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What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

Table of Contents

  • What Is a Tennis Bracelet?
  • Why Is It Called a Tennis Bracelet?
  • How To Choose the Right Tennis Bracelet
  • What Stone is Best For a Tennis Bracelet?


Collecting fine jewelry is a journey that lasts a lifetime, but whether you’ve been at it for decades, you’re shopping for your very first piece, or anywhere in between, there are a few items that are always fashionable and deserve a place in every person’s jewelry box. The tennis bracelet is one of those items. 

The tennis bracelet is a beautiful and classic accessory that is a gorgeous gift for someone special or for oneself. This timeless, usually diamond bracelet is simple and elegant, yet eye-catching. It can be worn alone or stacked, which is what makes it such a versatile piece in any jewelry collection. If you’re wondering what it is or why it is called a “tennis” bracelet, read on. You’ll not only uncover everything you want to know about this jewelry box staple but likely fall for the stunning style and want to add it to your wrist wish list as well.   

Diamond alternative tennis bracelet

What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a bracelet connected by a strand of linked diamonds or gemstones all the way around. It is the bracelet counterpart to the eternity ring, which is why it’s also referred to as an eternity bracelet. The diamonds or gemstones are set in a precious metal, typically white gold or yellow gold, but rose gold and platinum are popular metals for tennis bracelets too. 

Tennis bracelets can vary in style in addition to metal. There are mixed-metal tennis bracelets, chain-link tennis bracelets, tennis bracelets with colored gemstones, and tennis bracelets with round-cut, baguette-cut, pear-cut, and princess-cut diamonds.      

As far as bracelets go, tennis bracelets are delicate, low-maintenance, and versatile. They can be dressed up or dressed down and are perfect for everyday wear. It is these characteristics, in addition to their beauty and timelessness, that make tennis bracelets so desirable. 

Why Is It Called a Tennis Bracelet?

You may have first heard of it when you watched Logan gift it to Rory on that episode of Gilmore Girls or when you saw professional tennis player Chris Evert lose hers during the 1978 US Open, but the tennis bracelet was around before either of these iconic moments. The latter, however, is how it got its name. During her match at the US Open, Evert paused the game to search for her diamond bracelet, which had fallen off on the tennis court (we would too). Don’t worry, she did indeed find her diamond tennis bracelet, and thus, the name was born. So yes, the tennis bracelet does in fact have something to do with tennis, and it’s more than a name. The name, in part, represents the flexible style of this bracelet that can dress up any look, even athletic wear.    

While “tennis bracelet” is now the most common name for a diamond bracelet of this style, it can also be called an eternity bracelet or a diamond line bracelet. And before 1978, that was exactly what it was called. While its fame may have risen during the 1980s, the tennis bracelet style has been worn by women for a century (it’s no surprise that this diamond bracelet defined by a straight line was born during the art deco movement of the 20s), if not longer, and will continue to be worn for centuries more. 

How To Choose the Right Tennis Bracelet

If you want your own story to be a part of tennis bracelet history, it can be. There are so many stunning tennis bracelets on the market looking for a warm wrist to call home. To find the right style, stone, and metal for your perfect tennis bracelet, consider this advice. 

What Stone is Best For a Tennis Bracelet?

Traditionally, a tennis bracelet is set with linked diamonds in the same cut and color. However, other gemstones have become popular replacements for the white diamond, such as pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, rubies, and even cubic zirconia. And some tennis bracelets include a mix of stones in various cuts or colors. 

A tennis bracelet may be made up of primarily diamonds, but feature a statement gemstone at the center, such as a sapphire or emerald, or feature an alternating pattern of colored gemstones and diamonds. The most classic version, of course, has only white diamonds of the same cut set in a consistent pattern, but if you are looking for a unique take on the tennis bracelet, don’t be afraid to select a style with some color.

Given the many gemstones used to create the continued style of tennis bracelets, you may be wondering how much is a tennis bracelet? The truth of the matter is that they can be quite expensive. However, you can achieve the same incredible beauty and sparkle of a diamond bracelet for a lesser cost if you opt for diamond simulant gemstones. At Diamond Nexus, we carry a few different styles of the tennis bracelet, from a single row of classic round-cut stones to a style with alternating oval-cut and round-brilliant cut stones, all of which feature Nexus Diamond™ alternatives. The Nexus Diamond alternative is a patented lab-created diamond simulant, that out of all other diamond simulants, most closely imitates the look and feel of a real diamond. By opting for a diamond alternative stone, such as this, you can attain a tennis bracelet within your budget. 

What Style is Best for a Tennis Bracelet? 

The style of the right tennis bracelet for you is not only one that suits your budget but also your lifestyle. A tennis bracelet isn’t just for a special occasion, it’s a classic piece that you should feel comfortable wearing all of the time and in 15 years from now the same as you do today. Thankfully, by its very nature, a tennis bracelet is timeless, and there are a variety of sizes to choose from. Consider a bracelet set with smaller stones if you have an active lifestyle or plan to stack a tennis bracelet with other chain bracelets or bangles. 

When you are shopping for a tennis bracelet, the carat weight will be listed as the total carat weight of all of the stones in the bracelet combined. A dainty tennis bracelet, such as this one, features 3.72 total carats. Pay attention to carat weight to select a style that matches the look and feel of the tennis bracelet you desire. 

What Color is Best for a Tennis Bracelet?

The color metal you choose for any piece of fine jewelry is a very personal choice. Rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold each have a hue that is uniquely beautiful and pairs well with all diamond jewelry. You may be drawn to a particular color simply because you love it, or because it pairs nicely with the tone of your skin.  

Consider the color jewelry you wear most often and reach for time and time again. If you plan to stack your tennis bracelet, consider the other bracelets in your jewelry collection and pick the color of the tennis bracelet to match them, or to mix with them. 

If you love yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold equally, though, you can’t go wrong with a classic yellow gold tennis bracelet. It is timeless, elegant, and beautiful. For a feminine and romantic look, though, a tennis bracelet in rose gold is a perfect choice. And for a tennis bracelet with unmatched brilliance, white gold will set off the sparkle of the diamonds in a tennis bracelet, unlike any other metal.  

Find Your Tennis Bracelet

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to settle for just one tennis bracelet but could choose both a classic option and one with colored gemstones or stones in unique cuts. The truth is, though, a timeless tennis bracelet is all you need. It will go with everything from sweats to dresses and pair with all of your other jewelry beautifully, or look fantastic all on its own. Explore our collection of tennis bracelets at Diamond Nexus today and become familiar with how a tennis bracelet should fit so that it will last forever, and join the ranks of Chris Evarts, Rory Gilmore, and Meghan Markle, among many, many others who have loved this diamond jewelry piece for a long time.


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