stones so we do recommend you remove your jewelry when doing anything physical with your hands, such as housework, sports, etc....


Michelle Edwards
Customer Service Manager
Diamond Nexus
, 10/20/2016

Gorgeous and unique

Absolutely beautiful ring. I got the 1 ct middle stone and it is perfect. I wanted a bling engagement ring but also wanted it to be believable and this fits that description!
, 9/20/2016

Worth buying twice!

This was my engagement ring and i have never seen anything like it! Absolutely fabulous and I received many compliments and picture request for it. Unfortunately it was stolen from me 4 months ago andwas never recovered, but we are saving to replace it for the same exact 1 because of its uniqueness and individual symbolism of my fiancé favorite metal being rose gold and mine being white gold. All of our exsclusive jewelry will come from Diamond Nexus since I am a human trafficking activist that refuse to purchase or wear mined diamonds.
, 9/17/2016


I absolutely love this ring! More people complemented me on this ring than any other I have ever had!
, 5/9/2016

Hope who ever buys from Diamond Nexus has a better experience then we did.

We ordered the Abigail on March 26th 2016 in a size (6) When we first open the box on April 15th 2016 after waiting two weeks. It was like OMGosh, just breath taking. Unfortunately it didn't fit, bummer. I contacted Diamond Nexus and got Customer Service agent Tiffany Drahonovsky. I said, yes we just got the Abigail and it is just beautiful, she said absolutely nothing. No, Thank you, I'm glad you like, nothing. So I went on to tell her that it doesn't fit, still nothing no apologies, Just that their rings are different from the standard jewelry Department stores and emailed me the return label. That was my first encounter with Diamond Nexus.

This is my second.
We ordered the Abigail in a size (6) standard size right. Nope, not according to Diamond Nexus Customer Service Agent Tiffany Drahonovsky and Mike no last name. My husband called and spoke with Mike and he stated basically that we should have ordered a size (5.5) so that they can make it a size (6) WHAT! That makes no sense. I took it to a jewelry store and had him measure the ring, and it is a 6.5 Not a (6). I called and spoke with Mike Y and he was very Customer Service friendly. He stated that a size (6) is a (6) and a (5.5) is a (5.5). Ms. Tiffany Drahonovsky she sent my husband an email stating this and I Quote- Your wife called in today and ordered the same ring in the same size (6) in yellow gold as the exchange. I'm not trying to insult you. I am trying to resolve, but now there are 2 customers and 3 reps here involved (Michael, Tiffany and Mike Y and I am not clear on what you want us to do. The call from your wife is not the same as what you are emailing me. I told her I can call and speak to 50 people if I wonted to, how dear you tell me how many people I can speak to about a purchase with my hard earned money. How rude...

This is my third.
I order the Caroline in yellow Gold instead of the Abigail in the White Gold/Rose Gold, but before they can start to work on the ring Abigail must be returned. On arrival of the Abigail, Tiffany Drahonovsky contacted my husband and told him that the ring measured at a (6). Don't know how that can be when I saw it with my own two eyes that it measured a (6.5). She was very Condescending, telling us that she doesn't doubt me, but their jewelry is different from standard jewelry makers. I said I could see an inch or two, but half a size, that's a big difference. She was like with a nasty tone, do you wont to try the (5.7)? at this point I was frustrated and told her to cancel the order. No apology, not even is there anything that I can do to help the situation. She must have put us on mute, because it got quiet and my husband said hello, she comes back and blatantly says OK so where canceling the order. Did you mail the ring back? we said what? she says oh, yes we got it. but yet, she said it was measured at a (6), why would you ask did we mail it back. She could not care less that she lost the company over $1900.00. I was in Customer Service for over 25 years and I was a Supervisor for a call center. We never talked or treated Customer like they do or just let a customer go, with out any apologies. What a shame. I never got to see the Caroline. Hope who ever buys from Diamond Nexus has a better experience then we did.
, 2/27/2016

Side stones repeatedly fall out

This ring is amazingly beautiful. I love the look of it and I get lots of compliments on it. However, the quality is extremely poor and I am very frustrated with it. I have had the ring for about 4 years and can't count how many sides stones have fallen out and how many times I've had to send it back to get it repaired. They can't seem to keep these side stones in place. If you don't mind mailing your ring back two/three times a year then it probably won't be a problem for you.
, 10/25/2015

Absolutely LOVE this ring.

Absolutely LOVE this ring. I was very excited to receive it and Diamond Nexus did not disappoint. It is beautiful in every way. I could not have asked for anything better. I will definitely come back for more.
, 4/17/2015

Love it

My husband bought me this ring 3 years ago, almost to the date. I love it!! I get compliments on it all the time and I haven't had any issues with it. It does stick out quite far on my finger, but that doesn't bother me at all!
, 3/31/2015

So Beautiful!!!

I received my Abigail engagement and wedding rings today. I ordered both in the rose gold and WOW is all I can say! They are absolutely the most beautiful rings I have ever seen! Thank you Diamondnexus for such beautiful designs in jewelry.
, 3/8/2015

Center Stone is not as advertised

My stone is scratched and dull. I was very disappointed in its quality.


Response from Diamond Nexus:

I'm very sorry to hear that you're having problems with your center stone. Although our stones are very hard, much like a mined diamond, it's not impossible to scratch. However, unlike a mined diamond, we do have a lifetime guarantee on our stones which reads in part, " If there's ever a problem with your stone, we'll fix it or replace it for free."

Please contact one of our customer service representatives and they'll walk you through the steps of sending your ring in for repair.
, 7/2/2014

Very happy!

I was a little afraid the ring would look too big on my finger. I wear a size 7. But, it looks great. It's a little big, but it's definitely a showstopper.

I got the rose gold/white gold combination and I get incredible comments about it. It's very unusual and almost everyone asked me where I got it. Truly, I've seen rings similar to this in high-end jewelry stores that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The workmanship is great, great sparkle and everything else.

I can only give a four star review though because there were some problems with the delivery. I had arranged to stay home from work to sign for the ring but UPS didn't deliver it until the next day.

I called diamond Nexus to complain and they did refund the money I had paid for second day delivery.
, 7/2/2014

Couldn't be happier.

I chose the Abigail ring for my bride to be with not much input from her. I just watch the kind of rings that I saw her sort of looking at when we would go out to eat and things like that.

The ring arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. It's absolutely beautiful. Fantastic sparkle, brilliant looking diamonds, seems to be great quality. It feels quite heavy in my hand.

The plan is to pop the question this coming Fourth of July during the fireworks!

I was very happy with my purchase from diamond Nexus through the entire process. The ring actually came a couple days earlier than originally promised.
, 6/27/2014

Doesn't look like a diamond

The stone is not anywhere as brilliant as the ad shows. It looks dull and glass-like.
The yellow 14K wedding band is now a dull silver tone with the "gold" worn off in less than 3 months.
We are extremely disappointed with the pieces that cost over $2300.

Diamond Nexus responds- We are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your engagement ring from Diamond Nexus. We are not sure why the metal if 14K Yellow Gold would be discoloring, since only White Gold would need to be re-rhodium plated. Yellow Gold is a solid metal blend and should not ever give you any wear issues. As for the stone, it does sound like it simply needs to be cleaned, since regular cleanings prevent the issue of dullness, which is almost always a build up of lotions, soap and other environmental issues that cause dulling. If you would like to have it professionally cleaned, any jeweler can do that for you and not void the warranty on the ring, or you can send it to us for cleaning as well. If you would like to speak with us more about the ring and possible options, please contact us at your earliest convenience at 1-800-509-4990. Thank you and we look forward to helping make this ring as beautiful as it was the first day you received it!
, 9/10/2013

stunning ring design...poor quality stones.

The ring itself was beautiful, however, was greatly disappointed with the stones. in most lighting they did not look clear, but a very white colour it made the centre stone look cloudy or dirty. In outside lighting, it sometimes looked like a cut piece of glass, as it did not have the fire and brilliance of a diamond. the smaller stones where so white, they looked nothing like diamonds but like white sapphires. when compared side by side with real diamond it is very obvious that these are not diamonds. not enough fire and brilliance for me as an engagement ring. the abigail is a real show stopping ring, and with that kind of ring i really want my stone to sparkle.
as a Canadian buyer, the taxes on this piece at my door were 300.00 which is not refundable. have decided to send the ring back and lose the 300.00 instead of keeping something that didn't meet my expectations. item did not appear to shine as it did in the video.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry to hear that our Diamond Nexus stones were not to your expectations and we will happily return the ring for you within the first 30 days of receiving it. We want to let you know that though the taxes charged by your government are not in our control, that you may be able to show them the paperwork proving you had returned the ring and they may refund your money. We hope that it works out for you and though this ring was not to your liking, we do make stones that are D in color and internally flawless, which means that they look like mined diamonds that are perfect stones with no inclusions. Thank you for giving us a chance and though it wasn't the right product, we hope that in the future you might give us another chance to give you beautiful and affordable jewelry.
, 7/12/2013


We have been searching for the perfect ring for over a year!! I cried when I put it on my finger today. I LOVE it! I am saving for the matching band as I still have 8 months until wedding day! I would reccomend this company to anyone. They were so helpful in my decision process, answered all my questions with in 24 hours. Just an all around amazing experience! The ring is breath taking, I love Diamon Nexus!
, 6/21/2013

totally blown away

I have been maried for 13 years and never found "the" ring...until I saw this one..my husband and I waited and watched it for months and then finally took the plunge and bought it....OMG.. it is better than I could of dreamed...So elegant and so beautiful...the center stone is INCREDIBLE..we bought the 2.01 carat in all white gold...truly, truly amazing..will NEVER buy a mined diamond or moissanite again!!!
Thank you so much!
, 5/19/2013


I bought this ring almost 2 years ago and since then it has never take off from my finger, wherever it appears, I have noticed that people look at my hand, asking me where I bought and how much I paid for him.and do not believe me when I say only $1,500 recommend anyone who has a brain and mind, because why throw so much money when you can be extra happy, and you pay 10 times less
, 4/28/2013


I have been searching for the PERFECT ring for several years. I was fortunate to come across Diamond Nexus during an internet search. I debated between the Abigail, Kismet or Myra. I ultimately chose the Abigail with the two tone design (white/yellow gold). I could hardly wait to open up the box and slide the ring on my finger. The delivery time was approximately two weeks. The moment I opened the box, I was truly breathless.The diamond was spectacular and the two tone setting raised the diamond up in an empire fashion. Exquisite, gorgeous, fabulous, spectacular...I could go on and on. If you are debating upon purchasing this ring...GO FOR IT...there is a 30 day return policy, so what do you have to lose?..except for a phenomenal ring!!!
, 12/5/2012

Love my ring

I recieved the Abigail engagement and wedding band for Valentine's Day. When we got married we couldn't afford a ring of this quality. I get so many compliments on the ring. For our first wedding anniversary I had my husband purchased me another wedding band to wear on the other side . I sent it in to be soldered together. IT IS AMAZING . I love my ring. It is big and beautiful.No one can tell it isn't the real deal which is fine with me it is Earth friendly and that is important to me.
, 9/16/2012


I adore the ring that Diamond Nexus helped my husband and I create for our wedding. We decided to put a blue ice stone in the center. The ring is just dazzling! It is a larger ring style, but even my small hands have adjusted to it, and we decided not to even opt for the wedding band as it gives the appearance of already having a band built into it. Customer service was wonderful and we will definitely look to this company again as the service and quality are superior!
, 8/26/2012


This is the second ring I purchased from DNL, and I am in Love with it. My partner asked me if this would be the last ring I purchased, and I actually said yes. I have received so many compliments on this ring. It is definately a ring that stands out, and makes you be noticed. I love the rose gold band underneath the stunning gem, and all of the accent stones just makes the whole thing glitter! This was well worth the wait, and I couldn't be happier with it.
, 6/21/2012

Total Class

Had been searching for the perfect ring for me for 20 years. At last we found it!! We got the white/yellow combination so I could wear it with my original 4mm yellow gold wedding band. They look amazing together! Be aware that this is a lot of ring. I am 6' tall, wear a size 7.75 ring, and ordered the 2.01 carat center stone. If you don't want to make a statement, go smaller; but if you truly want a showstopper, is the one!!!! When I walk into a room, people really do take notice! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
, 5/4/2012

Engagement ring

We ordered my Abigail on 4/17 & received it on 5/1. It's even more gorgeous then I ever imagine. I have received so many compliments on it & I can't help but smile every time I look @ it. People I don't even know have told me how beautiful it is. ☺ GREAT job DNL!!
, 4/7/2012

Show Stopper!

This ring is SOOO beautiful in the white gold/yellow gold combination, especially with the matching wedding band. My (now) wife has received so much attention from the two rings that I don't know what to do. The set is always the first thing noticed by people that haven't seen her with them on yet...like she is invisible...it really stands out that much!

And if you're thinking about getting this ring, don't be surprised if she falls out with a few of her "friends" out of sheer jealousy!
, 3/26/2012

Very pleased

My boyfriend (now fiance) proposed with this ring on Valentines Day. I was floored when he opened the box and I have no problem with a lab-created ring that is not a mined diamond. It's smart and in harmony with our principles.

Six weeks later I am even more pleased with all the compliments I get. As to the ring itself, it's a beautiful piece of quality, superior workmanship. Fantastic jewelry and a great choice as an engagement ring! FYI, I have the 2.01cct center which looks great on my size 7 finger.
, 3/25/2012

Beautiful ring but...

I was so excited to get this ring could hardly wait, the waiting period killed me lol, but as another comment the band is very thick, its uncomfortable, I couldn't imagine adding the wedding band cause its very thick as is, beautiful yes, but also the very small diamonds that accent it make it look cheap honestly, we are sending back and going to purchase something else, hopefully that works out well.
, 3/21/2012


, 2/9/2012


I fell in love with this ring the first time I saw it. So when I got it was very disappointing that it didn't fit. I had a hard time sizing it. Because the band is thicker than most I wasn't able to close my fingers comfortable. I have small hands and the ring was just too large for me. It is beautiful ring though!
, 1/6/2012


This is the most comfortable and beautifully unique engagement ring that I have seen. I get LOTS of compliments on it. I have chosen not to have an additional wedding ring, because it looks like a wedding ring. It is perfectly made for me, just like my fiance!
, 10/19/2011


I wasn't sure how this ring would look in person but it is BEAUTIFUL. I have the ring and band and they are just breath taking :)
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