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What Is A Halo Ring?

What Is A Halo Ring?
What Is A Halo Ring?

A halo ring is a special design that has been around for ages and continues to be ever-popular with brides. You have probably heard the term, but if you are wondering exactly what a halo ring is and if you should consider it for your very own engagement ring, you have come to the right place. Here, we discuss the history, meaning, pros, cons, and of course, the price of a halo diamond engagement ring so you can make the most informed decision when you shop for engagement rings online.

What is a halo engagement ring

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What is a Halo Engagement Ring?

A halo engagement ring is a diamond ring design where the center stone is surrounded on all sides by smaller diamonds or gemstones. The halo is a versatile stylistic feature of an engagement ring setting that can be added to a center stone of any cut, color, or quality, and paired with any style band. Typically, the stones that make up a halo are small pave diamonds that are round-cut or cushion cut and the same color as the center stone. This creates a brilliant diamond ring that sparkles beautifully. A halo diamond ring can also feature accent stones or colored gemstones to create a unique or vintage halo engagement ring design.

What Does a Halo Ring Mean?

A halo engagement ring in a white gold setting

As to be expected, the more diamonds, the more opulent the halo diamond ring. In this way, halos have always been used to add a glamorous or extravagant touch to jewelry. However, before they were inspired by the glamour of the day and age, they were inspired by nature. Original halo-style designs were used to reflect the beauty of flowers.

The History of a Halo Ring

Halo rings have been around for centuries, dating back to the 1700s. During the era of Queen Victoria in the 19th century, halo rings were quite common; they consisted of an old mine cut diamond, rose-cut diamond, old European cut diamond, sapphire, ruby, or another colored gemstone as the center stone surrounded by slightly smaller diamonds, colored gemstones, or even pearls. Typically the resulting ring resembled a flower. Of course, this look was and still is most feminine and romantic.

Later on, in the 1920s, the modern halo engagement ring emerged. In this version, the surrounding stones are much smaller than the center stone and much more symmetrical. During this time, diamond cutting became much more advanced and the round brilliant cut diamond emerged. The most common version of the halo ring today still is a round brilliant cut diamond surrounded by small round cut diamonds.

Just as society was influenced by the monarchy back then, people today are still highly influenced by not only royals but anyone in the public eye. Back in 2010, when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with Princess Diana’s ring, the halo surged in popularity once again. The stunning ring featured a blue sapphire center stone surrounded by a halo of round-cut diamonds.

A halo engagement ring in a yellow gold setting

In addition to a celebrity following, halos are popular today because they can be a cost-effective way to have a large and sparkly engagement ring.

They Enhance Ring Size and Sparkle

The true beauty of a halo lies in how well it complements the center stone of an engagement ring. The round cut or cushion cut diamonds a halo is typically crafted with can add significant fire and brilliance to any ring. When the light hits these stones, it will bounce off of them beautifully. For diamond cuts that have a more subtle radiance, such as emerald and Asscher, a halo can be a great way to achieve the desired level of sparkle.

Three different versions of the halo engagement ring setting

Diamonds that already sparkle brilliantly can benefit from a halo setting too. A halo that is set snug against the center stone or a hidden halo, where the center stone appears to sit slightly atop the smaller stones, creates the illusion that the center stone is much larger. A center diamond can appear even half a carat size larger than it is when it’s surrounded by a halo.

This is a wonderful benefit for any bride on a budget because the cost of a halo setting is often much less expensive than the cost of a slightly larger diamond at the center. Another great way to enhance the visual size of the center stone is to choose a diamond cut that appears larger. To compare the physical size of different diamond cuts and get the most value for your money, view our diamond carat size chart.

A double halo or triple halo can also add even more size and sparkle to a diamond engagement ring. Double halo engagement rings are those that contain two rows of pave diamonds or gemstones surrounding the center stone. Similarly, a triple halo contains three rows of stones.

Are Halo Rings More Expensive?

If a halo is so popular and enhances the overall size and sparkle of a ring, is it expensive? Yes, and no. As we mentioned above, a halo can be a cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of an engagement ring. If the center stone lacks the clarity, size, or quality of the cut it needs to sparkle, a halo can often be much more affordable than a diamond of greater clarity, size, and quality.

However, a halo setting is more expensive than simpler settings that have the same size and quality center stone. A great way to overcome the cost of a halo engagement ring is with lab-grown diamonds or diamond simulants. Because these options require far less natural resources and labor to make, they are far less expensive and more sustainable than naturally mined diamonds.

A lab-grown diamond simulant such as the Nexus Diamond™ alternative is also internally flawless, colorless, and has an ideal cut, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality, sparkle, or price.

Explore Halo Engagement Rings

Knowing what a halo engagement ring is will help inform your decision, but you won’t actually know if this style setting makes your heart skip a beat until you see one. A halo engagement ring is a beauty to behold. Here are a few engagement rings that display a variety of halo settings.

Classic Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Traditional, elegant, modern—this round cut engagement ring checks every box. It is a beautiful example of the classic halo engagement ring that emerged in the early 20th century, and it is just as stunning today.

A round cut stone in a halo engagement ring setting

Hidden Halo Pear Cut Engagement Ring

This pear cut engagement ring is perfectly accented with a hidden halo that is set slightly below the sparkling center stone and allows the timeless claw prongs to stand out.

A pear cut stone in an accented hidden halo setting

Sapphire Center Stone with Diamond Halo

Why not opt for a ring inspired by the stone that launched the halo’s renaissance? This stunning engagement ring is all about the sapphire center stone, but the halo of round cut diamond simulants frames it beautifully.

A halo engagement ring

Oval Cut Engagement Ring with a Double Halo

It doesn’t get more glamorous or art deco than an oval cut engagement ring with a double halo and a band complete with countless accent stones. Only a small center stone is necessary to make this unique style stand out.

A double halo engagement ring setting

Twisted Halo

This unique halo engagement ring was designed to resemble a swirling knot around the center stone. The combination of accent stones and skilled metalwork creates the illusion of movement that enhances the sparkle of the ring and would surely catch any onlooker’s eye.

A Halo engagement ring with an accented band

Vintage Halo with Accent Stones

The vintage halo of the Barcelona engagement ring complements the cushion-cut center stone beautifully. A dazzling combination of round brilliant Nexus Diamond™ alternatives create the majority of the halo with slightly larger round brilliant stones serving as accents that point north to south. Thanks to a simple yet beautiful band design, the halo takes center stage.

An ultra-glamorous halo engagement ring setting

Sapphire Halo

This beautiful design gives a nod to the historical halos set with colored gemstones. The royal blue sapphire halo isn’t the only thing to love about the Pamplona round cut engagement ring, though. A second halo of pave stones surrounds the first and continues down each side of the band for a showstopping look.

A sapphire halo engagement ring setting

As you can see, there is a wide variety of halo settings to choose from, each of which is uniquely beautiful. Complete your halo setting jewelry with halo earrings, bracelets and necklaces. These glamorous designs are perfect for the bride seeking a ring that is anything but subtle.


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