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Why East West Engagement Rings Are the Hottest Trend In 2023

East-West engagement rings are a unique and stylish alternative to traditional engagement rings. The center stone is set horizontally across the band, instead of vertically. This creates a more elongated and modern look. East-West engagement rings have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason! They are flattering on a variety of hand shapes, they are more affordable than some other types of engagement rings, and they are celebrity-approved.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of East-West engagement rings available, why they are trending, and how to choose the perfect East-West engagement ring for you.

What does an East West ring mean?

An East-West ring is a type of ring where the center stone is set horizontally across the band, instead of vertically. This creates a more elongated and modern look. East-West rings can be set with any type of gemstone, but they are most popular with elongated stones, such as oval, pear, marquise, and emerald cut stones. East-West rings are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a unique and stylish alternative to traditional engagement rings. They are also flattering on a variety of hand shapes, and they can be more affordable than some other types of engagement rings. There is no specific meaning associated with East-West rings. However, some people believe that the horizontal setting of the center stone represents a couple’s equal partnership and commitment to each other. Ultimately, the meaning of an East-West ring is up to the individual wearer. It can be a symbol of love, commitment, style, or whatever else the wearer chooses it to be.

Hand Shape: Is the East-West Ring Right for You?

East-West engagement rings offer a versatile choice for a wide range of hand shapes, making them an attractive option for many brides-to-be. While they can complement various hand types, they particularly shine on individuals with shorter fingers or smaller hands. The horizontal placement of the center stone works like magic, visually elongating the fingers and creating a graceful, slender appearance.

But don’t let that limit you! East-West engagement rings are equally suitable for those with wider hands. They play a balancing act by counteracting the width of the hand, offering a more harmonious look. In essence, the horizontal center stone placement enhances finger length, creating an alluring effect.

Here’s a closer look at specific hand shapes that find East-West engagement rings exceptionally well-suited:

  • Short fingers: East-West engagement rings are akin to a stylistic sleight of hand, elongating your fingers and bestowing them with an elegant slenderness.
  • Small hands: Embrace the illusion of larger, more proportionate hands with an East-West engagement ring. It’s all about enhancing your natural beauty.
  • Wide hands: Balance is the key. These rings help counteract the width of your hand, making your fingers appear longer and more elegant.
  • Square hands: Soften the angles and edges of square hands with an East-West engagement ring. It adds a touch of grace to your hand’s natural structure.
  • Diamond-shaped hands: These rings work wonders by widening the narrowest part of your hand, creating a beautifully balanced look that complements your unique hand shape.

Remember, the ultimate way to determine if an East-West engagement ring suits you is to try one on. A visit to a jewelry store allows you to experiment with various styles, ensuring you find the perfect ring that resonates with your individuality. It’s important to note that while East-West engagement rings offer a distinct charm, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some individuals may still prefer the timeless allure of a vertical engagement ring. Ultimately, your engagement ring should be a reflection of your personal style and preferences, and what matters most is choosing the one that resonates most deeply with you.

In the year 2023, East-West engagement rings have taken the bridal world by storm for several compelling reasons:

Unique and Stylish: East-West engagement rings stand out as a unique and stylish alternative to the conventional. Their rarity in comparison to traditional rings ensures that you’ll catch the eye and make a memorable statement. Additionally, their versatility means they can be effortlessly paired with various styles of clothing, adding a dash of elegance to any ensemble.

Flattering on Some Hand Shapes: As mentioned earlier, East-West engagement rings can be exceptionally flattering, especially for those with shorter fingers or smaller hands. This trend resonates with individuals who wish to accentuate their hand’s natural grace.

More Affordable: One of the practical perks of East-West engagement rings is their cost-effectiveness. The horizontal placement of the center stone requires less metal for support, resulting in substantial savings compared to other ring types. This financial flexibility can be a welcome relief when planning your wedding budget.

Celebrity-Approved: The allure of East-West engagement rings has not gone unnoticed by celebrities. Renowned stars like Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson, and Beyoncé have donned these rings, further propelling them into the spotlight of popularity.

Beyond these factors, the rise of East-West engagement rings is indicative of a broader shift towards modern, personalized jewelry choices. Couples increasingly seek engagement rings that reflect their unique styles and personalities, making East-West engagement rings an ideal choice. If you’re in search of a distinctive, stylish, and budget-friendly engagement ring, the East-West design could be your perfect match.

The Different Types of East-West Engagement Rings

When it comes to East-West engagement rings, variety is the spice of life. The options are abundant, allowing you to tailor your ring to your preferences. Consider factors like the shape of the center stone, the band’s style, and the inclusion of halo or side stones. Here’s a look at some popular types:

  • East West Oval engagement ring: Oval-shaped center stones exude classic elegance and are a flattering choice for various hand shapes.
  • East West Pear Cut engagement ring: The unique and eye-catching pear shape adds a touch of individuality to your ring and is especially flattering on long, slender fingers.
  • East West Marquise Cut ring: Marquise-shaped center stones offer sophistication and grace, making them an excellent choice for those with narrow fingers.
  • East West Emerald Cut ring: With their distinctive rectangular shape, emerald-shaped center stones bring a modern and unique flair to your ring, ideal for short fingers.
  • East West Cushion Cut engagement ring: Soft and feminine, cushion-shaped center stones create a romantic feel, complementing a wide range of hand shapes.

Aside from the center stone shape, you can also customize your East-West engagement ring by selecting from various band styles:

  • Plain bands: Timeless and elegant, allowing the center stone to take the spotlight.
  • Pave bands: Covered in small diamonds, these bands add sparkle and glamour to your ring.
  • Halo bands: Featuring a ring of small diamonds around the center stone, halo bands create a dramatic effect, making the center stone appear larger and more brilliant.

Additionally, you can consider adding side stones to your East-West engagement ring, enhancing its sparkle and overall appeal. Whether your style leans towards classic, glamorous, or somewhere in between, there’s an East-West engagement ring perfect for you. With countless shapes, styles, and finishes available, you’re bound to find a ring that resonates with your unique taste.

How to Choose the Perfect East-West Engagement Ring

Selecting the ideal East-West engagement ring involves a few considerations to ensure it aligns perfectly with your preferences:

  1. Center Stone Size: East-West engagement rings tend to shine with larger center stones. The horizontal placement may visually diminish the stone’s size compared to a vertically set one of the same carat weight. Consider opting for a slightly larger center stone to achieve your desired look.
  2. Band Style: Your choice of band style can significantly impact the overall appearance of the ring. Whether it’s a plain band for understated elegance, a pave band for added sparkle, or a halo band for dramatic flair, ensure it complements the center stone’s shape and suits your personal style.
  3. Personal Style: East-West engagement rings offer versatility, meaning you can dress them up or down to match your style. Whether you lean towards classic, modern, or glamorous, choose a style that resonates with your unique personality.
  4. Try Before You Buy: The best way to find the perfect East-West engagement ring is by trying on different options. Pay a visit to a jewelry store and request to see a variety of East-West engagement rings in various styles and sizes. This hands-on experience will help you make an informed decision that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
  5. Consider the Setting: The setting of your ring plays a pivotal role in its overall look and feel. Bezel settings offer a modern touch, while halo settings deliver a glamorous aesthetic. Choose one that aligns with your style.
  6. Metal Choice: East-West engagement rings can be crafted from various metals, such as gold, platinum, or silver. Select a metal that not only complements the ring but also complements your skin tone and personal taste.
  7. Set a Budget: Last but not least, establish a budget before you begin your search. East-West engagement rings span a wide price range, from affordable options to more luxurious designs. Having a budget in mind ensures you find a ring that meets your financial goals.

Ultimately, choosing the perfect East-West engagement ring is a personal decision. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and what truly matters is selecting a ring that resonates with your heart and soul, one that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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