What are the ultimate go-to earrings in the perfect jewelry box? Princess cut stud earrings, of course. Find just the right size to match your daily style with our carat weight comparison. These earrings also pair perfectly with a princess cut engagement ring.

0.56 carats

DAINTY: 0.56 carats and below

Great for more laid-back looks. Also a good size if you wear lots of other jewelry, so they don’t compete for attention.

0.71 carats

SIMPLE: 0.71 carats

Between 0.5 and 1 carat is a sweet spot for everyday wear. They’ll never look out of place.

0.99 carats

MODERATE: 0.99 carats

Studs at this size add a bit more flash. From professional to casual, these classic size studs complete any outfit.

1.24 carats

Bold: 1.24 carats

Big and bold, these studs will fit in the boardroom or out on date night. They’ll also dress up your everyday looks.

2.01 carats

Flashy: 2.01 carats and up

Studs that are 2.01 carats or larger will draw all eyes. Keep your other jewelry simple to let these stunners shine.

What size studs are perfect for you? Want Round cut studs? We compared those, too.