One of the coolest trends for 2017 is the bezel. What’s a bezel? It’s a type of setting that completely encircles a stone in metal. This makes it very secure, simple and sleek. It’s catching on in a big way, so here are three ways to wear bezel rings.



With it’s slightly masculine air, it’s a bold and powerful look, especially at larger carat weights. This style is excellent for people who are hard on their hands, as the bezel setting is very durable and will not snag or catch on your surroundings.

Engagement Bezel


Right Hand

Particularly at smaller carat weights, bezel rings look sophisticated yet casual enough for everyday wear. We love the look on the right hand pointer finger or pinkie.

Right Hand Bezel


Several Stacked

Create your own version of the look that’s all over Pinterest. Stack different shapes and carat weights so they nestle together. The look is versatile and buildable so you can tailor it to any outfit.

Stacked Bezels

Check out the Marseille Collection then tell us: How would you rock a bezel?