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How to Wear a Trendy East-West Ring

How to Wear a Trendy East-West Ring
How to Wear a Trendy East-West Ring

Table of Contents

  • As Engagement Rings
  • As Right-Hand Cocktail Rings
  • Embrace Color and Contrast: Mix and Match
  • Layering and Stacking: Expand Your Possibilities


How to Wear a Trendy East-West Ring

Introducing our latest line of rings, The East-West Classic Collection, where tradition meets a fresh and contemporary twist. In this collection, stone shapes that are traditionally vertical, such as Radiant, Oval, Emerald, and Marquise cuts, have been reimagined in a horizontal orientation. These rings exude a sense of fresh, modern style without sacrificing their timeless elegance. As you explore this unique look, here are four tips to help you wear your East-West ring with confidence.

As Engagement Rings

How to Wear a Trendy East-West Ring

While any of the East-West Classic Collection rings can serve as stunning engagement rings, the simpler cuts like Oval, Emerald, and Radiant tend to exude a more traditional solitaire aesthetic. The horizontal orientation of the stone accomplishes a remarkable visual trick—elongating the fingers and making them appear more graceful and slender. This timeless style pairs seamlessly with nearly any wedding band. Whether you prefer the clean, minimalist look of the matching East-West Classic band or wish to add extra sparkle with another band, these rings offer incredible versatility. For a modern twist, consider stacking several bands with your East-West ring to emphasize the unique orientation of the stone and create a fashion-forward statement.

As Right-Hand Cocktail Rings

Each of the East-West Classic rings effortlessly transitions to the right hand, where they become exquisite statement pieces. For a captivating effect, the Marquise, Trillion, and Pear cut stones are particularly appealing when turned horizontally. Their already distinctive shapes take on an even more eye-catching allure in this orientation. To dress them down for everyday wear, consider wearing these statement rings next to a stacked look. This creates a chic and casual appearance perfect for any day of the week. Alternatively, let your East-West ring shine on its own for special occasions, where its elegant and unique design will undoubtedly steal the spotlight. Larger carat weights, especially those at 2 carats and above, work particularly well for right-hand statement rings, ensuring you make a bold and memorable entrance.

How to Wear a Trendy East-West Ring

Embrace Color and Contrast: Mix and Match

How to Wear a Trendy East-West Ring

One of the great advantages of East-West rings is their ability to incorporate various stone shapes, colors, and contrasts. Experiment with colorful gemstones, such as sapphires, emeralds, or rubies, to infuse your ring with a vibrant and personalized touch. These colorful accents can add depth and individuality to your East-West ring, making it a true reflection of your unique style. Additionally, consider contrasting metal colors to create a striking visual effect. Mixing white gold with rose gold or yellow gold can enhance the beauty of your East-West ring and add a contemporary twist to your overall look.

Layering and Stacking: Expand Your Possibilities

How to Wear a Trendy East-West Ring

The East-West orientation of the stone lends itself beautifully to the art of layering and stacking. Experiment with multiple rings on the same finger to create a captivating and unique ensemble. You can combine East-West rings with traditional solitaires or other statement pieces to craft a personalized and fashion-forward style. Mixing different shapes and orientations allows you to showcase your creativity and explore various ways to make a statement with your jewelry.

The East-West Classic Collection offers you the opportunity to embrace a timeless yet modern aesthetic, whether as an engagement ring or a striking statement piece. Which East-West Classic ring is your favorite? Explore these tips to make the most of this captivating jewelry trend and wear your East-West ring with confidence and style.

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