“What should I get my _______ for Christmas?” Whether you’re shopping for your wife, fiancée, girlfriend, mother or mother-in-law-to-be, it shouldn’t be stressful to find the perfect gift. The right answer is always jewelry. The best presents are personal, so start by thinking about her style, then choose a piece that will complement her aesthetic.


She doesn’t just wear the latest trends; she seeks them out. She knows what’s cool before anyone else—and how to pull it off. She knows the value of a few key pieces of jewelry because they’ll always go with the latest trends. Think simple, functional, and straightforward, so her jewelry doesn’t compete with her trend-forward wardrobe.

Pictured: Marseille Round Necklace Pictured: Quest Wedding Band | Marseille Pear Cut Engagement Ring | Queen Wedding Band


She has a relaxed style that matches her laid-back style. She loves cozy sweaters and has more than one pair of favorite jeans. Because she probably already has staples like studs and a pendant, look for special pieces or unique cuts that will add a bit of playfulness to her look.

Pictured: Oval Cut Stud Earrings


She is always put together. She rocks staple pieces and knows that classics are always in style. She isn’t swayed by current trends, but she’s never outdated. Look for pieces that are classics, too. She’ll love jewelry that will go with everything and isn’t too complicated. Think solitaire pendants, drop earrings and tennis bracelets.

Pictured: Bound Within Bracelet | Bound Forever Bracelet | 5.72 Carat Tennis Bracelet


She rocks the power suit. She may be at home in a courtroom or a boardroom. She’s confident and collected. Look for jewelry that will complement her polished style and help her project that powerful poise.

Pictured: Princess Cut Filigree Stud Earrings
Pictured: Dubai Necklace
Pictured: Oasis


She knows the trends but keeps it simple. She’s elegant and yet casual. She doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, but what she does wear is intentional. Find her jewelry that is an updated twist on a classic, that she can wear any where, any time.

Pictured: East-West Pear Necklace Pictured: Simply Bound Bracelet


Go simple. Staple pieces are guaranteed to wow, and they’re staples because, well, everyone should have them.