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Find Your Engagement Ring Style

Find Your Engagement Ring Style

Table of Contents

  • What’s Your Ideal Stone Shape?
  • What’s Your Lifestyle?
  • What’s Your Personal Style?
  • The Hopeless Romantic


If you’re hearing wedding bells in the distance, you may already be fantasizing about your dream engagement ring style. 

An engagement ring should do more than symbolize your love and devotion to your partner. It should also reflect your unique personality and style. After all, if you’re going to wear a ring happily ever after, you’ll want to ensure it feels personal and true to you. 

When deciding which ring to say “I do” to, you’ll want to consider a few key factors. The most significant factors include your ideal stone shape, lifestyle, and personal style. 

Delve deep into the radiant rings that await on your horizon, or take our What is My Engagement Ring Style Quiz for some quick results you’ll adore. 

What’s Your Ideal Stone Shape?

One of the essential components of an engagement ring is the shape of the main stone. The cut and shape of the diamond can hugely impact the ring’s appearance on your finger. 

Let’s explore some of the most popular stone shapes and determine their differences: 

  • Round – Perhaps the most popular cut, a round diamond shape has remained a classic for many years. With its patent cone shape and rounded top, this diamond brings subtle sparkle to any occasion. 
  • Princess – Achieve your happily ever after with a diamond that will sweep you off your feet. Princess diamonds boast a brilliant geometric shape (typically square or rectangular), leaving them with sharp corners to catch the eye. 
  • Oval – For a flattering ring you’ll love, look no further than an oval cut diamond. Equipped with the same level of sparkle as round cuts, oval rings can give the appearance of an elongated finger. 
  • Pear – Also referred to as teardrop diamonds, pear cuts offer a unique shape for any vintage lovers out there. Not only does this ring stun with its originality, but it also gives the impression of being larger than it is. This cut makes an excellent choice for those looking to get the most out of their budget. 
  • Emerald – Lastly, we have an effortlessly elegant stone. An emerald cut resembles a heavenly doorway with its step cut and gorgeous gleam. For a more subtle shine with striking angular lines, an emerald stone works miracles. 

Of course, these are just a few of the many beautiful shape options for engagement rings. Still, recognizing any styles that intrigue you can come in handy when it’s time to make the final decision 

What’s Your Lifestyle?

You’ll also want to consider your day-to-day lifestyle when searching for your perfect engagement ring. The frequency you use your hands in daily life may inform your decisions for a ring. 

For example, if you have a very hands-on job that requires gloves, tools, or heavy lifting, you may want to steer clear of dainty rings with intricate designs. Even wearing your ring when cleaning or exercising can pull center stones out of alignment or cause delicate inlays to loosen. 

Take stock of your realities and ensure that the ring you choose fits your lifestyle easily. Or, make sure to take that dazzling ring off before getting your hands dirty. Don’t work around your ring—let your ring work around you. 

What’s Your Personal Style?

Now that we’ve covered some basics and long-term logistics, it’s time for the exciting part—finding your engagement ring style. 

Identifying your personal style can feel like a journey to self-discovery. You’ll want to ask yourself big questions like, Who am I? What do I want? How do I want to feel? 

Luckily, we’ve identified some classic bride-to-be style archetypes to help you hone in on those questions. 

Take our Engagement Ring Style Quiz and get ready to explore the true you. 

The Hopeless Romantic

Do you love watching rom-coms on repeat? Before finding your fiancé, did you stalk coffee shops and bookstores in hopes of meeting your soulmate? And lastly, have you ever run after a loved one in the rain? 

If so, congratulations—you’re a hopeless romantic. With their rose-colored glasses and a healthy dose of optimism, romantics make the world go round. 

Whether derived from books, movies, or conversations with strangers, romantics can’t resist a good love story. For those who cherish the pure, simple pleasures in life, they’d likely enjoy a ring that shares their same values. For a romantic feel, you could try a ring with:

  • A classic round cut – Embody beauty and grace with a timeless engagement ring. A Tapered Classic Round Cut Ring marries a beautiful rounded edge with bold shine, making it a perfect addition to your most extraordinary love affair.   
  • Floral influence – Let your love bloom with a lotus-inspired ring. The Bali Classic Cushion Cut Engagement Ring uses precise prongs to accent the center stone and spark visual interest. With unmatched beauty and a natural feel, this ring can help you blossom. 
  • Stone accents – Highlight your center stone with gorgeous accents without overwhelming it. Double down (or triple down) on your decadent diamonds with a Three-Stone Accented Round Cut Ring and fall in love all over again. 

The Elegant Eccentric

Would your friends describe you as unlike anyone they’ve ever met? Whether you indulge in funky furniture, thrift store finds, or handmade earrings, there’s something so satisfying about being different. 

If you’re constantly marching to the beat of your own drum, you’ll need an engagement ring to match your eclectic style. Dress up your engagement ring with some delightful accents, such as:

  • A unique stone shape (Marquis, Emerald, Asscher)
  • Stylized bands
  • Unique prongs
  • An unconventional ring band color

The Glamorous Goddess

If glitz and glam is your middle name, your friends and family will probably expect an engagement ring that blows them away. Go all out for your engagement with a ring that’s as dazzling as you. 

Put the glam into your hands with any of these fabulous ring accents:

  • Halo – There’s nothing as heavenly as a halo accent. With tons of tiny stones, you can increase your sparkle factor significantly. A halo brings an ethereal glow to any ring, especially this Madrid Accented Pear Cut Engagement Ring
  • Intricate band – Why let the center stone have all the fun? Opt for a ring that has a little bit of everything with a Chelsa Round Cut Engagement Ring. Boasting brilliant accents and flashy flair, this ring guarantees a second glance. 
  • Peekaboo band  – Try a peekaboo band fit for a princess with the Valencia Princess Cut Engagement Ring. Not only does this ring boast opulent carvings and pave stones, but it also gives the center stone emphasis with its well-placed peekaboo gaps. 

The Organized Minimalist

Picture this: you return from your morning yoga class to your bedroom devoid of clutter. Coffee brews on the stove, and you already have cold-pressed juice waiting for you in the fridge. You water your plants before sitting down to make your to-do list for today. 

If that sounds like your life (or your personal heaven), you may enjoy a bright and straightforward approach to your engagement ring. 

As all minimalists know, minimalism doesn’t mean boring. Instead, it celebrates substance, simplicity, and reliability.

For simple and stunning ring designs, look for rings with:

  • Clear, brilliant stones
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Durable material
  • Sharp, clean lines

The Old Soul

Would you rather listen to your vinyl records than modern-day club songs? Does your fashion sense align closer with Ingrid Bergman than Kim Kardashian? Do you constantly feel like you were born in the wrong generation?

If so, you’ve likely been described as an old soul by your friends or family. 

The term vintage encapsulates many visual styles, making it a fantastic tool when exploring engagement rings. Whether you feel a kindred flame with Jane Austen or Janis Joplin, you can find a ring that brings out your inner soul. 

  • Art Deco – If you’re obsessed with the flapper girls and aesthetics of the 1920s, you’d adore an Art-Deco-inspired ring. An emerald cut like the one found in Endless Days Emerald Cut Engagement Ring reflects this famous style with its use of geometric shapes and sleek appearance.  
  • Victorian – Travel back in time with the help of this Madrid Classic Oval Engagement Ring. Lined with gorgeous stones, this ring pays tribute to timeless Victorian designs. Satisfy your vintage cravings with a ring that upholds a precious bit of history. 
  • French Quarter – If you adore the Creole influence of New Orleans, you’ll love the French Quarter Asscher Cut Engagement Rings. Enjoy the delights of a brilliant Asscher stone accented with ornate designs and delicate edging. Say I do—and bonjour—to the new life that awaits you.

Discover Your Dream Ring with Diamond Nexus

To find the perfect engagement ring, you need to ask yourself a few questions along the way. However, once you’ve considered your preferences, lifestyle, and personality, you may find that the perfect ring falls into place. 

You know what they say—once you’re ready for love, it will present itself to you. 

At Diamond Nexus, we pride ourselves on our selection of stunning engagement rings regardless of personal style. Whether you’re after luxurious glamor or subtle simplicity, we can provide you with your perfect match. 

Browse our collection of timeless pieces, or take our ring-style quiz to find your future engagement ring. Say yes, with Diamond Nexus. 


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