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Top New Engagement Ring Trends

Table of Contents

  • Warm Tones
  • Elongated Shapes
  • Thin Wedding Bands
  • East-West Settings


Discover the top engagement ring trends to help you find the perfect ring. From metal to stone, these popular styles will catch your eye.

Trends are ever-changing, which can make purchasing an engagement ring difficult. Styles of engagement rings that may be trending today, could be outdated next week. So, to help you make this important decision, we put together the trends that are not only popular now, but will be popular for decades to come. From various metal and setting styles, to simulated lab grown diamonds and other gem options, these are the top seven engagement ring trends our design experts have spotted that are here to stay.

Warm Tones

Yellow gold was a popular trend not so long ago, and although it has been muted in recent years, it’s now making a comeback. More yellow gold engagement rings are being spotted, even in the celebrity space. Yellow gold is the purest and the most hypoallergenic of all gold types, which means it’s the safest bet if you have sensitive skin. Because it’s one of the oldest trends, it is also a go-to for vintage designs. It’s elegant as a halo, and captivating as a two-toned style. Basically, there’s no going wrong with yellow gold.

Three Diamond Nexus engagement rings in yellow and rose gold. Yellow gold isn’t the only warm tone invading the engagement space. Rose gold engagement rings have also become a very modern style, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Rose gold is more durable than white or yellow because it is an alloy and infused with copper. This means that it is the most easily maintained over the course of a lifetime because it doesn’t tarnish as easily as white or yellow gold. Rose gold is also associated with vintage inspired styles and can look captivating with metalwork to match. The best part of rose gold though? It compliments everything. White gold has a cool tone that can sometimes clash, and yellow gold can be too warm for some. Rose gold has a beautiful tone and perfect hue that matches almost every style and wardrobe.

Both of these tones are stunning in an engagement ring, but there’s more to this beautiful trend. Now, women are mixing metals. Pair a yellow gold engagement ring with a white gold wedding band and you’ve just created something totally new. The color variation adds depth and will bring all eyes to your wedding set. This pairing can go any way you’d like- rose gold with white gold or rose gold with yellow gold! Any way you imagine it, it’s on trend.

Elongated Shapes

Out with the old, in with the new. People are becoming bold with their designs, and with it, stone shapes. Oval, Emerald, Marquise, and Pear- there’s no stopping these elongated silhouettes. Fancy stone shapes have been dominating engagement ring styles. Although Round Brilliant is still, and may always be, the number one seller due to its maximum brilliance and fire, this new trend is well underway.

An engagement ring set with an Oval Nexus Diamond alternative. An engagement ring set with an Emerald Nexus Diamond alternative. These new fancy shapes are versatile enough to be worn as a solitaire, three stone or accented. Any way you set them, they will radiate luster and draw in eyes. Emerald looks captivating with step-cut accents, and Oval can be turned into a modern three-stone design. In addition to their versatility, they offer two major benefits:

    1. These extending shapes tend to appear larger than a normal round or square shape. This means you can get away with a smaller center carat weight without anyone noticing a change in size. For example, the shape of an Oval has the same characteristics as a Round Brilliant, but due to its longer appearance, the eye tricks you into thinking it’s actually bigger than it is.
  1. Another benefit is that shapes like Marquise and Pear tend to slenderize the look of your finger. Any shape that lends a point toward your fingertip will have this effect. For example, Marquise has two points and a narrow body. The eye will associate the narrowness of the stone’s body with the finger it’s held on.

Thin Wedding Bands

Our design experts have been seeing all different types of thin wedding bands. Thin bands are perfect for stacking, whether for your wedding set or your right hand. Layer them. Mix them. Love them. Follow these tips to get the perfect on-trend stacked look.

Multiple thin wedding bands stacked together. Three nesting bands in rose, yellow and white gold.
    1. Alternate bold and dainty rings to add contrast. Eternity bands are great for adding sparkle to your stack, but you’ll want to surround them with more subtle bands to keep the look from becoming overwhelming. A slim ring will pair well next to the glamour of an eternity band.
    1. Don’t style on all five fingers, – keep at least one finger bare. A proper stacked look is the perfect mix between chic and edgy. If you over-layer, the look runs the risk of appearing messy. Layering rings on only a few fingers will help keep your look delicate and refined.
    1. Play around with ring placement. Purchase a variety of ring sizes so you can experiment with different finger placement. Pinky, thumb, midi- the more options you have, the more combinations you can achieve. You can adjust your stacks for new outfits and test what looks the best.
    1. Choose a base color and incorporate one other color to mix. You can achieve a dazzling stack with just one color, but white, rose and yellow gold can all be mixed to add warmth and versatility. Echo a base color throughout your stack to keep your rings from clashing.
  1. Incorporate nesting bands in your stack. Nesting bands can be paired with more than just engagement rings. Their unique shape will give your stack a creative flair. Layer them together for an absolutely stunning look- fit for a queen!

East-West Settings

The most wide-spread trend is east-west set engagement rings, where the stone is positioned horizontally on the shank, instead of the classic vertical style. This setting can be used with any fancy shape and transforms just about any design into a modern look, whether it’s solitaire or accented. Our favorites are Marquise, Emerald, Oval and asymmetrical cuts like Pear.

Marquise looks extravagant in east-west settings because of its thin style. This shape comes to two points on either side, which blends well into the shank of the ring. It compliments a thin band and is also awe-inspiring enough to look amazing as a solitaire.

Three east-west set Diamond Nexus engagement rings. Multiple east-west set Diamond Nexus engagement rings stacked together. Emerald also features a longer silhouette which works well in this setting. The rectangle shape lends step-cut sparkle, end to end. This style can also work as a three-stone ring, with two smaller Emerald cuts on either side of the center stone.

Oval engagement rings are one of the most popular styles. Put an Oval in an east-west setting and you’ll draw in all eyes. With Oval, you’ll get all the brilliance and fire of a Round Brilliant, but the shape will be much more modern. Use claw prongs to add even more vibrancy.

Pear is different than many shapes as it’s asymmetrical, meaning it does not share the same characteristics on both ends. It comes to a point on only one side, which is usually positioned towards the fingertip. In this setting, the point can be worn facing either direction. Not only will the setting be trendy, but the look will be truly eclectic.

Unique Colors & Gemstones

Since unique is the theme of these new trends, it’s not surprising that unusual colors are also popping up. Ruby, sapphire, canary- it’s all in. This trend is also due in part because many people are considering lab diamonds vs. real diamonds in their engagement ring selection. Lab-grown diamonds and diamond alternatives have become more and more of a popular choice for engagement rings.

Rubies can now be lab-grown to have the same physical and optical characteristics as their mined counterparts. The only difference is that lab-grown may cost less, and results in no color variations. Every stone will be a perfect deep red, and when wondering how much to spend on an engagement ring, you’ll have a much greater variety of answers. Rubies have been trending in non-traditional engagement rings, most commonly as side stones, but as center stones as well. They look mesmerizing paired next to colorless accents. They are also a great choice for those with a July birthday that want their engagement ring to double as their birthstone.

Two Diamond Nexus engagement rings featuring lab grown ruby and sapphire center stones. A canary colored Diamond Nexus engagement ring. Sapphire is another radiant color that has begun to grow in popularity. Like rubies, they too can be lab-grown to have the same physical and optical characteristics as their mined counterpart. The deep blue hue of sapphire is commonly found in more lavish designs, as it stands out from far away. Those with September birthdays may incorporate these stones to also represent their birthstone. Although, the color is so brilliant that everyone can pull it off.

Other bright colored stones, like canary and citrine, are used in bold, eclectic designs. The warm hue adds pops of color and stands out for a refreshing, non-traditional engagement ring style. Designs like these can also double as a right hand or cocktail ring, especially since they are much more cost efficient than a colorless stone.

Engagement Ring Enhancers

Never heard of an engagement ring enhancer before? That’s ok, it’s a brand-new style that is slowly invading the engagement space. Fine jewelry enhancers, for earrings and pendants, have more recognition as they’ve been around for longer, but this new trend completely changes the way people wear rings.

The most stressful part of choosing an engagement ring is knowing that this piece of jewelry is a lifetime purchase. Generally, there is no returning or exchanging your ring after the guarantee period expires. Engagement and wedding ring enhancers put an end to that stress. You now have an option to change the style of your ring on the daily, for whatever mood you’re feeling in that moment, day or year. However often you want to change your expression, you’re able to.

The DN'Elan engagement ring from Diamond Nexus. The DN’Elan ring is leading this new trend. Go from modern to vintage with a quick click of the interchangeable enhancer. It’s perfect for every mood, every day. Because new enhancers are being created, you’ll never run out of pieces to embody your style. You can also mix metals to match your wardrobe at the moment. Enhancers also solve the problem of ever-changing trends. Now, you’ll be able to keep up with all of them. No matter how short-lived.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Choose a base for your ring. This means deciding which metal color and center stone you’ll want to stick with. The DN’Elan is perfect as is, so if you don’t want to add an enhancer, you can choose to wear it as a solitaire.
  1. Choose the enhancers you want to pair with your ring. The DN’Elan enhancers features everything from vintage inspired to boho style. These are the pieces you’ll be able to change however often you’d like – simply click them into place and dazzle the crowd.

Contemporary Three-Stone Rings

Since a certain American princess was seen wearing a classic three-stone engagement ring, they have been flooding the market. But recently, contemporary twists have been used to spice up this timeless design. This elegant style features three stones which are notoriously symbolic, most commonly representing the past, present, and future of a couple’s relationship.

A Diamond Nexus three stone engagement ring with a Marquise center stone. Two modern three stone engagement ring designs featuring Nexus Diamond alternatives. Round Brilliant has always been the classic shape included in these designs. Now, stones are getting more creative than ever before. Center stones commonly include any shapes, from Cushion, to Marquise. The two side stones have likewise gotten more daring, with shapes like Trillion, Baguette, and even Pear. If you’re looking for a ring that is a perfect mix of classic and modern, a contemporary three-stone ring might be the right choice for you. Follow these design tips when deciding which three stones to choose.

    1. Choose your center stone wisely. This decision will have a major impact on the appearance and style of the ring. Symmetrical cuts pair well with a wide range of side stones, but it’s slightly harder to pair an asymmetric cut like Pear or Trillion. If you’re going that route, look for designs that keep asymmetrical center stones with asymmetrical side stones.
  1. Think outside the box. There are endless pigment, cut and setting options to play around with. If you have a colorful wardrobe, take a look at designs that incorporate rubies or sapphires. Choose to be as personalized and unique as you can.

*Diamond Nexus strives to provide valuable information, while being clear and honest about products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a patented lab grown stone that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a mined diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining on our blog.

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