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Jewelry Trends: Spring/Summer 2016

It’s a new season, and that means new trends are unfolding. This spring and summer, we’re seeing several trends, both in bridal and fine jewelry. Overall, the trends are all about representing your style in a fresh and interesting way.

Solitaires Take a New Direction

The solitaire is universally loved, with its classic simplicity. But being timeless doesn’t necessarily mean that a solitaire can’t be trendy, too. This season, we’re introducing what we think is the most exciting twist on a solitaire in years: The East-West solitaire.

The beauty of this is twofold. One, the solitaire ring is suddenly more unique, more eye-catching, as the stone is placed horizontally rather than vertically along the band. And two, it can easily be worn on either the left hand as an engagement ring, or the right hand as a cocktail ring.

Read more about wearing East-West rings.

Rose Gold is Here to Stay

Rose gold has been a trendy metal color in recent months, but we’re starting to see a shift. The color is showing up now in engagement rings, not just fine jewelry. As time goes on, we will see that rose gold is here to stay as a classic color alternative to yellow or white gold.

Nearly every Diamond Nexus engagement ring can be made in rose gold. And we’ve just released our new line of rose gold chains, to go along with rose gold pendants and studs that are coming soon.

Halos are Getting Bigger

Halo engagement rings have been growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why: A center stone surrounded by smaller inset stones is simply stunning. But why stop at just one layer of stones? A new trend is the bigger halo, often with two rings of inset accent stones around the center stone.

The double halo makes an even bigger statement but still has a lower profile that makes this style of ring easy to wear every day. And it’s not just the halo that’s getting even more glamorous. We’re seeing more sparkly bands with accent stones, and more intricate bands such as split shank designs, that take the halo to a whole new level of ornate.

Whether you’re searching for your engagement ring or a new piece of fine jewelry for the season, this spring and summer, the styles are all about you. It’s easier than ever to take a trend and meld it with your own personal style.

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