Round, oval, heart…nope, we’re not talking about Nexus Diamond alternative cuts, but rather face shapes. Choosing earrings to for your face shape will complement your natural beauty and draw all eyes to you.

As a general guideline, avoid earrings that are the same general silhouette as your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, don’t choose round earrings.

Now, let’s get specific. Here is your simple guide to choosing earrings based on your face shape.

Face shape: Round


Longer drop earrings are your best friend! They will elongate your face and neck. Pear or teardrop silhouettes are also great for round faces, as they provide contrast in their outline.


Recommendations: Sidney, Chance, Bernadine, Girlfriend, Danielle


Face shape: Rectangle


Studs, cluster style earrings and hoops will look gorgeous on you. These types of earrings draw the attention up and emphasize your strong jawline.

Recommendations: Naples Studs, Veronique Hoops, Primrose Studs, Mary Rose, Round Studs

Face shape: Square


Look for medium and longer length drop earrings with rounded edges and curved lines. Cuts like oval and pear will complement your face shape and soften your natural angles.

Recommendations: Carmona Drops, Bourbon Street, High Society, Lucky, Cleopatra


Face shape: Heart


The best earrings for your face shape will balance out your proportions. Look for pear and triangle cuts, and silhouettes that are wider at the bottom to show off your daintier jawline.

Recommendations: Leto, Pear Studs, Selena, Dew, Carcasonne

Face shape: Oval


Oval shaped faces look great with any style and cut. Studs, hoops, drops—go wild! These will all look lovely with your face shape.

Recommendations: Marquise Studs, Asteria, Copenhagen Drops, Leto II, Renee


Tell us in the comments about your favorite earrings for your face shape!