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Rubies & Rose for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may bring to mind corny cards, chocolate and roses. We think of rose, too—but we’re imagining something that will last a bit longer than flowers (like, forever).

Rose colored Nexus Diamond Alternative jewelry, rose gold, and rubies. A bouquet of beauty that can be worn as a testament to love every single day. We’d definitely take that over flowers!

Rose Colored Nexus Diamonds

The pink cast stones are feminine and delicate.

Rose Colored Nexus Diamonds

Pictured: Christine pendant with rose and colorless Nexus Diamonds.

Lab Grown Rubies

Our rubies are richly red and luscious.


Pictured: High Society earrings with rubies.


Pictured: Round Cut Stud Earrings II with rubies.

Rose Gold

If you love colorless Nexus Diamonds, then pink-cast rose gold is an on-trend and appropriate gift.

Rose Gold

Pictured: Bound to You Round Cut bracelet in rose gold.

Rose Gold

Pictured: Entwined pendant in rose gold with rose gold cable chain.

Rose Gold

Pictured: Promessa pendant in white and rose gold with rose gold cable chain.

These are just a few rose-inspired gifts that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Even better? A bouquet of flowers and some gorgeous new jewelry!

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