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Gift Guide: Chains 101

So you want to get a pendant—a classic gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and special occasions. But have you considered the chain that will accompany that beautiful work of art? With six very different chains from which to choose, it can be complicated to pair the right chain with the right pendant. 

We’ve got you covered with our Chain Guide, which explains the differences and how to pair the perfect pendant with the right chain—and the particular style of the lucky recipient.


Style profile: Sleek, chic and no-frills necessary

Chain choice: Snake
The snake chain is made of almost seamlessly interconnecting links, making it smooth and gleaming. This chain creates a broad, sweeping “u” shape, and doesn’t bend and coil like other chains—rather, it’s a more structured piece that makes a statement for everyday wear.

Pair with: Solid-looking, geometric pendants. Look for more structured settings such as the bezel setting, and bold shapes like round, princess and emerald cut Nexus Stones.


Style profile: Polished and refined

Chain choice: Omega
Similar to the snake chain, the omega is constructed of smoothly interconnected links. This thinner chain has a liquid-looking shine and hangs in a much narrower “u” shape. It adds a bit more delicacy without losing the feeling of effortless on-the-go style.

Pair with: As with the snake chain, geometric shapes go well with this chain. However, look for more delicate settings to showcase the simple elegance of the pendant.


Style profile: Vintage with a modern twist

Chain choice: Wheat
The wheat chain is intricate and detailed with a solid presence harkening back to a golden age of style: the 1920s. The links are deeply interconnected, which adds a feeling of timeless elegance and masterful craftsmanship.

Pair with: This versatile chain looks lovely with both classic pendants and fancy cuts such as a Marquise or Pear-shaped Nexus Stone. It also holds its own with embellished pendants featuring accent stones or intricate settings.


Style profile: Feminine and airy

Chain choice: Singapore
The Singapore chain is a work of art in its own right. Delicate links twist together with shimmering grace, making it a go-to choice for special occasions.

Pair with: Delicate pendant settings will match the feminine quality of this chain. Look for fancy cuts with accent stones, or choose an intricate multi-stone or mixed-metal pendant. 


Style profile: Classic and timeless

Chain choice: Cable
The cable chain is a traditional, versatile piece that truly lets the pendant itself take center stage. Each interlocking link is masterfully created with no marks or seams, creating a chain that shines with simple beauty.

Pair with: This chain goes will with nearly any pendant. It will showcase intricate settings or let elegantly simple pendants sparkle as the center of attention. 


Style profile: Clean and cutting-edge

Chain choice: Box
This style of chain is created with a sequence of cube-shaped links. The interlocking boxes give the chain an extra element of dimension and visual interest for everyday wear or on a special occasion.

Pair with: Box chains are very versatile, and can support a variety of pendants ranging from intricate and refined to structural and bold.

Choosing the right chain can take a pendant from pretty to outstanding. See all our necklace chains here


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