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How to Choose Necklaces For Your Girlfriend

She’s so very special to you – your girlfriend holds a cherished place in your heart and therefore deserves the very best. The only problem is, what exactly does that look like? When you’re shopping for necklaces for your girlfriend- related events like anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day- there are a lot of gorgeous jewelry choices to browse. Truly delighting her, however, will take a little insider knowledge, a little clever surprise, and a sparkling piece of simulated diamond jewelry that will make her eyes light up the way she lights up your life. In this article, we’ll explore some things you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect necklace for your girlfriend – one that’s both meaningful and as unique as she is.

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Consideration One: Necklace Length

Most women have developed and evolved their own style over the years, which makes it easy to do a little “background investigation” as your gift-giving event approaches. Take notice of what she’s wearing, not just every day, but in recent photographs as well. Where does the pendant or end of the necklace chain rest on her neck?

This measurement isn’t just important for comfort and “wearability.” When a woman embraces a certain style of jewelry, the way her clothing is cut and even her hairstyle also tend to revolve around this look. By taking the time to know her preferences before presenting a gift box, you’re giving her a present that she’ll happily and readily wear often. This result should be the primary goal when hunting down cute necklaces for your girlfriend. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

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  • If her favorite necklaces sit very close to the neck, almost choker-like, you’ll want to stick with a 14” to 16” length. Err on the side of longer if selecting a precious metal chain with or without a fine jewelry pendant. If the necklace is too tight on her throat, it may feel uncomfortable or compromise the integrity of the chain.
  • If her favorite necklace sits draped just above or below the hollow of her neck, 18” to 20” of length will sit nicely. This is a common length for fine jewelry pieces, as it allows them to be properly showcased to catch the light (as well as an admiring eye or two).
  • If she likes her pendant or chain to lay at the edge of where a sleeveless top would sit, just before her décolletage, this is considered an “opera” length. It measures approximately 24” in length and is less common than shorter lengths.
  • If her necklaces tend to be very long, and fall along the torso or between the chest area outside her blouse, this is a rope or lariat length and is generally between 30” and 33” in length. It is unusual, though not unheard of, to see these lengths in fine jewelry, as it tends to de-emphasize or hide brilliant pendants in favor of the chain itself.

Consideration Two: Necklace Style

Once you’ve determined the ideal length in necklaces for your girlfriend, the next step is choosing a style. Similar to fashionable clothing, cosmetics, and perfumes, fine jewelry such as necklaces should always keep personal style in mind: this is why paying attention to the chains and pendants she already owns is a wise move. When taking ‘notes’, try and observe any common similarities – gem style, shape, arrangement, and so on – between the pieces she likes to wear and ones that appear to be her favorites.

Diamond Nexus simulated diamond necklaces. Even non-necklace pieces like earrings, bracelets, and rings can point to the style that resonates with her taste the most and take special cues from any deliberately-matching sets. The items she wears the most will become obvious after time, and may even appear in those aforementioned photographs with friends and family. Below are a few types of popular necklace styles your girlfriend might fancy:

Graduated Necklaces employ a series of connected or evenly-spaced beads or gems that increase in size or diameter towards the center. The effect is such that the smaller gems gradually grow, eventually framing the largest stone at the base of the necklace. These beads or gems are typically fixed in place or strung without space, such as a tennis necklace or string of pearls.

Pendant Necklaces come in two varieties: free-floating and fixed. In free-floating pendant necklaces, the pendant is attached by threading a chain through one or more metal brackets on the pendant itself. These brackets may be hidden behind the gem or raised above the gem; the latter option sometimes incorporates decorative metalwork or even additional set gems. In fixed pendant necklaces, the setting of the stone still incorporates brackets, but these are fixed in place and attached as a link on either side of the chain, rather than threading into it. In other words, free-floating pendants move along a chain, whereas fixed pendants do not. Fixed pendants are common for fine jewelry, as they minimize the chance a valuable pendant could slide off when the necklace is removed for cleaning or storage.

Larait Necklaces play with the silhouette of a necklace, using an off-set or artistically unbalanced front “knot,” similar to the way a necktie is worn. It may be a true lariat necklace, where the knot can be slid or moved up the chain of the other side, or it may be fixed in place to form a balanced “Y” shape that draws down from the hollow of the neck. These styles are an upscale alternative for a girlfriend that loves a generous necklace length but still wants to wear fine jewelry.

Bar Necklaces are similar to fixed pendant necklaces but use an elongated bar with attachments at each end in lieu of a smaller round, square, or diamond pendant. These styles look best when worn with a minimalist outfit, as they contribute crisp, clear lines to a look without an excess of sparkle or patterning. They are widely considered both modern and elegant, and tend to be a safe choice for a stumped partner in search of the perfect necklace for a girlfriend.

Consideration Three: Metal and Stone

The last step when browsing meaningful necklaces for your girlfriend is deciding on the material to use. Thankfully most women have a preference, even if only a slight one, for precious metals: once you’ve begun to hone in on her personal aesthetic, you’ll quickly notice a trend and confirm her preferences. Whether her favorite pieces are either yellow gold, silver/white gold, or even rose/pink gold, there is a myriad of fine jewelry necklace options available to suit her individual taste and style.

Gold purity is measured through “caratage”, or the percentage of pure gold in the final form of the jewelry piece. As you shop for necklaces for your girlfriend, keep this little fact in mind. 24k gold is the purest form commercially available, with only .05% other metals blended in for structural stability. As gold numbers descend, they represent the portion of pure gold to other metals in the finished piece: 12k gold, for example, points to 50% of the metal being pure gold (12k versus the pure 24k). 18k gold has three parts of gold to one part other metal(s), and so on. While yellow undertones will be brighter the purer the gold is, the metal will also be more malleable. This is due to the fact that gold is actually a fairly soft metal. For example, 18k gold is more durable than 24k gold because the alloys used in 18k gold are stronger than the gold itself.

Rose gold is created by blending yellow gold with copper and other metals, while white gold is made by blending yellow gold with other precious metals such as silver or palladium. Platinum is a standalone precious metal that is as valuable (if not more so) than traditional gold, and will typically have its purity expressed as a percentage, much like gold.

Diamond Nexus sapphire necklace. Once you’ve selected the precious metal (or metals, as some necklace designs incorporate more than one), finding the perfect gem is the next step. There’s simply nothing like the sparkle of a well-cut stone, and finding the ideal shape, size, and cut will produce an envy-inspiring gift for her to wear.

Single Gem Pendants like solitaires can take the form of the eponymous square cut, the modern princess cut, the rectangular baguette, or classic shapes like the round brilliant cut or oval marquise cut.

Halo Pendants encircle a large center stone with a ring or rings of smaller, complementary-cut stone. The overall effect is a brilliant sparkle that draws the eye without overwhelming it. This style is often used to emphasize differently-colored gems, such as a large sapphire blue stone surrounded by twinkling white stones along the perimeter.

Accent Pendants blend metalwork pendants with a small inset stone or center stone for a touch of sparkle. These gems may serve as an elegant offset touch in an artistic format, or stand-in for specific design points, such as the eyes in an animal profile.

Tennis Style Necklaces, as previously mentioned, use a variety of stone sizes to achieve their unique appearance. All the gems will typically be the same color and cut, but the finished product may look drastically different depending on that cut – a brilliant-cut necklace of round stones, for example, looks charming and vintage, while princess-cut stones look more modern and sophisticated.

Additional Accessories For Her New Necklace

Giving a beautiful, thoughtful gift like fine jewelry should be a romantic event she’ll always remember. When you’ve shopped through all the available choices in necklaces for your girlfriend, found just the right one, and are ready to give it to her with a flourish, here are a few tips:

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Enclose paperwork: While it might not seem the most romantic gesture, these documents can be discreetly tucked into a brightly-colored envelope in a gift bag. They’re not only an excellent piece of documentation for insurance purposes, but these papers will also help her use any guarantees or warranties offered by the jewelry manufacturer for her new necklace.

Include cleaning materials: Check with your necklace’s manufacturer to determine the best cleaning methods to preserve appearance and integrity over time. Including a liquid jewelry “bath” or special polishing cloth will help her keep her new necklace looking brilliant for years to come. These don’t necessarily need to be given along with the necklace, and it might be a smarter choice to discreetly slip them in a jewelry storage box back at home later on.

Include a personal note: Even if you’ll be presenting her with her new gift face-to-face, part of the shopping experience when looking for necklaces for your girlfriend is infusing your final selection with love and admiration. A handwritten note about how much she means to you will make the twinkle in each facet just a little bit brighter the moment she puts it on.

Tuck it in a jewelry presentation box: While there are certain special occasions that are ideal for “boxless” presentation (hanging it on a Christmas tree, for example), in most cases a box is an excellent touch. Not only does it make it difficult to guess the contents of a wrapped present, but it will also give her a place to tuck her currently-worn necklace safely away if she’d like to try on your new necklace at that very moment.

Make it part of a larger gift: Beautiful fine jewelry is typically associated with a night out on the town, a delicious dinner at a high-end restaurant, or attending a show. Try presenting your new necklace to your girlfriend along with tickets or a reservation for a truly unforgettable occasion. She’ll be sure to love not only your careful selection of gorgeous necklace to wear, but the thoughtfulness of giving her a place to enjoy wearing it. Alternately, you can make her new necklace the centerpiece of a new jewelry box or jewelry armoire.

Pair it up with other jewelry: For big gift-giving occasions like holidays or an anniversary, consider adding matching jewelry like shimmering solitaire stone earrings, or a twinkling tennis-style bracelet for a chic, balanced touch. The best part of anniversary jewelry is that whether you choose to gift a promise necklace or anniversary ring, it’s sure to be treasured.

Finding an eye-catching necklace for your girlfriend is an opportunity not only to make her smile in the moment, but to smile each time she glances at herself wearing it in the mirror. Remind her of how much she means to you with a dazzling pendant and necklace combination set with a Nexus Diamond™ alternative design. The necklace you choose is more than just a piece of jewelry that elevates outfits and brings out her stylish best: it’s a symbol of your love that she can’t wait to show off to the world.
Now, if you are in a different stage of your relationship and looking for fine jewelry for your spouse, check out our guide to jewelry for your wife!

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*Diamond Nexus strives to provide valuable information, while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamondâ„¢ alternative is a patented lab grown stone that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a mined diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting out blog: blog.

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