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New! Enhancers to Match Your Mood.

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Style exists to reflect your personality, your flair, your mood. Subtle today, glam tomorrow. It’s all fair game. Because we just launched something to change your jewelry wardrobe. Our Enhancers completely transform your studs or solitaire pendant by adding extra Nexus Diamond™ alternatives. Simple studs become dazzling drops. A daily go-to solitaire pendant becomes a show stopping necklace. The only question is: How much will you shine today?


Our favorite daily earrings just became more versatile than ever. Round studs have always been a wear-anywhere style; now you can transform them into drops or add a trendy ear jacket.

The concept is simple. The result is anything but. We created everything from simple drops with a single additional stone, to intricate cluster styles. All of them are set on a vertical bar that fits comfortably behind your ear, with three holes to slot your studs so they’re adjustable to your ear. And the looks? There are as many as you have moods.



A solitaire pendant is a classic piece for daily wear—especially when gifted as a sign of love. Now, you can add extra flair with our newly-designed Pendant Enhancers.

It’s easy to add to your pendant. A curved line of diamond alternatives is fashioned with subtle slots in the sides where the chain slides through easily. The result is reminiscent of a halo or a more intricate necklace style. Suddenly, your go-to pendant is stunning enough to wear to any special occasion. Because your love is expressed in many ways. It only makes sense your symbol of that love should show every facet.



Ring enhancers, often overshadowed in the realm of jewelry, bring an intriguing dimension to the narrative of wedding and engagement rings. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these enhancements offer a canvas for personalization and creativity. From the subtle embrace of wrap enhancers to the protective elegance of guard enhancers, each type carries its unique charm, transforming a ring into a unique masterpiece that resonates with the wearer’s style and sentiment.

Amidst this symphony of options, engagement and wedding ring enhancers stand out as versatile companions in the journey toward creating a truly distinctive piece of jewelry. These enhancements not only elevate the visual allure of a ring but also allow for a deeper connection to its symbolic significance. Choosing the right material, be it the timeless sterling silver or the warmth of gold, further contributes to the overall resonance of the piece. Crafted with precision, these enhancers become an artistic expression, turning a ring into a meaningful representation of the wearer’s love story.

At the heart of the allure of engagement and wedding ring enhancers lies the realm of customization, where personal stories are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the jewelry. Birthstones, intricate designs, and unique patterns can be incorporated, making these enhancers storytellers of love, commitment, and individuality. The practical utility of certain enhancers, like the protective guard enhancers, adds a layer of functionality to their aesthetic appeal. As you delve into the world of engagement and wedding ring enhancers, you embark on a journey of not just adorning your ring but crafting a wearable ode to your unique love story.

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*Stud Enhancers cannot be paired with screw backs and best compliment studs 1 carat or less.

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