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Timeless Colored Engagement Rings

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  • About Colored Engagement Rings
  • Types of Colored Engagement Rings
  • Types of Colored Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Are Colored Engagement Rings Right for You?


Though spring may feel a little different this year, there are still dazzling colors blossoming around us. And as the colors blossom, so too do our imaginations. Not only are lab grown, colored engagement rings irresistibly popular this year, they also remind us of the beauty around us—no matter how hard it may be to see it at times. Now more than ever, everyone could use a little bit of color in our daily lives.

If you’re in search of the perfect gemstone engagement ring—or even right-hand ring—set with a colored stone or colored diamond, you’re in luck. With our variety of colored man-made options, you can find the style you’ve been looking for. Learn more about our different precious gemstone options to find the right one for your budget.

Rose colored engagement ring

About Colored Engagement Rings

Colored engagement rings come in a variety of captivating hues—from rose to champaign. You have a wide range of options. You also have a range of chemical composition to choose from as well. With man- made possibilities, you can choose from alternative options that are of the most affordable or colored lab diamonds and gemstones. Each precious stone option differs in chemical composition, which is why it’s important you understand the difference between each one so that you can choose the right gem for your lifestyle and budget.

Colored Gemstones: Gemstones are similar to diamonds in the sense that they can both be found in the earth and created in a lab. Although diamonds are in every way the same no matter if they’re mined or produced, gemstones do differ from their mined counterparts in one way: color inclusions. Lab-created gemstones have no color variation, meaning they look absolutely perfect in the right hue. Not only are they more perfect, but they’re more affordable, too. There is a variety of lab-created gemstones, but the most popular are rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. They are a great alternative to destructive mined gemstones. Plus, whether it be a ruby engagement ring or emerald green engagement ring, there is a special significance linked to each type of gem. For instance, love and good fortune are elements tied to the ruby engagement ring meaning.

Nexus Color Stones: Unlike gemstones that most jewelers carry, Nexus Color Stones are unique to Diamond Nexus. They have a different chemical composition than gems but are the most similar to lab-created gemstones. This is because they are man-made and created in a lab to have no color variations. We offer a wide range of colors—from rose to champaign—to suit your colored stone needs without costing you an arm and a leg as they are much more affordable.

Colored Diamonds: As the market for lab diamonds continues to grow, more options are becoming available. Fancy colored diamonds are of the rarest to source in the earth, making mined colored diamonds more expensive than colorless. Although, like colorless diamonds, fancy colored diamonds are now being crafted in the lab to be the same as those found in the earth. They range from yellow to blue and can even be found in orange depending on the trace elements found in their composition—just as trace elements are found in earth-mined colored diamonds. So, lab-created fancy colored diamonds are the best option for those that want an identical chemical composition to mined counterparts without the high price tag and environmental toll.

Yellow simulated diamond engagement ring

Types of Colored Engagement Rings

Now that you understand the types of colored stones, you can turn to types of colored engagement rings. These would include either Nexus Color Stones, lab-created gemstones, or other colored stones you’re interested in designing with. With colored engagement rings, you can be creative with where they are placed and whether or not you would like them paired with colorless stones or not.

Whether you choose multiple stone engagement rings or just one, there are many different style options for enhancing your engagement ring with a pop of color. Take a look at some of the most popular styles of colored engagement rings to see if this design type is right for you.

Colored Three Stone Engagement Rings: With three stones, you have a variety of options when designing a gemstone ring. A popular style is a colorless center stone, or white diamond, with two colored gemstones on either side. This creates a vibrant design that includes a substantial symbolic meaning. The two gemstones can represent your past and future—you may even choose one that represents your birth month—while your colorless stone represents your present. You can also choose a design that’s opposite, meaning a colored gemstone rests at the center while two colorless stones sit on either side. No matter which style you want or the hue of gemstone you choose, a colored three stone engagement ring will be perfectly polished and on-trend.

Sapphire engagement ring

Colored Halo Engagement Rings: Similar to the balance of colored and colorless stones in three-stone designs, the same can be achieved with halo designs. For those that want only a touch of color in their engagement ring, you can opt for a model with gemstones accents surrounding a colorless center stone. You could also elect half gemstone accents and half colorless accents. Opposingly, and possibly more popular, many designs featured a colored gemstone at center stage with a halo of colorless accent stones. This brings a lot of color to the center of the ring while adding extra sparkle to the mix. Both options are dazzling and all the rage in 2020.

Ruby engagement ring

Colored Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings: If three-stone and halo styles are too much for your simplistic taste, choose a setting that better matches your everyday look. Solitaire rings are one of the most timeless styles and look beautiful styled with a precious gemstone at center stage. Since there’s just one stone set in an unadorned setting, you can play around with metal types and stone colors. A good tip to keep in mind is that cool tones pair well with other cool tones, and warm tones pair well with other warm tones. If you choose a champaign stone color, look for a yellow gold setting to match. On the other end, a sapphire stone will pair best with white gold or platinum.

Rose colored engagement ring

Colored Geometric Center Stones: There are a variety of stone shapes that are considered step cuts—including Emerald and Asscher. They feature a stair-like design in the center of the stone, which is an enchanting feature in both colorless and colored stones. Colored step-cut stones are slightly harder to see this pattern as this precious stone color is darker, but this unique look is cherished by many. It gives you a faint staircase pattern that can be seen in some lighting, but not enough to take any attention away from the captivating color. That’s what makes this style such a perfect match.

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Emerald engagement ring

Types of Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Like gemstone engagement rings, colored diamond engagement rings also come in a variety of different styles. They too, can be designed in three stone, halo, solitaire, and all other engagement ring styles and designs. The difference when selecting a colored diamond is how deep of a color you’re looking for. Unlike lab gemstones and Nexus Color Stones that turn out the same color every time, colored diamonds can be color-treated to appear darker in color. It is tricky to determine which is best, as some jewelers frown upon color diamonds. On the other hand, it’s all about preference. If you like the look of a deeper blue or pink diamond, why not choose what you love?

When looking at the different styles of colored diamond engagement rings, it’s essential to consider color pallets and contrasting looks. Like stated earlier, choosing your metal type should be done carefully when thinking about the diamond color. Unlike dark-hued gemstones, light-colored diamonds are a little more flexible when it comes to contrasting colors. While it is true that cool tones pair best with other cool tones and vice versa, you might be able to get away with a slightly riskier pairing. A light yellow diamond could look elegant with both a white and yellow gold setting, and so might a light orange. While these pairings might be a little more unique, you can still find similar styles. If you can’t find the perfect look for you, consider a custom-designed engagement ring. It’s easier than you might think as you’ll be able to work with a designated jewelry designer, and then you’ll be able to craft your dream design. If you are interested in custom jewelry, learn a little more about the process or reach out for assistance.

Are Colored Engagement Rings Right for You?

Now that you have a clear understanding of the types of colored stones you can choose from, and how they differ, you’ll have a better understanding when searching for different styles. No matter which one you choose, you should ensure the gemstone or diamond color is exactly as you imagined it so that you can cherish your adornment for years to come. Whether you’re incorporating something meaningful by designing with colored stones or just like the look of it, your colored engagement ring will look stunning for a lifetime and beyond with a unique pop of color.

*Here at Diamond Nexus, we strive to provide valuable information while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a patented lab created diamond simulate that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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