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Your Guide to Ring Setting Styles

Have you ever wondered why you love the look of one ring but not another? That’s the setting style at work. Think of the setting as the supporting actors; the Nexus Diamond Alternative is the star of the show, but it needs a great supporting cast.

Here is your everything guide to ring settings—and how to choose one that fits your personal flair.

Ring Anatomy

Let’s get technical. You’re going to wear this thing for the rest of your life, right? So you should know the ins and outs of how to get the look you love.

Ring Anatomy

Center Stone Setting

The main event! When choosing your setting, think about your lifestyle.

Center Stone Setting

• Do you work with your hands, or with people? You may want a low-profile, sturdy setting that won’t snag or scratch your surroundings. Bezel, basket, v prong, bright cut or half-bezel are your friends.

• Love a high profile look and work in an office or other low-impact place? You can go for a cathedral style, peg head, bridge accent or decorative style.

• Love the little details or want something in between? A trellis, decorative or double claw prong setting has extra visual interest that you’ll love.

Halo Styles

So you know you want a halo? Great! Time to get specific.

Halo Styles

• Round halos or halo oval cut engagement ring are the most popular and will look timeless.

• Double halos make the center stone look enormous and are a great choice for women who love a little glamour in their lives.

• Sharp corner or cut corner halos for Princess cut stones look more modern.

• These are not your only choices; the Cordoba ring has an octagonal halo and Nottingham has a scalloped design.

Side Stone Options

Add some sparkle to your band! Consider how your lifestyle matches your design style.

Side Stone Options

• Bezel, channel and flush settings are very sturdy for those who are hard on their hands.

• Prong settings are popular; surface prong settings will be sturdier than shared prongs.

• Millgraine detailing is a metalwork technique that adds a lacy, textured look to the design.

• Pave set accent stones have a shimmery effect, as they eye does not see each individual tiny stone. If you’re hard on your hands, pave accents may not be for you, as the stones may come loose more easily.

Shank Options

Now we’re into the minor details that make all the difference.

Shank Options

• Looking for some added elegance? Pinched shanks are for you. They also make the center stone look larger.

• Split shanks are very trendy right now. They are gorgeous either plain or with accent stones.

• Bypass shanks are becoming more popular as brides look for something unique that will stand out.

• Love that super-thin band look? The knife edge shank gives the look of a very slender band without sacrificing durability.

• The European style shank has a squared off base that can help keep your ring from sliding sideways on your finger.

The next step? Putting it all together. That’s why we have so many different ring styles; there’s something for everyone. And if you want to build your own ring? Then we’ll connect you directly with our designers in our custom design studio, Forever Artisans, so you can choose every element of your ring personally.

Ready to put your knowledge to work? Browse our engagement rings.

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