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How to Take a Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

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You’ve seen the photos. The outstretched hand, the sparkly rock, the perfect backdrop. This is the ‘engagement ring selfie’ and it’s probably all over your feed. Follow these 10 tips to take the best shot to show off your sparkler!


Get your nails done. Your fresh polish and smooth hands will put all the focus on your gorgeous ring. Use a little hand crème just before you snap (just remember to take off your ring when you apply it to keep your ring looking bright and sparkly).



Mind your background. Breathtaking backdrops are, well, breathtaking! But you don’t have to have an ocean vista in your ring selfie to make it great. Just pay attention to details. Moving your shot a bit could be the difference between a great shot and accidentally including a garbage can in the background.

Extra #protip: Avoid mirrors. The ‘mirror selfie’ will not do your ring justice!



Relax your hand. The ring selfie pose is not natural, so it’s easy for it to come off looking stiff and uncomfortable. Extend your fingers gently and keep your thumb close to the side of your hand.



Use a prop. This is a great hack for making sure your pose looks relaxed and more natural. Some of our favorite props are coffee mugs, a cute clutch, a bridal magazine, a glass of bubbly (you’re celebrating, after all!), or even putting your hand around your fiancé’s arm.



Cover part of your face. If you want to include your engagement ring in a classic selfie, make it a little cheeky by covering part of your face. This gets the ring in the shot and still looks cool and effortless.



Focus and lighting are everything. Bright but indirect natural light is best. Direct sunlight can look too harsh, and avoid using the flash at all costs. Make sure that your ring is the focus of the shot to get that crisp, clear photo.



Include your fingertips in the shot. It’s okay to cut off some of the base of your hand, but cropping your fingertips can make your fingers look stubby, rather than elegant and long.



Include your fiancé! Some of our favorite ring selfies show off the happy new fiancé in the background. This is a fun way to show off your personality as a couple.



Use the rule of thirds. Imagine your screen divided into thirds both vertically and horizontally. Try to position your ring along one of these imaginary lines, or right where two lines would intersect. This simple rule helps make the composition of your snap look professional.


Keep it simple. The temptation to try and create the Most Epic Ring Selfie of All Time is great. You’re excited about your new engagement! But the best photo will be one that shows off you, your ring and your excitement about the new chapter in your life.


Now you’re ready to take your own engagement ring selfie—and we want to see it! Post your photo to your favorite social channel and tag it with #DNRingSelfie.

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