We’d like you to meet someone. It’s our sister company, 12FIFTEEN Diamonds.

You probably know that Diamond Nexus is one of three Forever Companies. Our sister, 12FIFTEEN Diamonds, offers 100% pure carbon, lab grown diamonds and engagement rings. These True Grown™ diamonds are diamonds physically and chemically, except they’re not mined. Jewelry by Diamond Nexus features the Contemporary Nexus Diamond™, which is the world’s finest diamond simulant. Both are man made, and both are positively exquisite.

12FIFTEEN just got a makeover with a new website and great selection of pre-set rings. What’s a pre-set ring? Because 100% carbon diamonds vary so significantly, just like mined diamonds, 12FIFTEEN curates the best diamond for the best setting (Nexus Diamonds are all identically perfect, so this kind of curation isn’t necessary).

No matter where you land in the Forever Companies family – Diamond Nexus, 12FIFTEEN or Forever Artisans, our design studio – you’ll find the finest man made stones in the world. Because there’s absolutely zero reason to buy a stone that is mined from the earth. It’s finally easy to just say no to contributing to global conflict and destroying the environment because you love diamonds.

Check out the new website at 1215DIAMONDS.com!