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Men’s Bands: Why Metals Matter



When it comes to picking a ring for the gents, make sure you’re paying attention to the metal types. Metal types affect the cost, durability and weight of a ring.

Gold: A very common and traditional metal that is affordable and can be easily engraved. That said, these rings do need a degree of protection as they tend to scratch with high impact.

Titanium: Light, durable, and affordable, Titanium contains hypoallergenic properties and is a very low maintenance metal.

Tungsten: An extremely hard metal, Tungsten is a 9/10 on the Mohs scale. This is a very scratch resistant metal and has a heavier weight.

Palladium: It’s a hypoallergenic metal and is unlikely to tarnish over time. This is a very light metal that makes wearing a ring easier to get used to.

Platinum: Rare and one of the most expensive materials used in jewelry, Platinum is naturally dense and durable.

Black Zirconium: Similar to titanium, but heavier. When this metal is heat treated, it creates a black lustrous layer that makes it very scratch resistant.

Damascus Steel: A unique blend of up to 120 layers of two different types of Stainless Steel. This blending makes the rings durable and unique- as no two are alike.

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