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3 Things You Shouldn’t Sacrifice for an Engagement Ring

Fact: An engagement ring is an important purchase and plenty of thought should be devoted to it in advance. Also fact: There are three things you should absolutely never, ever compromise or sacrifice when searching for the perfect ring: Finances, quality and style.

Financial Security

First and foremost, you should not sacrifice your finances in order to get an engagement ring, no matter how beautiful it is. It is completely ridiculous to expect anyone to spend the equivalent of three months of their salary on a ring. Not to mention unnecessary. An engagement ring is meant to represent the love of a couple—so why would you want the love of your life to take on financial stress, especially as you begin a life together? That money could be much better spent on a down payment on a house, to pay off student loans or even to take an amazing honeymoon.

Quality of Your Ring

An engagement ring is typically worn every day and rarely taken off. So you should never compromise on the quality of your ring. Insist on a piece that has integrated prongs that will keep your stone secure for decades to come. Beware that many mass-market jewelers also use rings that are hollow inside the band to save on metal costs. This decreases the quality and durability of the piece. Be sure your band is solid metal. You will be able to feel the heft of the gold or other metal type when you put on your ring.

The Look You Want

This is a ring that you’ll be wearing every day. You should love everything about it. Don’t settle for a tiny diamond if you really want a 2-carat solitaire. Likewise, don’t settle for a simple ring if you love the look of a halo. And you should definitely not sacrifice the grade of a diamond just to afford something larger—a ring with poor color or many inclusions won’t look as beautiful as you imagine, anyway.

Is it possible to have everything you really want without sacrificing financial security? Of course it is. There is absolutely no need to choose a mined diamond for your engagement ring—and you don’t even have to sacrifice the look of a diamond.

The Nexus Diamond Alternative™ has it all. They look and act just as diamonds do (and will forever). They are graded just as diamonds are to be D color (colorless) and IF rated (internally flawless). And because they’re diamond alternatives, you won’t have to spend a fortune. It’s engagement ring shopping, made sane.

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