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Life of a Ring

Handmade, Start to Finish

Our rings and jewelry are made by hand in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin, facility. That’s a big deal. We stake our reputation on the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. And from the moment that you purchase a ring, we spring into action to create it. Just for you.

Follow the Endless Days Princess Cut Engagement Ring from start to finish.

Raw Casting

The bones of the ring are formed from molten metal (usually 14k gold) in a mold in the shape of your ring. Crucially, the prongs are part of the ring’s structure—not added later.

Preparing for Stones

Jewelers grind the interior areas of the settings, smoothing out the metal that will support the Nexus Diamond Alternatives™.

Setting Side Stones

Accent stones and side stones are set first. A jeweler carefully places the stones and taps the prongs securely into place.

Setting the Center

The main event. The center stone is set firmly in place. The prongs are tapped down to firmly hold the center stone for years to come.

Polishing the Settings

The polishers carefully buff and polish the top and sides of the ring, smoothing out rough edges and bringing the metal to a high shine.

Perfecting the Look

Polishers use several different tools and bits. Each ring receives customized attention to ensure it is as beautiful as possible.

Final Polishing

The band of the ring is ground and buffed to its smooth shine. Any remaining rough places from the raw casting are completely polished away.

Rhodium Dip

White gold rings are dipped in a very hard coating called rhodium. This gives them their signature bright silvery finish.

Quality Control

Every ring is handled by a quality control specialist who inspects the ring for flaws, so that every piece that leaves our facility meets our high standards.

Ready for the Spotlight

The ring is complete. All that is missing is a finger on which to place it.

Wrapped Up

Each ring is packaged by hand and carefully prepared for shipment to its soon-to-be engaged couple.

A Forever Home

She said yes! And like her promise, our rings are guaranteed to last.

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