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Four Trends for Winter 2016

Cozy sweaters and scarves don’t have to herald the end of jewelry season. Nope, winter is the perfect time to add sparkle to your wardrobe. We’re seeing four unique trends for winter 2016.

Luxe/Casual Looks

Luxe/Casual Looks

Fine jewelry is no longer relegated to the jewelry box until a special occasion. Jewelry is made to be worn, right? Getting this trend right is easy. Dress up your everyday looks with dashes of bling. Suddenly, you’re fabulous.

Layers of Bracelets

Layers of Bracelets

We still love a stack of rings, but pulling mittens on over the top can make that less practical during the winter. That’s why layers of bracelets are emerging as a go-to winter look. Mix and match tennis bracelets with bound bracelets. This trend is totally buildable, customizable and comfortable.

Bold Classic Earrings

Bold Classic Earrings

Drop earrings and dazzling hoops are in. Go big to make a statement. Bigger is better and more is more when it comes to earrings. Keep the rest of your jewelry simple to hit the right note.

More Unique Halos

More Unique Halos

Halos are here to stay. But they’re getting more intricate and detailed in their design. From floral inspirations to massive double halos, this category of engagement rings is only getting better—which means you can find one that matches your personal style.

The main thread that ties all these trends together has been the personalization of style.

It’s about you.

Are you ready to shine?

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