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How to Find a Ring You Love: Make It Your Own.

It’s a story we hear again and again: You’ve spent hours browsing engagement rings online and even in stores, but you just haven’t found “the one.” You’ve seen plenty of beautiful rings, and some that you like a lot—but not one that you love.

Why is it so difficult to find the engagement ring that you love completely?

The answer: It doesn’t have to be. All it takes is an expert jewelry designer. No, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Our sister company, Forever Artisans, specializes in creating custom engagement rings.

Take the Rome engagement ring, for example. You really like it with a Princess cut Nexus Diamond Alternative, but it’s not quite perfect. The boldly unexpected sweeping band is just what you’re looking for to make your solitaire unique, but you want a little extra sparkle.

To make that happen, there are three steps:

1. Call Forever Artisans to start the process with a designer and explain how you’d change the ring from Diamond Nexus (or anywhere).

2. They create a model of the changes in a Computer Aided Design, which you approve.

3. They turn the design into a rendering, which you also approve, before it is created by hand in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

That Rome princess cut ring that needed a little something extra? A Forever Artisans designer knew just what would make it perfect: Adding extra stones around the profile of the setting to give it a little shimmer from every side.

Voilà. A ring that’s easy to love forever.

Learn more about Forever Artisans.

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