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Small Engagement Rings for Simple Brides

Table of Contents

  • What is considered a small engagement ring?
  • Is 1-carat too small for an engagement ring?
  • 12 Reasons to Love Small Engagement Rings

Once upon a time, women everywhere were thrilled to receive a fancy engagement ring with a large gemstone that glittered in the light. It was almost like a badge of honor for a bride-to-be to brag about their diamond engagement ring and discuss how many carats it was.

There have even been times where brides have been looked down upon by peers because their engagement ring wasn’t big enough or eye-catching enough. Though that disdain can (and does) still happen today, that’s not stopping modern-day brides from bucking the status quo and choosing an engagement ring with a smaller stone compared to brides in the past.

The truth is, brides come from all walks of life, and every woman has her own ideas of what she likes or doesn’t like when it comes to a stunning wedding ring. That includes her vision of the perfect engagement ring—not every woman wants or even feels she needs to sport a large diamond engagement ring.

Many women instead prefer lab grown diamonds for their price tag, or smaller a engagement ring style that boasts a dainty, more understated look. Besides, smaller diamonds have more fire in them than larger diamonds anyway. So, where once the norm may have been to wear a large engagement ring, women today are embracing new horizons and opting for unique and delicate engagement rings that are tiny, yet mighty. Showing off a stunning sparkle and shine, these brilliant rings are the perfect accessories for everyday wear. Whether you choose to propose at home or you’re planning a lavish event, consider opting for a minimalist engagement ring to seal the deal.

Simulated diamond engagement rings

What is considered a small engagement ring?

Everyone’s personal opinion of what is considered a small engagement ring may vary, however we consider small engagement rings to be around 0.3 carats to 0.8 carats. While they are considered small, they are no less stunning than a larger sized engagement ring. There are many reasons that make a simple ring more desirable these days. Not only can they be more affordable engagement rings than other options, they are also a great option for people with small hands, active people, and more.

Is 1-carat too small for an engagement ring?

Engagement rings are truly personal and unique to the people giving and receiving the ring. A majority of women around the world have an engagement ring smaller than 1-carat. So, our answer to this question would be no, 1-carat is not too small for an engagement ring. However, it is really up to the individuals what carat weight, along with the diamond shape they want to go for.


12 Reasons to Love Small Engagement Rings

Oh, let us count the ways. Here are 12 reasons why a more simple engagement ring is the perfect way to say “I do”:

    1. Your Marriage May Fare Better with a Small Engagement Ring One study that was done discovered that the success of a marriage could be impacted both positively and negatively by the diamond ring size. Couples who invest in a large rock and spend more money on an engagement ring—or go into debt for one—are less likely to stay married than couples that opt for a smaller, more affordable engagement ring that fits the budget.Whether this holds true or not for every couple, it’s certainly something to consider. When you think about it, the more you spend on your engagement ring, the more of a financial strain it puts on your new marriage right out of the gate. Whereas the less you spend, the less stress you feel. Plus, you’ll have more money to spend or save for other things.
    2. You Love the Symbolism of a Small Engagement Ring More Many women love the symbolism of the engagement ring more than the ring itself. It’s a symbol of the love they share and the choice they’re making to each other to walk through life together. You don’t need a large engagement ring for it to be meaningful.Women who are given an engagement ring their fiancé chosen for specifically for them often feel the ring is more special because they didn’t choose it for themselves, their lover did. Whether that ring is small or large doesn’t even matter, it’s the thoughtfulness, love, and sentiment behind it that carries the most weight.

small yellow gold engagement ring

    1. You Like Being a Rebel Some women just love to buck the status quo and be a rebel. If society says they have to wear a large engagement ring for it to matter or be meaningful, they are happy to tell society to take a hike and wear the opposite proudly.Rebel women love to push the envelope and not conform to what culture and society demands. They beat their own drum and wear their own style of jewelry. Wedding ring included. These brides don’t care about carat size, diamond shape, or engagement ring setting. All that matters is that their fiance chose it themselves, and it was personally picked just for them.
    2. You’re Less Likely to Snag or Damage a Small, More Simple Engagement Ring This is especially true if you lead an active lifestyle or work with your hands a lot. Large, extravagant engagement rings with a big carat size are more susceptible to getting caught on clothing, causing annoying snags to your favorite sweater.They are also more vulnerable to damage because you might accidentally hit something with it, causing the center diamond to scratch or chip. Smaller engagement rings, however, are less likely to get snagged or caught on something and often sport a lower profile than large rings with big gemstones, meaning it sits closer to your finger.
    3. Small Engagement Rings are Great if You Have Small Hands The size of your hands probably won’t change too much over the years. If you have small, petite hands then it might just make sense to go with a delicate and petite engagement ring. Opting for something larger and more extravagant could look out of place, especially if your fingers are slim and dainty. Clunky engagement rings are not cute and could be more vulnerable to damage. There are many options to choose from when shopping for engagement rings for small hands. Try on a few smaller, more modestly-sized rings when shopping for the perfect ring and you might discover you like them better!

three simple engagement rings

    1. You May Spend Less This just makes sense. The more rings you buy, the higher the investment. If you choose an engagement ring with a large diamond, it will cost more than a simpler, smaller engagement ring with a single small solitaire, like our Tapered Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring.Other factors contribute to the cost of an engagement ring too, not just carats. The material of your ring, the design, the style of detailing—all factor into what you ultimately will spend on your engagement ring. Many couples choose a small engagement ring because they prefer not to go into debt before they’ve even tied the knot. Obviously that’s a wise decision because nothing puts a strain on marriages more today than money woes.
    2. You Want to Honor Your Values If you are the type of woman that feels spending too much on a large engagement ring isn’t aligned with your values around saving or your views on consumerism, you may decide a simple, smaller engagement ring is more suitable for you.Some women would rather allocate that extra money they would have spent on a larger ring, to things that matter more to them or that benefit others. Maybe that’s charitable giving, sustainable shopping, or investing in new research to cure the incurable. There’s nothing wrong with ring shopping according to your own personal values as well as style and tastes.
    3. You Prefer Low Key and Simple Engagement Rings Small, simple engagement rings are just your style, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Some women prefer an understated look. Others like a dainty, more vintage engagement ring style. Some women may not even want gemstones on their engagement ring at all and may opt for another style or design instead. Every woman is different, and your engagement ring should be a reflection of you and your own personal style. After all, you’ll be wearing it for a very long time!


    4. Quality is Better Than Carats It’s important to understand the relationship between price and quality. Just because a ring has a large diamond, doesn’t make it quality. A poor diamond cut, inclusions, and cloudy or yellowish color can all indicate low quality, which lowers its value significantly.You could find a smaller engagement ring of premium quality with a tiny, excellent diamond cut, and find it’s worth more. Plus, even if the smaller diamond isn’t top-notch, it’s much harder to spot poor quality in small stones. Large stones make quality—or lack thereof—glaringly apparent. Regardless, when you value quality over “size,” you won’t regret it.

cushion cut engagement ring

    1. You Love Details Over Gemstones There are many features of an engagement ring that make it beautiful, not just diamonds and gemstones. In fact, you don’t even have to have gemstones on your engagement ring at all if you don’t want them. Some couples are choosing to go with an engagement band, and double stacking them with their wedding band after the ceremony. Detailing matters and can make a big difference in how a small engagement ring measures up.
    2. You Prefer Not to Stress In the same study mentioned earlier, they also talked about how the size and value of an engagement ring impacted stress levels. The result is that couples who spend a lot of money on an engagement ring are more likely to succumb to feelings of stress centered around wedding costs.
small engagement ring options in yellow gold
  1. You Want Something Different Some women just want something different that they know not everyone else will have. Perhaps it’s a small ring that features a knot, or a wedding band with pretty accent diamonds instead of a solitaire. The beauty of delicate pieces is you can wear stackable rings to make a complete bridal set. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be different from the masses. In fact, some of our favorite styles are timeless, colorful gemstone rings that really make a subtle statement. At Diamond Nexus, we believe that engagement ring choices are ultimately about personal taste and unique style. Choose the engagement ring setting and engagement ring style that fully reflects who you are, not who other people think you should be.

*Here at Diamond Nexus, we strive to provide valuable information while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a patented lab created diamond simulant that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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