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How to Pick the Perfect Pendant

Picking the perfect pendant can be more than a tad overwhelming—what cut, size and setting should you choose? Because pendants come in all shapes and sizes, you can find one that will match her style flawlessly if you know what to look for.


Style profile: Sleek, chic and no-frills-necessary.

Pendant picks: Look for geometric shapes with bold settings. Bezel settings showcase the brilliance of the Contemporary Nexus Stones, creating a statement piece that can be worn every day or on special occasions. The strong look of a wider bail setting is also a beautiful choice to match the structural quality of the chain.

Chain choice: Snake

Start with: Aphrodite, Speak Softly


Style profile: Polished and refined.

Pendant picks: Simplicity can be striking when pairing the right chain and pendant. Look for clean lines and graceful settings. Both classic and fancy cuts are great choices that can be worn from day to night with effortless style.

Chain choice: Omega

Start with: Princess Cut Kite Set Pendant, Call My Name, Round Cut Basket Set Pendant


Style profile: Vintage with a modern twist.

Pendant picks: Keep an eye on the details. Look for accent stones, vintage cuts like Pear and Marquise, intricate settings and a sense of glamour—all the things that have vintage flair for a modern woman.

Chain choice: Wheat

Start with: Eleanor, Sincerely, Royal Street


Style profile: Feminine and airy.

Pendant picks: Fancy cuts are the go-to here. Look at Marquise and Oval, and don’t rule out Cushion cut. Accent stones or mixed metals add an extra pop, or try a journey pendant that features a succession of Nexus Stones, in classic white or in beautiful colored stones.

Chain choice: Singapore

Start with: Sensations, Always and Forever, Promessa


Style profile: Classic and timeless.

Pendant picks: You can’t go wrong with a Round Brilliant cut pendant, with or without accent stones—or for a twist on the classic, try an oval cut. For even more sparkle, a three-stone pendant representing the past, present and future is a beautiful choice in all white or incorporating a beautiful colored stone.

Chain choice: Cable

Start with: Faithfully, Transitions


Style profile: Clean and cutting-edge.

Pendant picks: Clean lines will allow the Nexus Stones to shine brightly as the centerpiece. A Radiant cut is a great choice with a modern twist, while a unique setting and a colored stone makes a bold style statement. Mixed metals are right on-trend and easily go from day to night.

Chain choice: Box

Start with: Call My Name, Riverside, Serafina

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