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Classic Engagement Ring Styles

There are many different styles of engagement rings today. From simple to ornate, what to look for in an engagement ring can seem overwhelming at times. It is important to choose a style of ring that best suits your needs before you complete one of the most important purchases of your life. If you are not sure where to begin your search for the perfect ring, a great place to start is to consider a classic engagement ring style. With a classic design, your ring will stay timelessly dazzling forever. If you’re curious what the most classic engagement ring is, here is our list of the top classic engagement ring styles:

  • Solitaire
  • Three Stone
  • Accented
  • Round Brilliant
  • Halo

When it comes to simulated diamond jewelry, classic engagement rings have many great features and benefits. Due to their timeless elegance, all generations can appreciate their design. They are the perfect mix between trendy and simple and are loved by all. With a classic style, you will be able to cherish your engagement ring for years to come. Since age knows no bounds with classic designs, they are also perfect for handing down to the next generation. No matter how many years go by, a classic engagement ring can be an important heirloom piece in your family and will always be cherished. Before you begin your search, find out about classic engagement rings to determine if it is the right style for you or your loved one.

emerald cut solitaire engagement ring and simple wedding band

About Classic Engagement Rings

Unique and extravagant engagement ring designs are very popular right now. Anything from fancy diamond shapes as the center stones to bold metalwork to the incorporation of colored stones can be purchased from the vast majority of jewelers. However, just because they are packed with brilliance does not mean they are the best choice for long-term wear. Unlike these flashy pieces that may not always be current, a classic engagement ring will be in style forever. No matter what trends come and go, a timeless style will always be eye-catching. If you are worried about your ring being timeless, choose a ring with simple style.

Classic engagement rings feature simple details with a traditional band and metal type. Many ring styles fit under this category- such as solitaire and three stone engagement rings- but it is a ring’s finer details that really make a ring classic. Designs that feature yellow gold, a basket setting or a traditional Round Brilliant stone capture the timelessness of a true classic style. You can choose from these features and others to perfect your dream engagement ring.

You can also choose designs that feature details from a past heirloom piece that holds timeless taste. Use a ring that has been in your family for generations to inspire your piece. The details that still look trendy can be the key focal points of your new engagement ring, such as style features like pavé accents or milgrain metalwork which are common on these classic designs. These are perfect details to consider for your engagement ring. They hold an important piece of the past, but are still relevant today. To dive into classic engagement rings even further, know how the style can benefit you.

three classic solitaire engagement rings

Benefits of Classic Engagement Rings

Classic engagement rings feature many benefits due to their simple, evergreen style. Not only are they extremely versatile, but they may even save you money as they cost less than a ring with flashier details. Every ring style will come with its own pros and cons, but timeless designs hold many different benefits.

  • Versatility: The number one benefit of classic engagement rings is their versatility. If you choose a classic engagement ring that features a simple, unaccented band, then you will have the ability to play around with a plethora of beautiful matching bands. When determining how to wear your wedding rings, you have options! Start a stack and add new bands when a new style catches your eye. You can interchange them and even wear them as right hand or cocktail rings when the moment is right. Or, go with one band but make it dazzling. This can balance out the simplicity of your engagement ring if you so desire.
  • Timeless Style: Another benefit of classic engagement rings is their timeless style. Deciding on an engagement ring is a huge commitment. It is an adornment that you will wear for the rest of your life, and will be visible to everyone. Due to the high price point of engagement rings, most people won’t get the chance to upgrade their ring in their lifetime. Often, the design you choose now will be with you forever. That is why choosing a design you know will still look amazing down the road is extremely reassuring, both for your style and your wallet. Plus, if you choose the right design elements- like a simple center stone or basic setting style- you can ensure that your design will stay trendy forever and won’t just be lauded as a popular engagement ring that everyone is buying.
  • Elegant and Beautiful: Classic styles are also great for blending elegance and beauty. With classic engagement rings, you can still include details that remind you of current fashion trends. This is achievable by choosing small details like claw prongs or a double band. These features won’t change the fact that the overall ring is classic, but it will give it extra flair. These small details can then be a reminder of the current time in your life.

Top Five Classic Engagement Rings

There are countless features you can use to inspire your classic engagement ring design. A good place to start is to research and view as many different styles as you can. Once you pinpoint the design details you know you want your ring to have, it will make choosing the perfect one much easier. It is also good to look at multiple jewelers to do this. Each company has a different taste and style, and you will end up getting more of a variety by searching around. Here are some of our favorite classic styles here at Diamond Nexus.


solitaire engagement rings

A solitaire engagement ring setting is the most well-known engagement ring style. A solitaire ring features a single stone at center stage and a simple shank. They are not only a truly classic design, but they are extremely popular as well. Because solitaires are simple, they pair well with almost anything. No matter what kind of wardrobe you have, whether it is refined or colorful, a solitaire ring will finish off any look. Plus, because they feature less stones than most, they may cost you less. This is a perfect style to plan on handing down to the next generation.

Due to the simplicity of this design, you can choose from a variety of center stone shapes. Oval stones look dazzling at center stage, but you can also choose a fancier shape like Emerald and it will still exude classic taste. You may even decide to size up your center stone as there will not be accents to enhance luster. A large center stone will be stunning and ensure your engagement ring is the center of attention.


three stone engagement rings

Three-stone engagement rings are popular because of their deep, symbolic meaning that most other engagement rings do not feature. This style is designed with a large center stone flanked by two smaller stones. The first side stone features your past as a couple and how you got to the love and devotion you now have. The large center stone represents the present and the current commitment you are going through. The third stone represents the future, and all of the amazing memories you have to look forward to.

Not only is this design loved for its romantic significance, but it is also an extremely dazzling style. It shines with more brilliance than most others as it features three stones at center, and sometimes accent stones as well. Many celebrities have been seen wearing a three stone engagement ring because of the perfect mix of classic style and radiance. Choosing a three stone ring is an excellent option for a classic and timeless style.


accented solitaire engagement rings

Accented engagement rings are just about as timeless as you can get. With their extra sparkle, they are loved by many. Accented rings also come in a variety of looks as their center and side stones can be many different shapes. Pear and Oval center stones with Round Brilliant accents create a modern ring that is still classic enough to be in style for years to come. Accents can come in many different settings, like channel or shared prong. These small details can create unique elements that show off your personality and style.

Accents are also great for handing down to the next generation as they hold their value and sparkle well. It is an extremely sentimental gesture to hand down an engagement ring with the dazzle of accent stones. However, having this many stones can also be hard to keep in mint condition for years on end. If you choose a classic accented ring, be sure to understand engagement ring care so you can properly clean and care for it so the stones and metal stay perfect for a lifetime and beyond.


round brilliant engagement ring

The most popular and sought-after stone shape is Round Brilliant. This is because it has the ideal facet pattern for maximum light return, meaning it features the most amount of sparkle. Due to the timeless appeal of round cut engagement rings, it is perfect to set in a classic style. It will shine radiantly throughout the years and still be trendy when the time comes to hand your ring down.

If you choose a simple stone like this, you can afford to add a bit more detail to your design if you want. Adding details like six prongs instead of four, can make a world of difference without saying too much. You can also be a little more risky with metal type with a Round Brilliant center stone too. Yellow gold makes the simplicity of this design look refined and elegant, and is a truly classic metal type.

    1. HALO

four different halo cut engagement ring options

Halo engagement rings are extremely popular because of how much they sparkle and radiate beauty. Those who want their ring to be the center of attention will love halo styles. They’re classic enough to wear every day, but also glamorous enough to feel unique. Halo engagement rings also need to be taken care of well throughout the years due to their many stones.

Although they are a more recent style, we predict them to be around for decades to come. Due to their current popularity, this style can represent today’s trends. You can look back on trends and see how they have evolved through the years. It will be a beautiful and educational moment to share with your kids or grandkids. Halo engagement rings are a great choice for timeless style.


Now that you know the most common classic engagement rings, there are also some shapes that have been historical favorites. Whether you choose to go with a solitaire ring, or a halo ring, these are the most common shapes that people choose:

  • Round Cut: Round cut engagement rings make the perfect timeless shape for a halo, solitaire or even a three stone ring.
  • Emerald Cut: Emerald cut engagement rings are a classic shape that dates back to the Art Deco period. This stone cut is extremely elegant and sophisticated.
  • Princess Cut: For classic and sophisticated drama, the princess cut engagement ring is a popular choice for a solitaire or three stone setting because of the eye-catching sparkle of the square cut.
  • Cushion Cut: The vintage style of a cushion cut engagement ring is another timeless and classic stone that is a very popular choice due to the rounded edges giving a sparkle from every angle.
  • Oval Cut: Oval cut engagement rings have been popular for years, making these a timeless and also modern choice for brides to be. Whether you choose to go with a North-South facing ring or East-West, you can’t go wrong with a timeless oval cut shape.

How to Find the Perfect Ring

It is hard to know which ring will be perfect for you today, and every day. But if a classic style catches your eye, it might be a great choice. Not only will it be loved by all, but it will be timeless in style. Hand your classic engagement ring down to future generations, or keep it as an heirloom piece forever. No matter what choice you make, it is bound to look effortless for years to come.

woman researching engagement ring options on a tablet

Do your research before deciding on a certain style. You may even decide custom designing your ring to have the exact details you want is the way to go. Narrow down your jeweler selection before you get too far into the decision process. This is best practice because you want to be able to trust the company who is making such an important piece of jewelry for you. While there is a plethora of jewelry companies out there, mass merchants still dominate the market. They mass produce rings in the cheapest way possible so they can get the most return. It should be no surprise that cheapest is not always the best, especially for such a prized possession.

Now that you know the most popular classic engagement ring styles and the best way to choose your dream ring, you can be confident in your purchase. With a timeless design like solitaire or accented, your ring will be the center of attention, no matter the crowd. Pair them with a vibrant, dressed up look or a casual everyday ensemble. Either way, the simple style of a classic engagement ring will be the perfect final touch to every outfit.

Would you buy a classic engagement ring? Tell us in the comments!

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